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Monday Moans - Last of the Year!!

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Since it's the last of the year, I thought I'd share a story I love that I haven't talked about in a while. Somewhere I Belong. I'd love to find a Sully of my own. Grin. Enjoy this sexy snippet!

Get your copy here!

And now for that moan!!

“I’m not looking for love.” Marley shoved her hands into her back pockets. Her breasts arched towards him. “I’m running away at a full sprint.” 

“That’s when love finds you, when you aren’t ready.” He traced the neckline of her T-shirt. Sully cupped her breast, flicking his thumb over the beaded tip.

She slapped her hand through the air and backed away. “Save the syrupy stuff for one of your power ballads. I’m sitting this one out.”

“I’ll put in all the schmaltz I can, if the song’s written for you.” He grabbed the waistband of her shorts and tugged her flush against his body. Her mewl turned him inside out.

She stared at his shirt a moment before gazing into his eyes. “Hey, I’m not perfect or beautiful, and I speak my mind, I’m not the kind of woman—”

Sully gave into temptation and dipped down to taste her, silencing further explanation. Marley whimpered, thumping her fists against his chest. After a moment of hesitation, she opened to him, twining their tongues. He wrapped his arms around her body, cradling her, learning her curves. “You need time, but you make it hard for me to behave.” He broke the kiss and tangled his hands in her hair. “I want you.”

“Sully, this—us—can’t happen.” She panted and fisted his shirt. Her cheeks glowed a pinkish hue. “I won’t let it.”

He willed his breathing to slow to normal. She churned him up in too many delicious ways to count, and he wasn’t about to let her get away so quickly. “I’m not the same man I was when I left. Please don’t push me away like I pushed you.” 

Marley nibbled the inside of her cheek and toyed with the hem of her shirt. She cast her gaze downward. “My past isn’t rosy either. To use your words, I don’t know how to explain it.”

Sully smoothed his hand over her cheek, tilting her head to meet her gaze. “I’m here when you’re ready to talk.”

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' with Play to Him

Here's my contribution to the Sunday Snogs!! I've been away the last week recharging and just plain taking a break. But fear not! I'm back! My snog comes from Play to Him. I love this story and hope you do, too! And it's on sale right now!

The key to her freedom is accepting his bonds.  
Rhiannon Dubois set out to find her own path in life—with her music, her career and what she wants in the bedroom. No more giving in to get what she wants. She’s making her own rules.
Except with the billionaire playboy she can’t get out of her mind.
Sebastian Chastain knows Rhiannon better than she knows herself. Despite her best efforts to hide her need for submission behind her independent streak, she blossoms when she relinquishes control. He’s got the tools to jumpstart her career and he’s not stopping until she regains her spot in the limelight.
She puts herself in his masterful hands, but can he also convince her to offer her heart?
Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Bound to the Billionaire anthology by Total-E-Bound

And now for that snog!!

One more item. If she liked it, he’d be willing to bet the item would become a bestseller. Sebastian had seen the particular apparatus used in one of the clubs he frequented. But his idea made the table better—padded enough to make her comfortable, but with a built-in motor, hinges and removable pieces enough to be a multi-tasker.

He led her across the room to a waist-high table. “Hop up.”

Rhiannon sat on the edge of the leather-covered table and scooted into place on her hands and knees. She spread her hands on the surface and opened her legs, resting her ankles on the stirrups. He fixed the straps around her legs, then clicked a second set of cuffs to the handcuffs on her wrists.

“Do you want to know just what this table will do?”

“Yes, Sir.” She opened her mouth and licked her lips.

“Good Kitten.” He pressed a button, lowering the table top. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t say anything. Sebastian smoothed her hair from her eyes, then stroked himself a couple of times. “Reach for me.”

Rhiannon inched forward as far as the restraints allowed and craned her neck. She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock.

“That’s a good girl.” He moved forward enough for her to engulf him in her sweet heat. She licked his balls then sucked one of his testicles into her mouth. Sensations of love and desire flowed through his veins. He drew a long breath and let it out slowly.

