Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Flirts - Last Post of 2010...

No it's not the last post of my blogging career. (I hope you aren't sad about that.)

But it is the last blog post of 2010 for me. Sniffle, sniffle.

So for my final post (of '10), I'm going to leave you with a yummy pic and a little update.

Update: I started working on the NASCAR novella I wrote over five years ago. Same characters, but slightly enhanced plot. If you've read Monday Moans, you've met the driver and the owner (hero and heroine). I'm really excited to get moving on this story and hope to sub it in early 2011.

I gave my high school reunion story to my CP and should get that back soon. I have no idea if it's even near submission ready. Guess I'll find out. But it's a favorite (aren't they all), so I'll give it my best when I get it back.

I'm going to finish my menage story this coming month. I've put my mind to it.

That's it for the updates. Now for the hottie.

Happy, Sexy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank You Thursday - Christmas Edition

Actually this is for the new year, but I wanted to mention the things I've been thankful for in the past year. I'm not real good at Thursday Thirteen, but I'll give it a shot.

13. My Sony E-Reader - what a great invention. I can take a gadjillion books with me and it's about the size of a trade paperback. Mine's black, but you get the idea.

12. Snoopy Fuzzy Sleep Pants - warm, cozy, and adorable. Can't be beat.

11.Cell phones - I accidentally washed my brand new one last December. Yeah, wasn't my best move. Thankfully it wasn't a super expensive phone, but it was the principle of the thing.

10. My iPod - tunes make the world go round and add to the general inspiration for my stories. Without my iPod, I'd be stuck using my Walkman and yes, I have the CD version of a Walkman still. (I even know what a turntable is and the pain of changing a record needle because it wore down too far. Beat that.)

9. The Internet -- wonderful thing, the internet. I can talk to mom without leaving the house and annoy the BFF in far, far away land. At the same time. I can look at things that would make most blush and then turn around and write the stories in my head.

8. My Laptop - take it with me, write what I want when I want and it keeps my legs warm.

7. NASCAR!!! Heck yeah. You thought I could make a list without it? What else would I do on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons? Keep in mind. I can't just sit and watch a race. I have to have a notebook or my laptop open.Heaven knows I can't write (or when I was in school, do homework) without noise.

6. Gary Allan - the guy writes and plays the music of my career and my life. Trust me, you should listen to him, too.

5. Editors past - I know it sounds like the Ghost of Christmas past, but I'm telling you, a good editor is like gold. You never want to lose them. Thankfully even though mine might not be editing right now, I still have her as a friend. Best thing in the world.

4. Editors present - Yes, it truly sucks ogre balls when you get a rejection letter, but editors, though occasionally the bane of the author's existence, is truly an asset. I've got some fantastic editors (even when they reject/ask for revisions). They know what they're doing and help me to shine as an author. (Did I meet the butt kissing quota yet? )

3. My BFF - She's like family. She knows me better than just about everyone (except maybe Dh). She's seen me with my hair down and laughed when I shouted one of the most oddball things in pubic. (Yes, I'm talking about lube.) We can bounce things off each other (let me tell you, it's a sight to see) and be sarcastic. She's the Shawn to my Gus...or is it the Gus to my Shawn...not sure......

2. Contracts - yuppers, I wouldn't be here talking to you without the drive and the contracts. I love my publishers and my editors. They had the faith in me to give me a chance. I love my readers and hope they continue to find my writing interesting enough to come back for more. Yes readers, I love you.

1. My family - no one else (save for BFF) puts up with me, can time that time of the month so distinctly, knows when to make me laugh, take me to dinner, and (sigh) put me in my place. They know when to give me an 'atta girl, too. Love ya!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What the Wednesdays - Christmas Cookies!!!!

My what the Wednesday is about Christmas Cookies. You're probably wondering why I'd complain about something wonderful, like cookies. I'm confused about it, too. I love Christmas cookies. Can't wait for the season because--duh--there are cookies.

Sprinkles, colored frosting, chocolate. Yeah, there's lots to sample and even better places to eat cookies off of. Don't give me that look. I know you've considered licking the sprinkles off someone's chest after eating cookies. And if you haven't--you should try. It's fun.

My what the? is the subsequent guilt. Duh. We have all these wonderful commercials reminding the public at large to restrict our diets and watch what we eat. I agree to an extent. Eat everything, but in moderation. Makes perfect sense. I adhere to this theory. But man oh man, does there have to be so many yummy cookies to try? Boggles the mind.

Oh well. Never let it be said I didn't eat, drink, be merry. (And if you ask Sandy Sullivan just how merry I can be, I'll lie. Yes, I'll fib right through my teeth.)

