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Happy Memorial Day

God bless all those who gave their lives to keep us free.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flirty Friday - Excerpt from Please Remember Me!!!

It's Flirty Friday and I thought I'd include the official excerpt and the one from my site, plus an itty bitty one I've not published before. It's been a whirlwind week and this sounded like a great way to end on a high note.

From the TEB site:
I told him I’m coming back to Crawford because I want to see him.

Jade smoothed her hands over her satin jacket and squared her shoulders. Men never got to Jade Weir, movie star. It wasn’t an option. She held control…except when it came to the copper-haired deputy with eyes the colour of tropical ocean water. Just the thought of Deputy Marlon Cross made her thighs heat. They’d shared one quick kiss when she’d said goodbye at the sheriff’s department but, good grief, how the kiss had stayed with her. The memory of the rasp of his beard abraded her cheeks and kicked her desire up a few notches. She fanned her face. No matter how many sexy text messages and double entendre emails they’d shared, a handsome man like him wouldn’t be on the market for long.

The lights flickered in his living room. That was a pretty good indication he was home, right? Shit, was he alone? She folded her hands in front of her mouth and peered around the lot. Three cars sat outside his apartment. His? A girlfriend’s? Pain seared her chest in the vicinity of her heart, making her gasp. God! Here she sat in a car pining for a man who probably had a woman in there with him.

Glancing in the rear view mirror, she ran her tongue over her teeth to remove the stray lipstick and rubbed the sleep smudges from under her eyes. “I look like I’ve been on a bender,” she muttered, “rather than clean for six months.”

Driving sixteen hours straight wasn’t her best idea, but it had got her the rest of the way to Crawford, Ohio. Would Marlon recognise her without the heavy mask of makeup? Finger-combing her hair, she considered pulling the strands back into a clip. The last time she’d seen him, the colourist had insisted she looked best with platinum highlights.

With a final look at her makeup—modest by Hollywood standards—she opened the car door. No one recognised the slightly dented Benz or the Topher Azad jeans and hoodie she wore under the jacket. Not exactly glamorous, but not awful. Her phone buzzed as she slid out of the seat. She glanced at the screen before flicking open the phone.

“Hey, Bobby. Yeah, I’m in town, so keep an eye out in case they came, too. We’ll meet up tomorrow.”

“Yup,” came the reply just before the line went dead.

Jade closed the car door with a snick and forced herself towards Marlon’s front door. She shoved her phone in her jacket pocket. Each noise, each little movement, put her on edge. A gale of laughter and shouting came from the neighbouring apartment. She nibbled her top lip as her high heels clicked on the pavement. Please don’t let any of Daddy’s goons or the press be on my tail.

From his open living room window came the gentle sounds of his television, accompanied by soft groans. What the heck was he watching? More importantly, was he alone?

She closed her eyes and took a long breath, letting it pass slowly between her lips on the exhale. I’m visiting a friend. Opening her eyes, she inched forwards. No one knows where I am and I can blend in. Her heart hammered against her ribs. Don’t turn back. She stopped at the bottom of the short set of stairs and held on to the wrought iron railing. I can do this. Thumps came from the other side of his door. Fear and revulsion coursed through her veins as she crept towards the porch. The soft thumping grew louder.

He did have someone there with him. Had to. Hot guys of his calibre weren’t alone for very long.

Aw, shit.


Her hand hovered over the doorbell. Had he just called her name? Shaking her head, she blew off the word she’d heard. A man like Marlon didn’t yearn for a woman like her. He probably fantasised about the old Jade, the Jade who took her clothes off to get attention. The Jade who ate drugs for dinner and passed out at parties. The old Jade no longer existed.

The new Jade, with thirty extra pounds, rounder cheeks, filled-out hips and honey-blonde hair, had taken her place. The Jade she’d become was the Jade she’d always been on the inside—Jaden Marie Haydenweir. Sure, she still wore designer and insisted her hair be in a perfect tousle. No need to go totally off the deep end.

Her father’s parting words rang in her ears. “You can’t make it on your own. Men want the ideal. Without the gloss, you look like the girl next door and not the ones on television. Men want fantasy, not your boring reality. You’ll see I’m right.”

Taking one more deep breath, she fisted her hand.