“Enough.” Sebastian withdrew, then shoved down his pants to where they pooled at his feet. He sat down on a chair before her and removed his socks. “You’ve pleased me,” he said, and unbuttoned his shirt, “but I think you need to wait a little longer.”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sexy Cover Saturday!!!

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Having a mate can be a pain. Having three…now that’s unheard of…

Gypsy volunteered to become a vampire, but she had no idea just what she’d agreed to do. As a human, she’d had her pick of willing males to warm her bed. As a creature of the night, she’s striking out.

Until she meets Kendall. He knows what she is and doesn’t care. He’s loved her since he met her, but he had no idea just how complicated her life truly was. Her protectors refuse to leave her side. But what if he wants them on his side, too?

Allan and Todd are mates, plain and simple. Gypsy is in their charge. Period. Until they start to see her not as a problem, but a sexy solution complete with an adorable human thrown in for fun.

Can they come together as a foursome or will they destroy everything they’ve built in the name of passion?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mm sex, anal play, ménages of the mmf, mfm, and mmfm persuasions, as well as lots of biting and spanking. They’re having one hell of a party.

Available here in February!!

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Five Sentence Friday!

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I love these Five Sentence Days. Why? They're easy and they make me have to write to come up with something new for them. Grin. So what did I come up with? This!

“Want you stretched across my bed, open to me. Begging for me.” He threaded his hand into her hair and tugged. “Open for us.”

Kaia nodded and writhed on his dick. “Yes.”

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Football Quote of the Week!

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There are a lot this week. Check out Megan's blog for even more. :-) Here we go!!

"...Could be a bang, bang play..."

I hope someone's wearing protection then.

"...he fights for every single inch..."

At least he fights for it.

"...another hook-up on field..."

They should probably do that off field. Shrug.

I"m glad you enjoyed these! Come back next Thursday for more!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!!

I know you're as shocked as me. I've started writing more Wendi stuff again. It goes in fits and spurts. Sometimes Megan's characters hang out. Other times Wendi's play. Right now, Wendi's are playing. Grin. Enjoy these ten lines from the WIP!

Kaia sighed. “Would be nice to date a guy who wasn’t a controlling asshole or freaked out by what I did for a living. Talk to you when my set is done.” She strode up the steps and into the small circle. Seven windows surrounded her. She turned the chair around, then hooked one leg over the curved back. Head down, she waited for the spotlight to center on her and the music to blast.

“Time to be sexy.” Kaia flipped her hair over her shoulder and kicked her leg out high to the music, giving the clients a generous view of her thong panties. By one thirty in the morning, most of the clients just wanted to see boobs and bare ass. They didn’t give a shit if the music repeated or the light got stuck. If she showed skin, they paid up.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Visual Monday Moans

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Since I just started a shifter story, here's a nice man and lion sculpture. And yes, this is a fun story to start. :-) Can't wait to see where it goes! Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Snog ~ Believe!

This week for my snog, I thought I'd spotlight a book by my pen name, Megan Slayer. Believe features characters I fell in love with long ago and hope you'll love, too. Don't forget to check out the rest of the snogs and do leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Believe by Megan Slayer

Raylan believed himself unworthy of love until he met Chase. Chase brought out Raylan’s natural need to control and the power to force submission. But time and distance make having a relationship hard. Can Raylan prove to Chase they have what it takes for love to last through this Christmas and every other Christmas for the rest of their lives?

Chase found the muse for his songs in Raylan. Each time they touch, kiss, make love, music fills his soul. But working odd gigs to make ends meet while Raylan photographs rock and roll royalty isn’t beneficial to Chase’s creativity. Can he convince Raylan they’re better off together than apart?

Contains: M/M, LBGT, BDSM, Fetish, anal sex

Available here!

And now for that snog under the mistletoe!

Chase folded his arms. The tree wasn’t exactly full or decorated very well. A professional would more than likely faint if they saw the crinkled limbs and snarled needles on the second-hand tree. The sad strand of twinkle lights engulfed the two-foot fake pine. The star caused the tree to bow to the right, and the two ornaments didn’t fit on the miniscule branches. Adding candy canes would probably send it the rest of the way over. He cocked his head. “Raylan?”