Here's to a Happy New Year full of cookies and good cheer. Sorry, didn't mean to get crumbs all over everything. No, I lied. I'll be in the corner licking the him.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Moans

So I thought today I'd give the characters the day off and write a Monday Moan of my own. I know. Why listen to me when one of my heroes has his day? I often wonder the same thing. But you have to remember. My guys and gals sometimes need time off, too.

Hence the idea for this Moan. Instead of a moan like a hubba hubba, this one's a Monday Moan like in my local paper. (Except, this one is about the characters.)

It's the holidays, and you'd think the characters would be all active. You know, that whole concept that I have time to write and time to play with them.


So, fine. I didn't get out the paper, the computer, the pens...nothing for a couple days. Oh baby did they crab. Hee hee. Worked though. They came out, played, and informed me they wanted their stories told. (yes, I'm grinning from ear to ear because of my own creativity)

I also got on iTunes and played. That was a lot of fun. I find sometimes the characters react to certain songs. Works really well if its something a little funky and off-beat. For example, I watched Shrek 2 since it was on tv and youngling wanted to watch it. Talk about some great songs. And with no notebook, pen or laptop handy, characters chattered. Tucker and Megan FINALLY told me what they wanted to do and how their story would work out.

Well, I guess this wasn't so much of a crab fest as I'd expected. Works for me. I'm off to spend my giftcards for books. (Did you think I'd get something more....utilitarian? Come on. This is me. I'd breathe, sleep, and immerse myself in books if it were possible. Duh.)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas...Eve!!!

Since I won't be blogging tomorrow, I'm wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas full of lots of wonderful things to unwrap.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You Thursday! New Book Video!!!

Thanks to Goddess Fish for creating this book video for my February release Careless Whisper. It's fantastic!

Tell me what you think! (Oh and I love the muscle man shot that it's paused on. )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Want For Christmas....Finale!

Sweet sugarplum pie.

Few people had the power to commit Santa to the naughty list. Actually—just one. Jessica. The sheer material captured her breasts, but left nothing to his imagination. The crimson in her cheeks and her supine position in the chair meant one thing. He finally got his Christmas wish—well, one of them.

He’d captured her in the midst of pleasuring herself.

His tongue thickened in his mouth. He needed to taste her, but damn if he could make my lips move. She captured his breath with a smile and his cock hardened behind his zipper. The fuzzy red pants might have kept him warm during the deliveries constricted around his legs. He should shrug out of his jacket, but damned if he could move.

Jessica licked her lips and his dick jerked. The marabou dusted her hips as she stood. “Reindeer got your tongue?”

Her action jolted him into action. Nodding, Nick crossed the space to her and wrapped her in his arms. Jessica squealed.

“I caught you in the act,” he murmured against her neck. Her vanilla scent curled around him as he nuzzled the delicate skin. “I like it.” He palmed her ass, adding quick swats to accentuate his words. “You’ve made the naughty list, my love.”

“Not yet.” She disengaged from his arms and stepped back two feet. Taking a ribbon of silk in each hand, she tugged open the bow between her breasts. The diaphanous material skimmed down her shoulders and pooled at her feet, leaving her in the tiny thong.

Nick rubbed his cock. “Come here.” The logs on the fire crackled. Heat engulfed the room, but nothing like the flames of desire licking his body from within.

“For my present?” Jessica bridged the gap and dropped to her knees. She stared up at him with wide eyes as her fingers worked the zipper on his now snug pants.

“Jessica.” He groaned as she reached into his trousers and removed his cock. Nick thrust his fingers into her hair when she nuzzled the engorged flesh. “Take me in your mouth, love.”

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants.

“No love. Like this.” He released her hair and stilled her movements. “You look beautiful on your knees.”

Jessica cupped his balls as she kissed the crown of his dick, lapping the come from the tip. She encased him in her mouth and hummed, the vibration going straight from his penis to deep in his belly. Love and lust flooded his body and tightened in his balls. His head lolled on his shoulders. Her tongue curled around the tip of his cock, swathing him in her liquid heat.

“Jess.” He pistoned his hips, fucking her mouth and teetering on the edge of oblivion. He swayed on his feet. “Too much, sweets, but damn it feels good.”

As the orgasm built in his veins, Jessica released him with a smacking pop.
Gasping, Nick stared at her through heavily lidded eyes. The first fingers of sunlight stretched across the room and illuminated her blond hair, giving her the look of a halo. His wife might be pure of heart, but she was far from angelic. “If I am on the naughty list, I believe I need a reprimand.”

