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Blurb Blitz Tour ~ all In by Simona Ahrnnstedt

It's a blurb blitz and there's a great story in store for you! all In by Simona Ahrnstedt. check it out! You'll want to comment. Why? There are prizes up for grabs. Like? Simona will be awarding a print copy of ALL IN (US/Canada only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here:

All In
by Simona Ahrnstedt


In the cutthroat world of Sweden’s financial elite, no one knows that better than corporate raider David
Hammar. Ruthless. Notorious. Unstoppable. He’s out to hijack the ultimate prize, Investum. After years of planning, all the players are in place; he needs just one member of the aristocratic owning family on his side—Natalia De la Grip.

Elegant, brilliant, driven to succeed in a man’s world, Natalia is curious about David’s unexpected invitation to lunch. Everyone knows that he is rich, dangerous, unethical; she soon discovers he is also deeply scarred.

The attraction between these two is impossible, but the long Swedish nights unfold an affair that will bring to light shocking secrets, forever alter a family, and force both Natalia and David to confront their innermost fears and desires.


How about an excerpt? Sure! Here you go:

David saw her. She was standing there amid a crowd of partygoers, almost luminous. People moved around and behind and sometimes in front of her, but she stood out like a radiant star in a dark sky. How could he ever have thought that Natalia was anything other than breathtakingly beautiful? Had there really been a time when he had described her to himself as common and insignificant? There was nothing ordinary about her. She had done something to her hair—it fell around her shoulders in big glossy waves that continued down her back. And she was wearing red. A Ferrari red dress, short and made of some material that looked alive, swirling around her body in triumphant serpentine swaths. And those long, sexy legs that quite recently had rested on his shoulders as he brought her to climax.

At first he couldn’t identify the word he heard in his head; he was too preoccupied with drinking her in with his eyes.

But then he heard it again, a single word that drowned out all the others, a primal roar.


She is mine.

Which was beyond stupid, of course. He had no right to her, never would. It didn’t matter what they’d done. It was only sex.

Only sex.

He wanted to walk over to her. He wanted to caress those bare shoulders, put his arm around her, pull her to him, kiss her deeply, thoroughly, satisfyingly. Wanted to see her face start to glow, see her eyes widen. It was almost impossible to resist. Impossible to remember why he should resist that impulse that was so primal in its force. He did what he apparently always did when it came to Natalia—he started bargaining with himself.

One last time, what did it matter? Because this would really be the last time, truly. This was the last night they would see each other before— well, before.

She cocked her head to the side and watched him, alluring and tempting him like a modern-day siren, and David just threw it all overboard. He dumped his good intentions and reason as if they were ballast, holding him down, and made up his mind.


He was about to start walking toward her, had already taken the first step, when he suddenly saw a tall man slip up behind her, as if he’d been standing there the whole time and was now staking his rightful claim. With a slow wink Natalia looked away from David. She turned to face the man. He whispered something in her ear, she nodded in response, and David saw the couple move a little and then they were swallowed by the crowd of party guests.

The moment was past.

He swallowed. He should be grateful it had happened. Now he had the chance to move on.

But he didn’t move on.

He just stood there.

And he wondered: who the hell was that man?


About the Author:

Simona Ahrnstedt was born in Prague and is a licensed psychologist, a cognitive behavioral
therapist, and most importantly, a bestselling author. As her novels have swept bestseller lists in her native Sweden, she has become a spokesperson for books by women, for women, and about women. Her provocative women’s fiction has been sold in multiple languages as well as audio format.  She lives outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with her two teenagers.

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Book Blast ~ Victorian Scoundrel by Stephanie Burkhart

It's a book blast for Victorian Scoundrel by Stephanie Burkhart. How cool is that? You'll want to keep reading. Why? This looks like an awesome book. On top of that, Stephanie will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. So check that out! Want more chances to win? Follow the tour. You can do that here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/book-blast-victorian-scoundral-by.html

Victorian Scoundrel
by Stephanie Burkhart

It's 2011 and compressed natural gas has taken over from the coal producing steam
machines of the Victorian Age. Alice Windsor, Princess of York, follows her mischief-making cousin, Edmund of Wales, back to 1851 where Prince Albert is hosting Britain's Great Exhibition.

Alice soon finds herself over her head in trouble. Edmund is determined to help Prince Albert build a dirigible and the prime minister appears intent in preventing her from stopping Edmund. Alice knows it's too early for the massive flying machine to take to the air. Complicating matters is the passionate Grayson Kentfield, Earl of Swinton. Alice can't stop her pulse from pounding when she's near him.