Raylan eased up behind him, wrapping his arms around Chase and nudging Chase’s ass with his cock. “It’s cute. Not quite what’s expected and a little lopsided, but who needs stale perfection when originality is so much better? I love it. Besides, our originality could be the next big thing in holiday décor. You never know.”

“I don’t know if I want to share.” Chase rested his head on Raylan’s shoulder. “I’ve missed you.”

“Mmm,” Raylan murmured and licked a path of fire along Chase’s neck. “I couldn’t wait to get home. Christmas isn’t any fun alone.”

Groaning, Chase ground his ass into Raylan’s erection. His loins ached. He needed to feel Raylan’s tenderly tough touch. As punishment? Not in the truest sense. He needed to feel wanted and sexy. He turned around in Raylan’s embrace and worked the row of buttons bisecting Raylan’s dress shirt.

“Let me take care of you.” Chase sank to his knees and stared up at Raylan. “Let me remind you what’s here at home.” Chase folded his hands behind his back, waiting for Raylan’s permission to take the initiative. When he felt the touch of a warm hand on his head, Chase took a deep breath, drawing in Raylan’s scent as he kissed Raylan’s cock through his jeans. The motion felt dirty and out of his element and completely sexy.

“Merry Christmas to me,” he groaned and flicked his tongue over the blunt end of Raylan’s prick.

“Oh Chase.” Raylan forked his fingers into Chase’s short hair, tugging the strands. He moaned, and his hips bucked. Almost as soon as the action started, Raylan stopped.


Chase froze. Stop? Huh? He didn’t look up at Raylan, rather he stared at Raylan’s jean-clad cock. A shiver cut right through him. Something…something wasn’t right. Raylan tugged Chase’s head back gently and forced Chase to look him in the eye. The pregnant pause as Raylan considered Chase took the breath from Chase’s chest. Fire flickered in Raylan’s eyes.

“Naked. Now.”

Stunned by the terse directive, Chase stood and fumbled out of his jeans. He tripped as the denim tangled around his feet. When he stumbled forward, Raylan caught him under the arms.

“I wanted you naked, not coming apart at the seams.” Raylan chuckled. “Take your time, but do this right. I want you properly naked so we can celebrate the holidays in style.”

~ ~

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sexy Cover Saturday!

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The key to her freedom is accepting his bonds.

Rhiannon Dubois set out to find her own path in life—with her music, her career and what she wants in the bedroom. No more giving in to get what she wants. She’s making her own rules.

Except with the billionaire playboy she can’t get out of her mind.

Sebastian Chastain knows Rhiannon better than she knows herself. Despite her best efforts to hide her need for submission behind her independent streak, she blossoms when she relinquishes control. He’s got the tools to jumpstart her career and he’s not stopping until she regains her spot in the limelight.

She puts herself in his masterful hands, but can he also convince her to offer her heart?

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Bound to the Billionaire anthology by Total-E-Bound

Available here!

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Candy Cane Kink!

Christmas is a kinky time of year. The lights are great for setting the mood. Candles make the room festive and cozy. Then there are the fires in the fireplaces. Yay! Snuggling under a blanket and showing the one you love just how much you love them. Love it. Oh, and then there's the hinky stuff under the tree. Sneaky Santa brings bad boys and girls some of the best things. Handcuffs, floggers, toys...oh boy!

I'll share a little of my Christmas flash fiction with you and at the end of the post there's a prize. Keep reading!

How to give the man the perfect gift?

Jessica adjusted the bow between her breasts. Nick should arrive at any moment. She smoothed the straps over her shoulders. The marabou at her hips tickled her sensitive skin. Running her fingers over the slippery skirt, she danced to a song only she could hear as she peered at her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples puckered in the chilly air. She bit her bottom lip.

What if he walked in? Jessica glanced at the door. Silence filled the air. Hmmm. She rubbed her thighs together. Just a touch. Wouldn’t hurt anything. Might even take the edge off. She sat down in the overstuffed rocker and her legs fell open. The spicy scent of her arousal filled the air. Her damp panties clung to the slick skin.