Had he seen her? Without thinking, she spoke. “I’m out here!” Her eyes widened and she slapped both hands over her mouth. Oh God, had she just answered him? What would his girlfriend say?

Turning around, she stepped off the small concrete porch and retreated to the parking lot. The click of her heels echoed in the silence of the evening. No, he wouldn’t see her beg or embarrass herself again. When they’d kissed in the parking lot of the airport, her blood had heated. Her mind had spun. Words she’d only spoken in jest before had flowed from her lips, I love you. She shivered. Love at first kiss wasn’t possible. Well, not in the real world—only in movies.

When she reached her car, she gripped the door handle and rested her forehead on the cool frame. Tears of mortification pricked her eyes. She had never seen another woman, but he couldn’t be alone. Maybe he’d found someone else named Jade.

“Who’s out here? Jade?”

From my site:
“I’m sorry. I’ll get out of your w—Marlon?”

Despite his common sense not to touch her, he tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear. Sizzles went straight to his groin. Dear God, what if they really did become lovers? He’d never survive, and yet he liked the odds. Dying in her arms sounded rather pleasant. Satisfying.

When she licked her bottom lip, he came close to coming unglued. Her eyes widened. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting my boss’s order. I should be angry since you avoided me, but I can deal.” When her gaze raked over his body, he fisted his hand to keep from wrapping her in an embrace. “I see you’re checking out the want-ads. Which flyer caught your attention?”

She held her palm open. Three slips of paper lay crumpled in her hand. “One’s for a babysitter, one’s for a dog walker and the third is for a companion.”

Companion? His throat constricted. “Which one?”

“Which one what?”

“Who wants a companion?”

She pointed to a pink flyer. Elder in the community seeks companion. Must be able to lift a hundred pounds and willing to work nights and weekends. 555-0089 Ask for Dan. Dan Denoon, local businessman and suspected pimp. Hell, no. She didn’t know his story, but she wasn’t going to fall into his trap. Having a former celebrity would boost his popularity and get Jaden into a world she could probably handle but didn’t deserve.

“You don’t want to be his companion. He’s not looking for someone to care for his Gramma.” Despite his trust in her decisions, he sighed. “He wants an escort-slash-plaything. It’s bad news.”

Shrinking away from him, she handed him the paper. “Oh. Sorry.”

Her sweet nature would be the death of his sanity, but shit if she wasn’t cute when she was out of her element. Wriggling in his polo shirt, he shifted. When did the air get so damned hot in the little foyer? It was late October for crying out loud. “You didn’t know. Which one is for the dog walker?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you. You shot my other option down.” The hint of a frown marred her coral lips. “Oh, what the hell? You’re a cop. I should trust you.” She pointed to a simple handwritten flyer. “This one. For a lady named Judi Pennywood. Know her? Does she run some sort of prostitution ring, too?” She put her hands up. “I can see it now. Granny’s Girlie Show. Come one, come all...or don’t come at all. No refunds.”

Gritting his teeth, he groaned and chuckled. “Jaden, honey, I didn’t mean that. I just—”

Before he could finish his answer, she clamped a hand over his mouth. “I’m giving you grief. I know how to do that without any training.” She scrunched her nose and winked. “So what’s the skinny on this Pennywood character?”

Wrapping his fingers around hers, he removed her hand from his mouth. Being with her felt so natural, so right. He wanted to do it some more—every day. If she’d let him. “I work with her great niece, Carol Ann. She’s a nice lady. Around eighty-six-ish. I believe she still owns a Basset hound.”

Jaden cringed. “Do they drool? I hear they make a mess.”

Rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, he considered her questions. As far as he knew, Saint Bernards drooled. Did Bassets? “I guess you’ll have to call her and find out. Carol Ann loves to tell me stories. I’d say you, Judi, and Carol Ann would get along great.”

Slowly, her gaze met his. Eyes the colour of sea glass with twinges of azure mixed in for good measure, framed by dark lashes. A man could lose himself in those eyes. “You really think this is a good deal? I don’t want taken for a ride, but I can do this, Marlon.”

“Never said you couldn’t.” He nodded to the diner. “Although I’d love to stay here and talk, I need to take the order back to the department. Want to come along?”

Now the fun little naughty excerpt:
“You’re a bad girl, Jaden and it’s so good.” His breath came in short puffs. At least she had him on edge. She hated being horny alone.