Can Alice give her heart to a man from the past while working to stop Edmund from changing history?

Want an excerpt? You know you do! Here you go: 

Grayson escorted her to a door on the right, threw it open, and put his hand on her waist, guiding her inside. A gas lamp burned on a nearby table, throwing stark, deep shadows into the room.

Her determined man shut the door and pinned her against it. He plucked her glasses from her face and threw them onto the table with the gas lamp. Then he pinned her against the door, placing his hands on the door next to her arms. His breathing was erratic. The light from the lamp cast dark shadows over his chiseled features.


He stepped closer and lowered his hands, placing one on her waist. Heat spiked within her and settled low in her abdomen. His hazel eyes burned with desire. He drew in a deep breath and raised his forefinger, tracing her lips. Alice closed her eyes, but only briefly, savoring the gentle touch of his finger.

"You do wild things to my heart, sweet Alice," he finally whispered. His finger traced her cheeks, then her jaw.

She grew hot, yearning for more. Her senses spun from his sensual touch. She could hardly breathe. "Me?"

"Yes, you."

"What do I do to your heart?"

"You make it beat hard -- fast." He ran his finger down the side of her neck and traced the 'v' in her throat.

Alice met the raging inferno in his eyes and nipped at her lower lip with her teeth. "Is that all I do?"

He issued a low, deep groan from his throat and leaned forward.


About the Author:
Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 dispatcher for LAPD.  She was born and raised in Manchester,
New Hampshire.  After serving 11 years in the US Army she currently calls Castaic, California her home. Stephanie was married in Denmark in 1991 and has two young sons. She adores chocolate, is addicted to coffee and enjoys early morning walks.  She's also an assistant den leader for her son's Cub Scout den and is a Boy Scout mom. She writes paranormal, contemporary, and steampunk romance and has two children's books published with 4RV Publishing.









AMAZON KINDLE: http://www.amazon.com/Windsor-Diaries-Book-One-ebook/dp/B0058UG9Q6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1316808713&sr=1-1





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Book Blast ~ Luc by JM Stewart

It's a book blast, featuring Luc by JM Stewart! You'll want to check this book out. You'll also want to comment. Why? There are prizes up for grabs!! Like? The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour. You can do that here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/mbb-luc-by-jm-stewart.html

by J.M. Stewart


After her husband’s death two years ago, erotic romance author Liz Anderson moved home to small-
town Angel Bay to heal her broken heart. So when her best friend fixes her up with a single father ten years her junior, she doesn’t expect much. But this hot young chef is igniting her long-dormant passion.

With a three-year-old daughter to raise and a restaurant to run, the last thing Luc Rossi’s life has room for is love. After his fiancĂ©e’s betrayal, he isn’t sure he believes in it anyway. His colleague’s matchmaking attempt is awkward at best, but what can he do except play the gentleman? Liz ends up being smart, charming, and sexy, and he can’t resist her.

An offer to teach her to cook leads to a steamy fling, but this gorgeous older woman makes Luc wonder if it’s time to open his heart again. Can he convince Liz that giving their relationship a chance beyond the bedroom wouldn’t be a betrayal of the past she holds dear?


Want an excerpt? Sure you do! Here you go:

Halfway down the alley, he pivoted and stalked back in her direction. He glared at her, as if somehow all this was her fault.

“I was dying to let every single one of those guys know you’re mine.”

Liz could only stare, stunned. So she was right. He was jealous. What was worse, the intensity in his gaze sent a fierce yearning rolling through her belly in hot little waves. Daniel had looked at her like that once. Right before he decked some guy for making a pass at her.

Every limb shaking, she squared her shoulders, trying her damnedest to get her equilibrium back. It didn’t matter why he was behaving like a Neanderthal or how sexy he looked doing it. He had no right. “You do realize it’s going to be all over town by tomorrow?”

Something flashed across the recesses of his eyes that she didn’t catch before his jaw tightened and his expression blanked. He stalked to the end of the alley, where the blacktop met the sidewalk, and stared out at the street beyond. “It was all I could think of. The way he looked at you, I knew exactly what he was thinking, and you were standing there, frozen in fear.”