Everyone spent time on the Naughty List.

She snorted. It wasn’t like she’d never touched herself. But to have him walk in? Talk about happy accidents. She grabbed the remote next to the chair and clicked on music. Holly jolly Christmas tunes blared from the three foot speakers. She scrunched her nose and adjusted the sound. Flicking through the discs, she debated her choices. Definitely something...throbbing. Lots of bass. The first strains of a deep guitar lick started and she nodded.

The remote slipped from her fingers as she eased back in the chair. Her eyelids drooped. He might not be home yet, but damn if she’d waste the moment. She untied the chemise with one hand and placed her other hand at the thin band of her panties.

Thumps on the rooftop signaled his arrival. Always the showman. She snickered and caressed her mound. People saw Nick and projected their vision of the jolly old elf. No one really knew the dashing sleigh driver never aged past thirty-two. His hair wasn’t white and his belly certainly didn’t jiggle.

Ah, the wonders of fantasy and projection. She moaned and tugged the skimpy satin aside, plunging two fingers into her silky depths. Nick embodied the wonders of the season and the best of human nature. Her nipples pebbled as footfalls echoed in the hallway. Far from a saint, he made her holiday wishes come true over and over. Didn’t hurt he knew quite a bit of magic. And the magic he did with her body.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, imaging Nick wasn’t in the other room conferring with the elves but rather in the bedroom with her, making her Christmas wishes come true. She gasped and bucked her hips, fucking her fingers.

“Nick,” she murmured and plucked her nipple. “Oh!”

Voices from the other room broke into her sensual fog. She stilled. Oh shit. Having the elves hear her wasn’t on the agenda. She brushed an errant lock of hair from her eyes and strained to listen for him.

The refrigerator door thunked shut and glass clinked in the other room. His milk and cookies. How man could sustain himself on confections never ceased to amaze her. Instead of standing before the fire as she’d planned, Jessica placed the satin back over pussy and hooked her leg over the arm of the chair.

The door opened and electricity zinged through her veins.

“My love, you waited up.” Nick strode into their bedroom, his coat dusted with snow. He slid the hat off his head. Amber and jade sparkled in his eyes as a grin kinked his mouth. “For me?”

She swallowed past the lump in her throat. Love and lust crashed within her body. “This is our night. I’ll always wait for you.”

Now about that prize...if the winner is USA, there's a snazzy Candy Cane inspired bracelet up for grabs. Yep. INT, if one is chosen, will receive a $5 GC to Amazon. What do you have to do to get in the hat for these prizes? Leave your name, email and a comment about the post. Now go forth, comment and keep hopping!!

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Football Quote of the Week!

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This week, in addition to the regular quotes, I've got a visual funny. I'm leaving it up for one day, so if you don't see it today, you won't see it. Enjoy the funnies (and apologies if you're a Jets fan. I've been a Bengals fan for years, so I know heartbreak)

Yep, there was a face plant in there. Oops!

Bad decision by Quinn to finish with 2 guys waiting...
Um, yeah, that sounds bad. Hopefully it turned out okay!

Just got lucky with Brandon Weeden...

I hope for his sake, they were talking about his wife.

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

Like chocolate? Love Romance? Then this week's ten lines will be your undoing. Yes, Ten lines from my chocolate inspired short story. Enjoy!

“No, don’t do that. Breathe,” he said. “You’re too concave otherwise. Dumont wants healthy looking models. Not real sure why he insisted on you.” The camera man jumped behind the camera and clicked more images.

“I don’t question your pictures, don’t question my choices.” Simon leaned over the camera man. “I want a gold chain in that shot, though. Make the chocolates look more elegant and up the decadence quotient.” He rounded the camera and removed the thick gold chain from his neck. “Like this.”

Elysa met Simon’s gaze as he draped the expensive jewellery over her belly. Her heart ached. Of the men she’d dated, he’d been the only one to show her true kindness.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moans with a Picture!