Nick shivered and sat down in the armchair. “Come here.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Jessica crawled across his lap, her ass proudly displayed. Nick slapped the creamy flesh, leaving a pink handprint. “You forgot the rules.”

“Punish me.” She wiggled her ass, pinning his dick between the fur lining his coat and her heated skin. “Please?”

He grabbed the beautician’s shears on her makeup table. “You give me no choice.” He snipped the expensive silk, leaving her bottom completely nude. Cream from her pussy dampened his thigh. “My Jessica.” He smacked her butt four more times, twice per cheek.

Her moans filled the room and her hips pumped on his lap. “Fuck me, Nick.” Jessica peeked over her shoulder, her eyes twinkling. “I need to feel you inside me.”

“Stand, my love.” When Jessica did as told, Nick kissed the tender flesh. He wrapped his hand around his erection, coating himself in his liquid excitement. “Turn around.”

He gasped as she straddled his lap. Using both hands, she positioned him at her opening. Jessica slid down on his length, burying him to the hilt in her moist heat. Balls drawn tight, he wouldn’t last long. Nick tweaked her turgid nipples. He sucked one hard tip between his lips. The taste of sweat and vanilla exploded on his tongue. Releasing her, he tugged hard on her hips and began to pump into her body.

Jessica twined her arms around his neck and feathered kisses over his face. “I love you, Nick.”

“I love you, too, Jess.” Nick surged upward and emptied his seed into her womb. His heart thundered as he sank back in the chair and cuddled her. With Jess, every orgasm rocked him to the core.

“Merry Christmas, Nick.” Her breath fanned on his skin. “Did you like your present?”

“This is what I wanted for Christmas.” He sighed, his body relaxing. Sleep beckoned. “Loving my wife, seeing her hot for me. It’s all I wanted and more.” He chuckled and toyed with the destroyed satin. “Seems I ruined the gift I gave you.”

“You made up for it.” Jessica kissed him, stroking the hairs at the back of his neck. Her tongue tangled with his as she dropped her hands and unbuttoned his jacket. She spread her hands over his undershirt. “Let’s go to bed. You’ve earned a long winter’s nap and I’m getting cold.”

He scooted forward in the chair and kept her in his arms. “After we make love three or four more times, chilly girl.” Nick stood and strolled to the bed. “I’m not nearly done warming you up and exploring your many gifts.”

Jessica giggled and tumbled against the sheets. “The greatest gifts are always worth sharing.”

“Merry Christmas, baby.”
* * *

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a steamy, sexy night!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Moans!

Hi! I'm Daisy Greene and it's my turn to do Monday Moans. Really, Julian wanted to be here, but if he was, then this post wouldn't end. He loves to talk. It also happens to be a bit late for him. He's crashed out already. I'm not surprised. It takes a lot of out a guy to follow my boring self around all night and to survive on blood.

Oh...I forgot to tell you. He's a vampire. Tall, inky black hair that falls across his brow...fiery blue eyes, perpetual five o'clock shadow, and lots of chiseled muscle. Oh! And he's my protector.

I haven't said anything to him, but I'm glad he's my shadow. I'm scared to tell him the God's honest truth: I love him.

I know, I'm a boring, run-of-the-mill art student trying to be somebody. I'll be the first to admit, I'm cute, but I'm not gonna stop traffic. Put me in four inch heels and a little black dress... I'll fall on my face. Give me charcoals, a 18"x 24" piece of cardstock and a nude and let me wear sloppy clothes so I won't mess anything up and I'm golden. I'm a very simple girl.

But there's a slight issue.

For all my simplicity, there's this vampire who wants me. No, not Julian. I couldn't be that lucky. No, this one is Andreas. I'll be honest. He scares me. Keeps saying he needs me (me?) to populate his race. I've done some research. Vampires can't populate with humans. They can't populate with other vampires. Vampires must be made. I don't want to be made. (Ok, Julian could change my mind, but since that's not in the cards, we won't go there.) So I have no idea what he means. And yeah, it's scary.

But I've got to get to an exam. One more and it's Winter Break (a.k.a. Christmas Vacation!!!!).

See ya!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Flirts


Yanno, I hate edits. Strike that. Actually, I love edits. Edits make a story more than it was. They help shape and craft what was once raggedy into something tight and fluent. So, I lied. They aren't that bad.

But I find it's hard to get down in the dumps about them. Sometimes it seems like they never seem to end and there's not a light at the end of the tunnel. Then again, some are a breeze. Oh well.