Liz folded her arms. It was a meager defense, but it was all she had left. “I wasn’t afraid of him. I could have handled him if I’d had to. My father was a police officer. He taught me how to take care of myself. So did my husband. I know self-defense, and I’m a damn good shot. I—”

Luc pivoted around, eyes wide with surprise. “You know how to shoot a gun?”

“Daniel insisted I learn. I have a nine millimeter, and I have a permit to carry concealed, though I’ve never had the guts to actually carry it on me.” She frowned, unsure who she was more irritated with: him for getting to her or herself for responding. “The point being, I could have dropped him if I’d needed to. But I didn’t.”

Luc cocked a brow, clearly challenging her assertion. “Then why did you look so panicked? Who the hell was that guy?”

She heaved a sigh. He had her there. Damn it. “An overzealous fan. He kept going on and on about my writing, and people were starting to stare.”

But that was neither here or there. It was past time to end this insanity.

“Look, I have no idea what to expect after a one-night stand. That’s essentially what we shared, isn’t it? So, I expected we’d said our goodbyes and we wouldn’t see each other again. When I didn’t hear from you, I figured we were going our separate ways. I get it. But I’m fairly certain that means you forfeit your right to be jealous. I appreciate the concern, but I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”

Without waiting for a reply, she pivoted on her heel and stalked from the alleyway, heading for the safety of the booth as fast as her legs could carry her. Whatever the hell this was, she was backing out now, because alarms bells were sounding in her head.


About the Author:

J.M. Stewart is a coffee and chocolate addict who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her
husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily ever after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.
For more about JM or her books visit:

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Blurb Blitz ~ under your skin by Shannyn Schoroeder

It's a blurb blitz tour and I'm featuring Shannyn Schoroeder's book, under your skin. Check it out! You'll want to comment. Shannyn will be awarding a print copy of Under Your Skin (US/Canada only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Very cool, isn't it? Want more chances to win? Follow the door here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/blurb-blitz-under-your-skin-by-shannyn.html

Under Your Skin
by Shannyn Schoroeder


Norah O'Malley has been alone for a long time. It’s been ten years since her father and four brothers shipped her off to be raised by her aunt. Seven months since she's seen the guy who got her pregnant—who still doesn’t know. And it’s two weeks since she came home to Chicago and discovered none of her family wants to talk—or listen.

She never expected to walk into a tattoo shop seven months pregnant and get her socks knocked off by instant attraction. She can’t even see her socks. But Kai Ellis is big and gruff and sexy as hell, and if he has a past, well, so does she. Even more, Kai knows how to listen so that Norah feels just a little less alone . . .

All the chemistry in the world can’t help Norah make her decisions. And no sizzle of desire will make Kai believe in happy endings. But a little time with someone who understands might just change everything . . .


Want an excerpt? Here you go:

Norah O’Malley woke like she had every day for the past two weeks: lying in her brother’s bed, in her father’s house, rubbing her pregnant belly like it was a Magic 8 Ball that held some mystical answers for her fucked up life. Her bladder was full to bursting, another perpetual condition these days. Struggling to sit up, she shifted to get to the bathroom. This was not how she expected her life to look at twenty-two.

After taking care of business, she studied herself in the mirror. Did she look different? Of course from the chest down her body was no longer hers and hadn’t been for some time. Her face looked the same though. Right? She pressed closer to the mirror, propping her belly on the sink. What would Avery see if they met today?

Her older brother Jimmy had been pressuring her since she came home weeks ago to call Avery and tell him she was pregnant. She knew she had to and it had been crappy of her to keep this from him, but she knew Avery. He’d want to take care of her. He was that kind of guy. She could definitely appreciate such nobility in the hero of a book or movie, but in real life, choices like this sucked.

She wasn’t sure she was ready to be a mom. Old stirrings of Catholic guilt hit her—years of parochial school had that effect—but she couldn’t imagine trapping them when they weren’t ready. She shuffled back to bed and sat on the edge. Every time she thought about Avery, her stomach fluttered. Her short time with him had been magical. She’d never felt so loved by any other boyfriend she’d had. Part of her wanted him to be with her through this. A huge part.

Another part was afraid of disrupting his life. She’d dodged his calls all summer, not knowing what to say. He was looking for summer fun, but fun ended for her at the sight of two pink lines.

And now she was afraid of her brothers’ reactions. They didn’t handle news of her pregnancy well. They would threaten to go after Avery again. If nothing else, she needed to protect him until she figured out what she wanted.