I decided to switch gears a little this week. It's the holidays and everyone is getting a teensy stressed (stressed? there's no stinking stress around here!). Anyway, so for the moan, I found this picture on WikiCommons and thought, this totally lends to a story. Not sure how just yet, but yanno, it does. I'll have to corner Kealie and see what she says. Anyway, enjoy the sinfully hot pic!

By Marc from San Jose, CA, United States (Hotter Boy Bartender Assistant) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Snog with All I Want for Christmas!

I love the Sunday Snogs, but since I didn't have a published Christmas story other than this bit of white hot flash fiction, I thought I'd share it instead. I do hope you enjoy this interpretation of Mr and Mrs Claus. Grin!

“Reindeer got your tongue?”

Her action jolted him into action. Nodding, Nick crossed the space to her and wrapped her in his arms. Jessica squealed.

“I caught you in the act,” he murmured against her neck. Her vanilla scent curled around him as he nuzzled the delicate skin. “I like it.” He palmed her ass, adding quick swats to accentuate his words. “You’ve made the naughty list, my love.”

“Not yet.” She disengaged from his arms and stepped back two feet. Taking a ribbon of silk in each hand, she tugged open the bow between her breasts. The diaphanous material skimmed down her shoulders and pooled at her feet, leaving her in the tiny thong.

Nick rubbed his cock. “Come here.” The logs on the fire crackled. Heat engulfed the room, but nothing like the flames of desire licking his body from within.

“For my present?” Jessica bridged the gap and dropped to her knees. She stared up at him with wide eyes as her fingers worked the zipper on his now snug pants.

“Jessica.” He groaned as she reached into his trousers and removed his cock. Nick thrust his fingers into her hair when she nuzzled the engorged flesh. “Take me in your mouth, love.”

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants.

“No love. Like this.” He released her hair and stilled her movements. “You look beautiful on your knees.”

Jessica cupped his balls as she kissed the crown of his dick, lapping the come from the tip. She encased him in her mouth and hummed, the vibration going straight from his penis to deep in his belly. Love and lust flooded his body and tightened in his balls. His head lolled on his shoulders. Her tongue curled around the tip of his cock, swathing him in her liquid heat.

“Jess.” He pistoned his hips, fucking her mouth and teetering on the edge of oblivion. He swayed on his feet. “Too much, sweets, but damn it feels good.”

Don't forget to check out the other blogs for their Sunday Snogs!!

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Blissemas and Flash Fiction!

For my day of Blissemas, I thought I'd share a fun piece of sexy flash fiction. I love giving the Blissemas girl a story and this years scorches! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to comment. If you do, you're entered in the hat for the Kindle!!

Now about that flash fiction...