I've decided one of my resolutions (and no, I rarely make resolutions) is to turn the frown upside down. Yup. I've noticed in the last few months, things career-wise (I say that loosely, because I'm still not totally in belief that being an author is a career--it feels more like finding my pals and taking them out to play) are looking fantastic. With 5 releases this year, I'm doing well. I'm getting better at promo and finding my way sales-wise. But in general, I've had a hard time. Yes, I love to laugh, and be silly, and have a good time. It just seems that I find myself so bogged down in the little things, I've forgotten what it is to smile a little bit. Call it confessions of the seasonally depressed.

But this is Friday Flirts, not Ramblings Day (I dunno if there is such a thing, but hey, who says I can't invent one). So, here's the flirts:

I have a couple paranormal stories I'm working on. I finally got them out of the dust and have twiddled bit to see if they are something to make a go on. The cat is sitting next to me kneading the pillow. He's suggested I resurrect one of my kitty shifter stories. We'll have to see.

I'm also working with Megan to get a couple of her stories in shape. She's got a great M/M story going and a bdsm vampire one that with a little tweaking will be really cool.

I'm going to finish "All I Want For Christmas" this weekend for posting on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed. I'm also going to post it on the site and make it a page here on the blog.

Whew. Going back over the post and reading what I have going makes *me* tired. I'm going to hunt down some hot cocoa and find the notebooks I need to get moving.


(and 9 shopping days until Christmas! Consider an ereader or ebooks! I've got some great suggestions for my books and some by other authors I think you'll love!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You Thursday - Review for Steamy Reunion by Jambrea Jo Jones

I'm making another recommendation. I just read this book, and let me tell you, I needed a cool drink and a moment to hunt down the DH.

Steamy Reunion by Jambrea Jo Jones
Ellora's Cave
38 pages
m/m, anal sex

Ambrose Firth hated high school, so why is he contemplating going to his fifteen-year reunion? One name—Noah Winters. Noah stars in many of Ambrose’s wet dreams, but the man was a jock, and in high school, Ambrose was a geek. Not anymore. But he isn’t dating anyone either. Not wanting to seem desperate, he does what any self-respecting gay man would—he hires an escort.

Noah is everything Ambrose remembered—and then some. With a little push from his “date”, Ambrose determines to decipher the mixed messages Noah’ s been sending all night. Imagine Ambrose’s surprise when Noah can’t keep his hands off him. But Ambrose wants more than just a romp. Noah better hold on for a steamy reunion.

Ambrose Firth is all grown up and man is he looking hot. Noah Winters has no idea what he's up against. Throw in a fairy gay father and you've got yourself a hot story.

Jambrea Jo Jones isn't one to skimp on the story. I was pulled in from page one and instantly took a shine to Ambrose. He might have grown up, but the high school kid who spent way too much time being picked on still lives inside. I felt for him. He was an underdog and managed to make something of himself.

Noah makes a fine hero because he, too, deals with things we've all had to go through--the pains of high school and fitting in. But when he set his mind to getting what he wanted, man, oh, man, it was hot. I read and reread this story, savoring it each time.

If you want a book that's sure to tug at your heart and make your blood heat, this is the book for you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...part one

I thought for a small gift to my readers and fans, I'd pen a short Christmas story. It's a hot one. So grab a Hot Toddy, find a blanket--or better yet, the lap of the one you love--and settle in for the first part of a hot Christmas night.

How to give the man the perfect gift?

Jessica adjusted the bow between her breasts. Nick should arrive at any moment from his yearly ride. Sure, she loved knowing he made millions of people--namley children--very happy. But spending time making toys of all shapes and sizes for more than just kids...well, it took lots of time. She didn't mind sharing him. The world loved him.

Problem was, so did she. And a girl could get pretty lonely on Christmas Even when the man she loved wasn't home.

She smoothed the straps over her shoulders. The marabou at her hips tickled her sensitive skin. Running her fingers over the slippery skirt, she danced to a song only she could hear as she peered at her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples puckered in the chilly air. She bit her bottom lip and stole a look at the clock.

He'd be back soon. Magic and glitter sparkled in the air.

What if he walked in? Jessica glanced at the door. Silence filled the air. Hmmm. She rubbed her thighs together. Just a touch. Wouldn’t hurt anything. Might even take the edge off. She sat down in the overstuffed rocker and her legs fell open. The spicy scent of her arousal filled the air. Her damp panties clung to the slick skin.

Everyone spent time on the Naughty List.

She snorted. It wasn’t like she’d never touched herself. But to have him walk in? Talk about happy accidents. She grabbed the remote next to the chair and clicked on music. Holly jolly Christmas tunes blared from the three foot speakers. She scrunched her nose and adjusted the sound. Flicking through the discs, she debated her choices. Definitely something...throbbing. Lots of bass. The first strains of a deep guitar lick started and she nodded.