The baby kicked her now empty bladder and elbowed her ribs. Must be breakfast time. She crept downstairs hoping to avoid running into her brothers, especially Tommy. Tommy was nearest in age to her and they’d always been close growing up, even after Jimmy had shipped her off to live with Aunt Bridget in Boston. Tommy had come to visit her often and called her a few times each week. They had always been more friends than siblings.

She’d expected Jimmy, Kevin, and Sean to blow up when they found out she was pregnant. Telling them over the phone probably would’ve been better than just showing up on their doorstep six months pregnant. But Tommy was supposed to be on her side. He’d raged the night she came home and the anger had been at a slow burn since. He barely spoke to her. His first and only question was always: Who is he?

Avery didn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of that wrath. The guy had done nothing wrong.


About the Author:

Shannyn Schroeder is a former high school and middle school English teacher. She holds a
BA in English and MAs in Special Education and Gifted Education. She currently works as an editor for an education company and juggles writing around her kids’ schedules. In her spare time, Shannyn loves to bake and watches far too much TV, especially cop shows. She started her first book on a dare from her husband and has never looked back. She came to reading romance later than many, but lives for the happy ending, and writes contemporary romance because she enjoys the adventure of new love. Readers can visit Shannyn online at www.shannynschroeder.com and follow her on Twitter @SSchroeder_.

Buy Link: http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/book.aspx/33051

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Book Blast ~ Love, Alchemy by Eden Ashley

It's a book blast and I'm featuring Love, Alchemy by Eden Ashley. Check it out!! She's giving away prizes. Want to know what? Eden will be awarding a $10 Starbucks Gift Cards to two randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour. Very cool, eh? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/book-blast-love-alchemy-by-eden-ashley.html

Love, Alchemy
by Eden Ashley

Daveigh Little is no stranger to bad choices, but when one of them lands her in hot water, she finds
herself on the run from a ruthless criminal who places a price on her head…and then there is Ethan.

From the moment she first laid eyes on Ethan Remington, Daveigh knew there was something very different about him…she just didn’t know how different.

With the habit of showing up exactly when she needs him the most, Ethan displays an uncanny intuition towards Daveigh’s whereabouts. But then the tables are turned and soon Daveigh realizes that it is Ethan who actually needs saving.


Want an Excerpt? Here you go!


The rusted chains squeaked in rhythm with the swing’s low arc. Somewhere in the distance, a raven cawed. Leaves fluttered about in a crisp breeze, adding soft whispers to the existing melody. Davey sat and let momentum propel her higher, trying to quell the thunder inside her mind as she thought of how things used to be.

Palmer hadn’t taken her home. Davey would never allow that. Instead, he dropped her off at the old, abandoned home of a dead woman who everyone in town used to love. A trail in the backyard twisted through the woods for about a mile and then ended in Resting Pines, a trailer park containing over a dozen single-wide mobile homes all in desperate need of repair. Every day, just as dark started to fall, Davey abandoned her thoughts and the swing set to take the path to trailer number six.


She hadn’t heard anyone walk up, so when the male voice called out the low greeting, Davey was startled. She turned around, saw the navy blue uniform, and almost bolted. Her eyes narrowed in recognition, but she didn’t relax. “No one’s breaking the law around here,” she said. “You can go away.”

The cop kept walking toward her. His mirrored aviators hung from his shirt pocket, so this time, Davey could see his eyes. They were a deep grey and reminded her of a sky considering a heavy rain. He was fairly tall. It was easy to see that his uniform hid a well-muscled body, one that probably looked damn hot naked. Had Remington not represented the type of authority Davey loathed, she might have considered him good-looking.

Losing interest, she turned in the swing. The cop was unwelcome, so Davey intended to ignore him. If he didn’t take the hint and go, she would. It was getting close to dark anyway.

Again, his voice broke through her thoughts. “What is a creeper?”

Davey started to spin around until she realized Remington was already in front of her. “Dude, what’s your problem?”

“As of right now, all systems are functioning normally.”

“You sound like a freaking robot.”

Laughing easily, Remington crouched down. It put him below eye-level, since she was still sitting in the swing. “Sorry.” He ran a hand through a high-fade of thick, dark brown hair. “I’m straight out of officer training. Before that it was military school. I may seem a bit stiff at times.”

Davey nodded slowly. “You’re a rookie.”


“Great.” She pasted an unfriendly smile onto her face. “That’s exactly what this town needs.”