Nixie Claus sat in Nick’s chair. Soon he’d be home. She crossed her legs, then re-crossed them and admired her boots. Santa had been good to her that year.
Footsteps clomped on the floor and a shaft of light stretched across the floor. “Nix?” The steps grew louder and the light disappeared. “Honey?”
Nick strode through his office door. Snow tumbled to his feet and his hat slid from his head. He dropped the thick red bag and shrugged out of his coat.
“You’ll never believe the night I had.” He shook his head, his salt and pepper colored hair fluffed from the hat. “Three dog bites, a thousand cookies offered, two bottles of aspirin and fourteen hundred kids who waited up for me.”
Nixie propped her boot-clad feet on the desk. “I see.”
“Don’t they know not to wait up?” Nick finally looked at her. His lips parted a fraction of an inch and he gasped. “Please tell me you’ve waited up for Santa with a present.”
“Oh, I did.” She stroked the length of his desktop with her gloved fingers. “But Santa never told me which list I made. Last I knew I was on the perpetual naughty list.” She stood and finger combed her hair, then sauntered across the room to where he stood. “Santa, Baby?”
He palmed her bare bottom and groaned. “Need to get out of this suit.”
“Me?” She stepped backwards and wriggled her ass. “I’m not wearing a suit.”
“And I love it.” He threaded his fingers with hers and led her to the desk. “I believe you asked for a Smutty Christmas. One with sex on my desk, sex under the tree and sex in the moonlight.” He turned on the Christmas tree lamp, bathing his desktop in colored lights. Moonlight streamed in through the window behind the desk. “Will this do?”
He shucked his pants and boxers, leaving himself naked, save for his boots. “Now we match.”
“Uh-huh.” Nixie took over and eased Nick onto the desk top. With both hands, she stroked his burgeoning erection, then licked the blunt head of his cock.
“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, you are good.” He drew in a long breath and rocked his hips, fucking her fingers. “Don’t tease me, Sweets. Climb on for a ride.”
She cocked her brow, then crawled onto his lap. Nick smoothed his hands up her sides to her breasts and pinched. The white hot jolt of pleasure-pain ricocheted to her core. She bit down hard on her bottom lip and leaned into his grasp.
“Nice.” He sat up enough to scoot back farther on the desk, then met her for a kiss. “Ride me,” he commanded between kisses.
Nixie balanced on her knees and sank down on his erection. They’d made love that morning, but nothing felt as good as Christmas morning sex. She rocked back and forth on his cock, stroking herself from within on him.
“Oh yeah.” Nick clutched her hips and drove up into her, his dick rubbing every sensitive spot in her pussy.  “This won’t last, love.”
“Don’t want it to.” She trailed her fingernails down his chest. “So close.”
“Come with me, babe.” Nick filled her womb with seed and groaned.
Nixie embraced the climax and shuddered. From her head to her toes, warmth enveloped her. She settled on his chest and snuggled. “Best yet.”
“Yep.” Nick didn’t say anything else for a long moment, just stroked her back and held her close. “You knowthe only way to make this absolutely perfect, would be having the fire place on.”
“And you dropped your coat by the door.” Nixie curled tighter against him. “Merry Christmas Santa. Did you get what you wanted?”
“I’ve got you. Best present ever. Merry Christmas love.”

The Fine Print: 
You could win the Blissemas Kindle Fire! Simply leave a comment on this blog and all the others listed at for each comment you'll win an entry into the draw! Please note only one comment per person per blog will be counted. Please check out for terms and conditions.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!!

One More Night of Decadence!

To celebrate the give a reader contest for Decadent Publishing, I thought I'd share something from my story, One More Night. Leave a comment on the post and do the rafflecopter at the bottom to be entered to win a Nook filled with Decadent books, including mine! Click here to keep hopping once you read the post! NOTE: The Nook is available only to US residents, but the books we can email anywhere, so DO enter.

Here's a picture that goes along with my story, One More Night.

You might be wondering what Christmas lights have to do with an erotic romance, especially one that takes place at an airport. Well, lots.

DH was a pilot at a small airport when we started dating. I remember going to the airport to fly for dates. Granted we didn't go too far, but we had a good time and he got practice. For our dates otherwise, we'd hang out in our dorm rooms. Yep, we met in college. And one of the things I remember was his penchant for decorating with Christmas lights. So when the couple has their date, courtesy of Madame Eve, there had to be Christmas lights.

Now, if you're in a relationship, what are some of the little things that makes you think of your partner? If you're not, that's okay. What are little things you like done for you? Let me know in the comments. Each comment gets you entered to win the reader!

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a great video, courtesy of JoAnne Kenrick

And since I have your attention, here's a little bit about One More Night.

One More Night

A 1Night Stand Story

Three years ago, Jenna ran away from what should have been the best night of her life. Letting her fear and shame get in the way of true happiness has haunted her ever since. It’s time to move on and put the past behind her. A date through the 1Night Stand service is the perfect opportunity to start living life again.

When the love of his life slipped through his fingers, Drake hated to let her go. A near-death accident prevented him from going after her. But after three years of recovery and waiting, he’s ready to take back what’s his, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her from running again.

Can Madame Eve work a miracle or will love lose out to pride and fear?

Genre: Erotic romance, contemporary, BDSM

Heat level: 4

Word count – 12k

Cover art by Mina Carter

Available here!

Now go forth and rafflecop and hop! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Football Quote of the Week

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There was a bevy of quotes this week and I have to share them. I think you'll like them, too. I'm telling you, out of context... these can be brutal. Enjoy!

"Squeezed it in there in the tight end hole, but it worked..."