“Honey, you caught my eye a long time ago, but it was nothing like the ache I feel right now. I know the woman in your heart and want to feel her moving with me. I can’t catch my breath when I’m around you because I want to please you.” His kisses became rougher, more consuming, as his hands moved beneath the sweatshirt and encircled her waist. “I want you like I’ve never wanted a woman. Fuck, I think I need you more than I’ve ever needed anyone.”

“You talk too much.” Sliding her hands under the soft cotton of his T-shirt, she learnt the dips and valleys of his body. His firm nipples seared her flesh. The rasp of crisp chest hair against her palms sent pinpricks of excitement racing through her body. “Take me home.”

He panted against her neck. “Home. Yes. Now.” Fumbling to open the door, he helped her slide onto the seat. “Yes, home.”

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What the? Wednesday...Ten Things You Didn't Know About...Please Remember Me

Since release day was Monday and I'm still pretty jazzed (who wouldn't be?), I thought since today's gonna be super busy, why not make today 10 Things About PRM?

Here goes:

10. I wrote the story in outline form over two years ago. Scratched it out in a notebook.

9. I wrote the outline while watching a dirt race in the rain. Yup. It rained. We sat in my truckbed, edge of the track, nice plush lawn chairs of our own, ate fried chicken and I wrote during the yellow flags.

8. Marlon is based on Ewan McGregor in the third Star Wars Movie (the one that came out last). Yeah, I'm a sucker for almost middle aged Obi Wan.

7. Jade is curvy in PRM, but she's not Rubenesque. She was Paris Hilton thin in Right. Now she's what her doctor calls a healthy weight. But she's now giggling and saying I need to write a Rubenesque character.

6. Crawford, Ohio is based on where I grew up. The downtown where Jade walks is actually taken from the downtown of my kid-hood.

5. Judi is a real person. I knew her very well, miss her constant laughter and her grousing at me for drinking soda.

4. I've always wanted to name a pet Mrs. Nesbit. Dunno why, other than it was in an old episode of the Monkees. No, I wasn't old enough to have seen it live--that's about 12 years before my time. Reruns! I liked the name. In PRM, I got to use it.

3. Tantrum is the name of a cat that belonged to a friend of mine. I thought, upon hearing the name, that is a FABULOUS name for a cat. They throw tantrums all the time, just in a very sophisticated, here's my rectum sort of way. Had to use the name.

2. Marlon drives a Jeep. Little did I know when writing it, that I'd soon OWN a Jeep.

1. I have no idea which story is going to come after PRM. I've had requests for Maggie and Ray's story, but there's the issues with Les and Levi, and new characters that want to the follow up is anyone's guess right now. :-)

Hope you enjoyed my little jaunt down the backstage of PRM. Heck, grab a copy and let me know what you think.

NEWS!!! Where I'll Be and More!!!

I have some great news to share. Lots in fact.

I'll be hosting a chat over at the Coffee Time Erotic loop from 6-9 EST tonight!!! Come join me. I'm giving away a $10 GC to either Amazon or BN.

I'm also going to be hanging out with my pal Cheryl Dragon who is guesting on the Whipped Cream2 loop. Totally going to be a blast.

I just guest blogged on the Whipped Cream Guest blog. Check it out. You could win prizes!

And in just over a week, I'll be in Cincinnati for the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together!! Come visit me if you're going to be there.

What Might Have Been comes out June 13th from Total-E-Bound and I'm going on tour with Please Remember Me mid-June.

Phew! Lots of stuff. Come by, chatter, comment, and let's have a blast!!!

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This has been a long time coming. Please Remember Me releases today. I loved the book, had a blast writing it, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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This Made Me Smile

It fit with the theme of Please Remember Me so I had to share. Should make you grin, too.

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Flirty Friday! A Contract!!

I'm excited to say the story for the menage anthology, The Treble Anthology, has been accepted. The cover above is a temp one I created, but still...Total-E-Bound has the best artists and I'm sure what they come up with will be fantastic. I can't wait.

Here's the blurb:
Three is their magic number. Now they’ve got to decide if the magic is worth saving.

Razrs Edge packed stadiums, fuelled by the inner turmoil and passion of the three founding members. The lights aren’t as bright and the crowds cheer a little less now that the threesome has parted ways.