“I sense you are being sarcastic.”

“Wow. You’re probably going to make detective soon.”

For a moment, his brow creased in confusion. Then Remington looked away. Davey regretted making fun of him. He really didn’t seem like a bad guy. “Look,” she said, “it’s nothing personal. Today has just been kind of tough. That’s all.”

“Today has been rough for me as well. The department likes to have fun with the new kids.”

Glancing at the sky, Davey stood up. It was time to go. Officer Remington got to his feet as well. His grey eyes held her in place. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

She studied him for a long time. “A creeper is someone who does weird stuff like watch people sleep or bring up crazy stuff normal people wouldn’t talk about.”

He grinned. “Or stares at someone for extended periods of time?”

Maybe Remington wasn’t so clueless. Davey resisted the smile tugging at her mouth. “Yeah,” she replied shortly and started walking toward the trail.

“What’s your name?” he called.

Davey turned but kept walking backward. “If I meet you again, I’ll tell you.”

She had no idea she would see Officer Remington again before the night ended.


About the Author:

Realist, cynic, and hopeless romantic all rolled into one, Eden lives in a small, sunny town in
SC where thunderstorms inspire her best ideas. When not daydreaming about her next novel, Eden can be found curled up with a musty old paperback and a cup of coffee...or mired deeply in her next plot to take over the world. She enjoys reading or watching anything with supernatural elements, so writing paranormal and fantasy romance is a natural fit.

Blog: http://edenbynite.blogspot.com/,
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdenAshleyAuthor
Twitter: @Eden_byNite
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7150184.Eden_Ashley
Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ENMA95G

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Book Blast ~ Drop Dead Handsome by MK Scott

It's a book blast and there are prizes to be won. Like what? The author will be awarding a prize to multiple winners such as $50 Amazon Gift Cards, $15 Target or Groupon Gift Cards and other GCs and books to randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/book-blast-drop-dead-handsome-by-mk.html

Drop Dead Handsome
by M.K. Scott

The Painted Lady Inn is open for business and limping along in the B and B world. A high school
reunion package assembles Donna’s least desirable classmates, including the backstabbing cheerleader, her narcissistic high school crush, and Arnie, whose cheesy poem had everyone calling her, hot mama. It’s all something she liked to forget. These are the normal guests.

An octogenarian self-proclaimed sleuth, Father Christmas, a dognapping couple, and a pair who is copying everything in the Inn to set up their own competitive establishment rounds out the group. Maria, the sister-in-law, has a matchmaking agenda for Donna. Daniel, her brother, finds himself serving as a referee with one guest’s multiple wives.

High school reunions can be murder. Detective Mark Taber is on the trail of the murderer, when he isn’t interfering in a smitten Arnie’s determined bid to woo the no nonsense innkeeper.


How about an excerpt? Sure! Here you go:

Hadn’t she read something recently in a psychology journal that both men and women flirt to get better service? No doubt that was what the man was doing. Maybe she could use the same technique to move him upstairs. Never mind, she never had an inner vixen.

Smile. Her lips tugged up in one she deemed her innkeeper smile. Her brother nicknamed it ‘I’m trying not to belch’ expression. “Arnie, the silliest thing happened. You won’t believe it.” She giggled and tapped his arm.

His eyebrows went up, due to her heels, she had to drop her chin the tiniest bit to notice. His hands swept up in a prayer position before entwining his fingers together. “Oh really? Tell me more.”

Wow, this was much harder than she realized it was going to be. Appeal to his vanity. Where did that suggestion come from? It might work though. All she knew was she had to get him up two flights of stairs.

“I, ah…” She hesitated, not wanting to admit to a mistake that she did not make. “…put you in the wrong room.”

“I see.” A cunning light appeared in his eyes. “Go on.”

“You’re actually on the third floor.” This was bound not to please so she tried to sweeten the deal. “There’s a much better view from that floor and no street noises.”

She didn’t need to point out there were hardly any evening ruckus since most of the residents were snug in their homes by nine at night. What else could she add? Arnie stared without comment. The principle issue would be the stairs.

Here goes nothing. “A strong, virile man like yourself would have no problems with the stairs.”

His lips lifted and a slight sheen of interest enlarged his pupils. He dropped his folded hands, lifted one finger as if at an auction and discreetly bidding. “Would it be more private?”