I hope both parties enjoyed it.

"Looked wide right, then stuffed it up the middle..."

At least he had options.

"A good move by a veteran running back and he sticks it in..."

Well, he got where he was going.

Want more football funnies? Click the Football Quote of the Week tag for past posts and stay tuned on Thursdays for the remainder of the football season for more!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

How about ten lines from an oldie, but a goodie? Yeah! Ten lines from Must Be Doing Something Right. Want a copy? Get yours here!

And now for those ten lines!

“Sex under a streetlight is risky. You never know who’s watching.” He propped his chin on the top of her head. “Not that I know about such childish behaviour.”

“Uh-huh.” She snorted. “And I’m a twenty-seven-year-old virgin.”

“Then I guess we both have secrets to hide.” As he rubbed his cheek over her hair, he chuckled. “How do you feel about this? I think it’s pretty good material for your next short story.”

Her heart pounded behind her ribs. ‘This’, meaning her ex and another woman having sex, or ‘this’, meaning her reaction to Nate being close, yet so out of bounds?

“Seeing Byron screwing around with someone else doesn’t bother me. Hell, that’s how I found him the day we split.” Smoothing her left hand over their intertwined fingers, she caressed his knuckles. “I can probably turn this into something, but…” she trailed off, afraid to say more.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Moan ~ Miss Me Baby

arekmalang / 123RF Stock Photo

I forgot to post the Sunday Snog yesterday, so today I'm bringing back the Monday Moans. This one is from Miss Me Baby!

Say you’ll haunt me, since I’ll never stop loving you.

Felicity Black never quite understood love. She worked her assets to get what she wanted and didn’t care who got in the way. Until she met John. He saw past her superficial self to the woman inside. Death separated her from John before she could tell him how she truly felt. Now she’s got her chance...just not in the way she expected.

John wanted Felicity to haunt him. She had been the only woman to stir not only his heart but his soul as well. But the woman claiming to be his lost love can’t be her... Felicity was dead. He has to decide whether to trust his gut or walk away from a new start.

Can a second chance at a first impression lead to love or a lifetime of heartbreak?

Reader Advisory: This story contains an out-of-body experience, voyeurism, spanking, rough sex, masturbation, and a chance for love to strike twice.

Number of pages 58
Genre Paranormal/ Contemporary
Book Length Novella
Erotic Rating Total-e-burning
Sexometer 2
eBook Format ePub/HTML/PDF/Mobipocket(prc)
Send direct to Kindle? Yes
Cover art by Posh Gosh
ISBN# 978-1-78184-104-4
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And now for that moan!

She smoothed both hands up his chest and leant back in his arms. Felicity arched back over his forearms, giving him a delicious view of her breasts. She grabbed his shirt and slid up his body. “You should be naked. I want you.”

Hell, yeah. John untangled himself from her and ripped his shirt up over his head. He snorted. Getting naked in a dream always went so much smoother than in real life. He tossed the shirt out of sight and scooped her back into his arms.

“You’re wearing too much now, Sweets.”

Felicity snapped her fingers. The thin tank and jeans she’d been wearing disappeared, leaving her in nothing but a thong. “You were saying?”

John yanked her tight against him and raked his nails down her chest. Felicity shivered and leaned into his touch. She moved his palm to her breast.

“Pinch it.”

John rolled her nipple between his index finger and thumb. Felicity moaned and caressed the bulge in his pants. She rolled her hips and shifted her damp pussy over his thigh. “John, fuck me.” She clenched her teeth and tilted her head back. “So good. Harder. Mark me. Fuck.”

Holy hell. If she kept up grinding on him and talking dirty, he’d come in his pants. He glanced around the space they were in. Four walls and a bed. Perfect…if he had any idea where the room was located. He mentally shrugged and walked to the bed with her in his arms.

“Lay down.”

Felicity gave him a sideways smile and dipped her head once as she sat down on the edge of the mattress. John grabbed the thin band of elastic on her thong and pulled. The flimsy fabric gave way, leaving her bare. Felicity cupped her breasts and opened her legs.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

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