It’s time to bring the magic back.

Parkur’s not convinced the split is for good. They were meant to be three. But can he write the music to convince Juniper and Jacoby to give him a second chance? Juniper and Jacoby want the triad intact. Is the love they shared as three enough to erase the destruction in their collective past?

Contains two heroes hell bent on making sweet music with the woman of their dreams, the rediscovery of passion between three people, hot manlove and ménage action, a little spanking, some toy play, and some bondage...oh yes...

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Thursday Thirteen ~ RACING!!!

Since the All Star Race is this weekend, and I'm a NASCAR kinda girl, I thought I'd do a post about racing and the things I love about it. Hope you enjoy the post as much as I did writing it.

13. The tracks. Yeah. Ranging from smooth and flat, to like my driving conditions, to banking I can't even walk up...the tracks are the best.

12. The feuds. Funny how one argument can totally wreck a race or whip up a whole group of people. Yup, I've witnessed fans tossing beer cans on a track because the wrong guy won.

11. The trucks. Have you ever seen the trucks that carry the cars to and from the tracks? Those things are monsters of efficiency. Cars on the top shelf, tools and parts on the bottom and a little area for all the computers. Easily a million dollars on wheels.

10. The swag. There is some crazy race swag out there. From navel piercings, to light up bobble headband things, to the standard T-shirts and die cast cars. You can literally go broke in the vendor section.

9. Jeff Burton - gotta give props to the 31 team. They're still going and gaining momentum. Plus, they have Caterpillar on the car. That's awesome.

8. The fans. There's some rabid folks. Want to start an arguement? Scream your alliance with a particular team, manufacturer brand, or driver. Instantly you'll either have a ton of pals or you'll have something lobbed at you.

7. Hand signals. You're wondering what I mean? Go to a race or just watch the crowd. There is always someone, forty rows up, completely out of the view of the driver, completely and wholely convinced the driver can **see** them as they give hand signals as to where to go on the track, who to pass, or who to wreck. I'm telling you, people watching is a blast at a race.

6. The pomp and circumstance. The drivers having their own intro music, the fireworks and ticker tape as they walk out in front of the crowd. You can be sitting in the crowd, have absolutely nothing to do with the race other than to be a spectator, but man, it's like the whole crazy thing engulfs you. You have to cheer and smile!!

5. Kevin Harvick - the guy can race you hard, wreck you, smile, and then whomp on you because you raced him hard, too. At least he gives as good as he gets. Plus, he's an owner as well as a driver. Guys with brains and brawn are very intriguing.

4. The cars and trucks. I said the trucks up above, but this time I mean the race vehicles themselves. In the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series, they race cars - Impalas, Fusions(Mustangs), Camrys, Challengers. In the Camping World series, it's all about the trucks - F-150, Silverado, Ram, Tundra. Those things are all a blast to watch screaming down a curve at oh, 190 mph.

3. Richard Childress Racing - plain and simple, they rock. Might not be the biggest out there, but they've overcome the lowest lows and soared with the highest highs. Richard's a former driver and he knows what's best for his teams. He's not about to short change just because it looks cool.

2. Clint Bowyer - yuppers, he's my guy. My driver. Gotta cheer for BB&T, Cheerios, and Chevy. He might not be the most outspoken, but he's not easily pushed around. Oh, and he's got a team to back him up and if he doesn't kick your butt, they just might. Plus the 33 just plain looks awesome on the track.

Number one rather goes without saying...

1. Gentlemen (and sometimes ladies), start your engines!!!!

What the? Wednesdays...You Know You've Read Too Much MM When...

You know you've read to much MM when... this is a sad but true story. And it was worse once I realized, wow, yeah, I probably do read too much MM.

I was at a particular eatery with the youngling. We stood in line awaiting our turn when I happened to notice the people in front of me. Normally, I don't really care who happens to be standing around me--I'll strike up a conversation with anyone. But this particular time, there were three men (college aged man-children) and one young woman. They were joined by another male of the college-age range.

First thought, Hon, you've got the sweet and innocent look going on. Work it! I mean, she looked like All-American, apple pie, yanno? Then I thought, lucky girl...five guys. Isn't this a Siren Love Xtreme storyline?