“Absolutely.” She nodded. The selling point she needed. “Very. Down here,” she gestured to the room behind him, “you’d hear all the early birds and night owls roaming. You’d even hear me starting breakfast. Upstairs, you could sleep in.”

“Sounds good, but if I sleep in I might miss breakfast.” His nose wrinkled a little as if he found the idea amusing.


About the Author:

M. K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries.
Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and various other felonious activities. The Internet and experts in the field provide forensic information, while the recipes and B and B details require a more hands on approach.  Morgan’s daughter who manages a hotel provides guest horror stories to fuel the plot lines. The couple’s dog, Chance, is the inspiration behind Jasper, Donna’s dog.  Murder Mansion is the first book in The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries. Overall, it is a fun series to create and read. Drop Dead Handsome is the second book in the series. Killer Review should be out in October 2016.

Social Media

Website    http://www.morgankwyatt.com/

Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/AuthorMorganKWyatt

Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/morgankwyatt

Goodreads  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5826299.Morgan_K_Wyatt

Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/morgankwyatt/

 tsu  http://www.tsu.co/MorganKWyatt

Buy Links

Forthcoming on KOBO, iTunes & Barnes and Noble

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Book Blast ~ The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper

It's a book blast and we're talking about the Royal Nanny and there are prizes up for grabs!! What?  You could win a copy of THE ROYAL NANNY if you comment and enter on the rafflecopter below! Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2016/06/book-blast-royal-nanny-by-karen-harper.html

by Karen Harper

In 1897, a young cockney nursemaid takes her first train ride, leaving London for the lush and sprawling
Sandringham Estate, private home to Britain’s royal family. Hired by the Duke and Duchess of York to help rear their royal children, Charlotte Bill is about to become privy to all the secrets families hide, and caught between the upstairs and downstairs worlds.


Interested in an excerpt? Then here you go!!

Truth was, I used to wish the widowed Dr. Edwin Lockwood, my former employer,  would marry me, though I knew that was quite out of the question.  But when I first went to work at his house as nursemaid, I was only thirteen and such a dreamer.  People think I’m a no-nonsense person, but I still harbor flights of fancy in my head and heart, and to mean something to someone else is one of them. 

But in the nearly ten years I worked in London, I knew it was not that I loved the doctor, but that I did love his two little daughters and hated to leave them, especially after I’d been promoted to nurse after five years there.  Now his new wife didn’t want me about because her stepchildren doted on me.  But the doctor gave me a good character, which the Duchess of York’s friend, Lady Eva Dugdale, had somehow seen.  So here I was, headed to the Duke and Duchess of York’s country house to help the head nurse of two royal lads, one called David, nearly four years of age, the other, Bertie, a year-and-a-half; and a new baby to be born soon. 

Beat down the butterflies in my belly and practiced saying, “Your Grace, milord, milady, sir, ma’am,” and all that.  What if Queen Victoria herself ever popped in for a visit, for the duke was her grandson—well, there were many of her offspring scattered across Europe in ruling houses, but he was in direct line to the British throne after his father, the Prince of Wales.  And since the Prince and Princess of Wales often lived on the same Sandringham Estate, so Lady Dugdale said, I wager I’d see them, right regular too, that is if the head nurse, name of Mary Peters, let me help her with the royal children when their kin came calling.
“Ticket, please, miss,” the conductor said as he came through the carriage.  I had a moment’s scramble but handed it to him and had it marked.  When he passed on, I put it as a keepsake in my wooden box of worldly goods, which sat on the floor next to my seat.  The carriage wasn’t too full, not to Norfolk with its marshy fens and the windy Wash my papa had described to me.  Oh, I was so excited I could barely sit still.  I was to disembark at a place called Wolferton Station where someone was to meet me.  I was just so certain everything would be lovely, and fine and grandly, royally perfect.


About the Author:

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Karen Harper is a former university (Ohio State) and high school English teacher. Published since 1982, she writes contemporary suspense and historical novels about real British women. Two of her recent Tudor era books were bestsellers in the UK and Russia. A rabid Anglophile, she likes nothing more than to research her novels on site in the British Isles. Harper won the Mary Higgins Clark Award for DARK ANGEL, and her novel SHATTERED SECRETS was judged one of the Best Books of 2014 by Suspense Magazine. The author and her husband divide their time between Ohio and Florida.  For more information please visit: www.karenharperauthor.com

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Blurb Blitz ~ Her Australian Hero by Margaret Way

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Her Australian Hero
by Margaret Way

This was a detour worth taking . . .