Second thought, the one gent in front of me had a hickey the size of an apple on the side of his neck. Here's where the MM comes in. I actually stood and looked at the hickey wondering which was the angle of origin (yes, too many CSI marathon, too) and which one gave it to him.

Then my mind wandered. Which one HAD left the hickey? Of course now, Megan has arrived and is egging me on. She's such a bad influence.

We came to the conclusion, he was sammiched in the middle, her on one side, the brawnier guy on the other and EVERYONE has hickies, they just don't happen to be so visible.

I won't go into our deduction as to HOW the hickies precisely got there, but suffice it to say, Megan's creative thoughts flowed like wine.

So yeah, I've read WAYY TOOO MUCH MM.

How about you?

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Monday Moans ~ My Turn!!

I wanted to write something cool today. I wanted to have this post that would totally draw people in and be fabulous. Then life happened. Had two resubmits. Gotta get those done (and since one is a little, shall we say...late....yeah, you get the picture).

I thought, okay, I'll have the characters talk. Works great. Monday feature.

No dice.




So yeah, I'm at the corner of lost and frazzled and trying to get my bearings so I can get everything done.

In other news, took the top off the Jeep. Yowza that was fun. Breezy... cool...oh and a little hot on the top of the old noggin, but, at least it wasn't rain. Or snow.

Got some good ghost adventure material. The boys and company went back to Mansfield. I'm stoked to see what they got. The voice phenomenon are pretty cool. Didja know ghosts are heavy breathers? Apparently they are when women are in the room. Imagine that. I know. to work on second resub and to figure out a way cool blog pic for Tasty Tuesday.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Thursday ~ Free Read

Ok, so this isn't my read, but it's my dear friend Megan's short story over at Whipped Cream. Come check it out. I think its super hot and sexy. What do you think?

What the? Wednesday...Hanging Out at Hitting the Hot-Spot

I'd normally be doing my What the? Wednesday Ten Things Post, but today's a special day. I'm hanging out over at Hitting the Hot-Spot. I'm talking about Please Remember Me and pet projects. Come on over and chatter with me. Should be a great time. :-)

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Happy Belated-Mother's Day

I thought I'd stop by and do the Monday Moans post today, since I'm a mom. My child is the light of my life and is the culmination of my relationship with Logan. Julian is my second child and it was a very difficult time. My first child, Josh, was an angel. I love him but I wasn't allowed much time with him. I miss him every day.

I didn't think I'd have the chance to be a mom again, not until I met Logan. He made me smile and proved to me love can come around even when you're sure it's never coming back.

I know, I sound really depressing and I'm supposed to be celebrating Mother's Day. Being a mom is a special thing. You get to watch the person (or animal) grow and change. It's pretty cool to know you're helping that person/critter become a more mature person. I love the smiles, the giggles, and even the tears. Being a mom is a pretty heady experience.

So to all those moms out there, be it animal moms, kid moms, grammoms, adoptive have my gratitude. You all rock!!

--Cass Jensen

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flirty Friday ~ Please Remember Me

This won't come out for another couple weeks, but I thought I'd drum up some interest and post a short snippet. I loved writing Jade's character and I hope you'll love reading about her.


Clutching the can to prevent herself from reaching for him, she spoke. “I’m in trouble, but not the normal kind.” He opened his mouth to speak and she quieted him with her index finger. His lips twitched. The whiskers on his upper lip tickled the pad of her finger. Ooh, what would it feel like to have him kiss her with those scratchy lips—down there? A shudder ripped through her. It’d be heaven. She blinked twice to clear her mind.

“Have you ever been tired of your life? I mean, you have a great life, but is it what you know it could be?” She crinkled her nose. “I mean… Oh, I don’t know what I mean.”

This time, she withdrew her hand and let him reply. “And you came to Ohio? Yeah, all the celebrities come here for the atmosphere. What’s the rest of the story, Jade?”

“Remember how I said I needed to get things right in my head? It took some doing, but things are so much clearer.” Her reserve had hit the limit. He wanted to know… so why not tell him? Placing her can on the table, she scooted into the corner of the couch, far away from him. “I hated stepping out into public and knowing everyone laughed. I got tired of being a joke. Turn on any channel and watch the late shows. You’ll see someone making fun of me. I am a Hallowe’en costume, for God’s sake! I hate it.”

Marlon put his hand in the air. “Back it up. Not everyone laughed.”

“I’m sorry, but everyone laughed. I saw the footage more times than I can count. Even my father. My father! The man who brought me into this world thought I was a joke. He said so on national television. Logan and Cass were nice about it, but even they had their doubts.” Hugging her knees, she continued. “Anyway, I reached my limit. My life—jet-setting around the world and spending money like it was water—just didn’t cut it. I didn’t like the woman inside. So… I changed. I cleaned up my act and quit the drugs, alcohol, and random hook-ups. I’m going by my real name and making it on the skills I have, not Daddy’s money.”

With an appraising gaze, Marlon smiled. “I see.”

Hope you enjoyed it. Please Remember Me comes out May 23rd from Total-E-Bound!!

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Thank You Thursday!!

I wanted to do a shout out today. I have some fantastic people in place to help with promo. Can't say enough about it.

Total-E-Bound has started putting together promo packs for the authors. Lemme tell you, its a boon for the authors. Here's my bookplate they made for Please Remember Me:

Ain't it purty? I love it. Here's the one for What Might Have Been:

And I can't say enough about the ladies at Goddess Fish. They created a fabulous animated banner for me for Please Remember Me:

I love it. So thanks to Emmy Ellis and the art dept. at Total-E-Bound and to Marianne and Judy at Goddess Fish. Y'all rock!

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Ten Things You Didn't Know About...My Immortal

Thought I'd touch on my novella, My Immortal, this week. This was a favorite to write (aren't they all) and I loved Storm's character. I've told the story about how he informed me he was a vampire plenty of times, but here's some factoids you might not have known....

10. Stevie's name comes from Stevie Nicks. Yup. Can't tell I listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, can you?

9. Stevie's name is also what my folks wanted to call me, but my mother outlawed the name. Dunno...guess I don't look much like a Stephanie anyway.

8. Persing is a little tribute to my great gramma. It's her maiden name.

7. The main drag of the town is remarkably like the main drag of the town I grew up in.

6. I've always wanted a Stevie got one instead.

5. The name Bruce Tripp was snagged from NASCAR. If you watched the Camping World Truck Series, there is a crew chief named Tripp Bruce. 100% honest truth.

4. Storm didn't bother to tell me right away he was from Salem and it was a pain because then I had to research him and listen to him cackle when I got information wrong.

3. There's a driver mentioned in the story, Tucker Poston. He's the very first character I ever came up with for a romance novel. He's also got his own story coming out August 15th from TEB.

2. I found out the editor wanted to contract the story through an IM at 2 AM my time. Yeah, I squeed really softly. Scared the living berserkers out of my BFF when I IM'ed her.

1. Allan and Todd haven't bothered to tell me if they are a couple or not. Todd's response was a grunt and Allan said "a couple of what?" Men. And Gypsy wants to be involved with both, but they aren't exactly sure what to make of her yet.

Here's the blurb:
What’s a girl to do when she finds out the man of her dreams is a 340 year old vampire?

Run like hell or offer her heart.

Being a vampire hasn’t been easy for Storm Richardson. He’s not programmed to kill or harm, unless he needs to feed. When he meets Stephanie “Stevie” Persing, he knows he’s found his mate. But if he crosses the line between work and play, he risks losing the only person who matters—her.

Stevie’s been in love with Storm since the moment she laid eyes on him. He’s brooding, intense, and her one weakness. But is her heart too steep a price to pay for his love, especially when she discovers his deepest secrets?

This book contains minimal scenes of rape in a flashback. Includes smokin’ hot sex in a hot tub, a pickup truck, and the shower.

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Monday Moans

I thought I'd stop by today for a short post. I'm in between races and have a moment of free time. I'm a crew chief co the Blitz Racing teams. My good friend Tucker races for us, too. Its a good place to be. Great people. Great resources. Ok, there is one person there... I don't know. I care about her, but I'm married to the race team... I am my job. I don't think she gets that. Then again, I don't always get it. I'm scared to tell her I care ave scare to tell her my secrets. I have some ghosts in my... past that I don't think she'd approve if right off. Sucks. I think I love her. I mean I can't see life without her, I'm just not how to keep her in my life.... Enough for now.