For as long as she can remember, Meilin Wu has had her life mapped out, and she's well down her chosen path--which had no warning signs about a tall, golden Brit who would bowl her over the night before her arranged marriage . . .

Drew Robinson has nearly finished his formal education and is ready to face the world when he meets Meilin, an exquisite beauty with Chinese ancestry. He doesn't mind she's ten years older, and the fact she knows Mandarin only makes her that much more a perfect fit for his upcoming adventures in China. He just has to get her to dump her fiancé and convince her that a trip in
China will only enhance her established design business.

Easy for a guy who's known for seeing sunshine wherever he goes. Right?


How about an excerpt? Sure!! Here  you go:

“Let’s concentrate on you finding you,” Rafe retaliated, his tone grating. “Can you open your heart to anyone anymore? Or have you totally lost the key? I’m sick of watching you dig yourself deeper and deeper into a black hole. You’re desperate to keep me at arm’s length. It’s almost a form of torture. For God’s sake, can’t you tell me why? You’ve carried a terrible burden of irrational guilt. I know that better than anyone. But surely it’s about time you put it down. Or do you feel compelled to wallow in it?”

Neither of them could say later who acted first. Anger rushed at them with lightning speed. Alex’s hand flew up to strike the look of high scorn on Rafe’s smouldering face, just as Rafe moved to pull her to him, crushing the length of her body against his. There was no question of pausing, of catching breath. Both of them, always on the thin edge of control, lost it. Lost whatever it was that had kept them in check.

Rafe’s mouth came down over hers with an insatiable hunger. One hand came up to cup the swell of her high breast, his thumb and forefinger working the already erect nipple. It was a colossal assault on the senses. A button loosened under siege, popped off her shirt. Immediately his hand slipped further inside her top while she gasped out whimpers she couldn’t control at the sensual ecstasy he was arousing in her. This was too devastating to be called lovemaking. It was a desperately harsh and hurtful want. In another minute they would be down on the thick grass, high on a sexual attraction so powerful the immediate world would fall away in a brilliant blur. It was Rafe who came to first, keeping one hand on her arm as she rocked unsteadily on her feet. His voice crackled like an overloaded circuit. “You had that coming.”

She had to believe it. Her blue shirt was curled up around her waist, most of the white pearly buttons undone. With unsteady fingers she rebuttoned it, covering her breasts. “I won’t, I don’t, I refuse to love you, Rafe.”

“Who said anything about love,” he mocked, burning with a kind of sexual electricity held powerfully in check. “If you won’t allow us to communicate with our souls, I guess our bodies will have to do. I’ll settle for being your lover. Who cares about a soul mate? She did, but she wasn’t going to show it. “You can say goodbye to that idea.”

He burned her with his eyes. “Until the next time,” he told her. “We’ll do it one step at a time.”

“Should I start keeping a diary? You’re incredibly arrogant, Rafe.” She bent forward slightly as shock waves continued to run through her.

“I have to reject that. I’ve been incredibly patient with you, Alex. Only now you’ve given yourself away in one fell swoop. You don’t love me, but you’re mad for me to make love to you. You needed that as much as I did.”

It was impossible to reassemble herself. “Animal magnetism,” she said, struggling to airbrush the moments of high emotion out of her mind. “That’s all it was. Animal magnetism.”

“I’m cool with that.” His tone was sardonic. “At least it got you flying into my arms.”

“And not much chance of it happening again.”

He didn’t appear impressed. “Words are toys, Alex. They’re only meant to be fun. Let’s go back to the house. I’ll take the Long Walk. I know your father goes there often. Unlike you.”

“And you. We can never go back to what we were, Rafe.”

“Okay, we can’t. What we do, is take a new direction. I want you, Alex. Let there be no mistake about that.”

“When I’ve got nothing to offer you?” She stared up at him with great intensity. Several strands of hair from her braid hung loose, blue-black against her glimmering skin. Her full mouth burned crimson.

“I’ll take what I can get. No matter how hard you try, Alex, you’ll never succeed in locking me out.”


About the Author:
USA Today bestselling author Margaret Way has written more than 130 books, many of them International Bestsellers. She has been published in 114 countries and 34 languages. Her novels are set in her beloved Australia, where she was born and lives to this day. Her stories always contain the beauty and rugged nature of the rural and Outback Australia, as well as the rainforests and coral reefs of Northern Queensland.

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