The remote slipped from her fingers as she eased back in the chair. Her eyelids drooped. He might not be home yet, but damn if she’d waste the moment. She untied the chemise with one hand and placed her other hand at the thin band of her panties.

Thumps on the rooftop signaled his arrival. Always the showman. She snickered and caressed her mound. People saw Nick and projected their vision of the jolly old elf. No one really knew the dashing sleigh driver never aged past thirty-two. His hair wasn’t white and his belly certainly didn’t jiggle.

Ah, the wonders of fantasy and projection. She moaned and tugged the skimpy satin aside, plunging two fingers into her silky depths. Nick embodied the wonders of the season and the best of human nature. Her nipples pebbled as footfalls echoed in the hallway. Far from a saint, he made her holiday wishes come true over and over. Didn’t hurt he knew quite a bit of magic. And the magic he did with her body.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, imaging Nick wasn’t in the other room conferring with the elves but rather in the bedroom with her, making her Christmas wishes come true. She gasped and bucked her hips, fucking her fingers.

“Nick,” she murmured and plucked her nipple, so close to going over the edge into ecstasy. “Oh!”
Voices from the other room broke into her sensual fog. She stilled. Oh shit. Having the elves hear her wasn’t on the agenda. She brushed an errant lock of hair from her eyes and strained to listen for him. The voices died away into nothing. The refrigerator door thunked shut and glass clinked in the other room. His milk and cookies. How man could sustain himself on confections never ceased to amaze her. Instead of standing before the fire as she’d planned, Jessica placed the satin back over pussy and hooked her leg over the arm of the chair. Her climax could wait for him. Hell, she wanted it that way.

The door opened and electricity zinged through her veins. Nick strode into their bedroom, his coat dusted with snow. He slid the hat off his head. “My love, you waited up.” Amber and jade sparkled in his eyes as a grin kinked his mouth. “For me?”

She swallowed past the lump in her throat. Love and lust crashed within her body. “This is our night. I’ll always wait for you.”

* * *

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Moans


Ugh, I thought I unloaded the paparazzi back in Indiana. Guess I didn't. Hang on.

(checking teeth for lipstick and finger-combing hair...quick spritz of perfume)

Ok, I'm ready. I can see you grinning. Yes, it's me. Jade Weir. Sorry. I'm not going by that name any longer. Nope. It doesn't really fit. And no, I didn't have a breakdown or decide to reinvent myself--well not totally.

My name is really Jaden Haydenweir. I grew up on and around the movie lots in California. My dad, Rexx Weir made sure I cut my teeth on acting. Never said I was any good at it. My biggest claim to fame is simply being the daughter of a magazine mogul. Sure, I tried to act for a while. I even did some modeling. Turns out, people only wanted me for my pictures and the name recognition.

Such a rip-off.

Anyway, I'm back in Crawford, Ohio. A certain man of the law told me to come back any time. His door was always open. I hope so. I finally got my head screwed on straight and am ready to have a life that doesn't consist of camera flashes and people shouting my name...unless the sheriff's deputy wants to do the

Anyway, I need to get moving. If I linger too long, Judi will wonder where I am.

**Air Kissses**

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Flirts

Ah, it's that time of the week again. Friday Flirts. YAY!

Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about it. I have a ton of work in progress, but I decided there were a couple things that needed said. Yessir.

First: Tangled Up came back for first edits. Not too bad which made my day. Turned back and waiting for second round.

Farmer. Oh, how I had high hopes for you, dear story. But there also comes a time when one has to step back and say, yanno, this just isn't working. (Doesn't hurt if one has this blugeoned over one's head more than once by a very tenderhearted, but honest CP). So on the shelf you go.

I decided since he went on the shelf, one of my shelved stories was coming back out. Last year, I penned a tale of high school reunion. Seeing as my 15 yr is coming up soon, I thought it was a great story. Is it? No clue. I put it in the hands of a couple CPs. We'll see. (Fingers crossed it doesn't suck.)

Jade/Marlon have been submitted. And that's all I'm gonna say about them.

That's all for now. I have to get working on a couple other WIP's. The characters get cranky when they think they've been ignored. (Which, in their minds, is often.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You Thursday - A Review !

Today for Thank You Thursday, I thought I'd post a peer review. I love to read and when I happen across books by people I know, it's even better. It's been said, reviews can be dangerous or they can be delicious. I hope I share some yummy goodness on Thursdays with books I own and love. So yeah, I had to share the reading joy!

Lust Me, Trust Me by Jessica Jarman
Total-E-Bound Publishing
Contemporary, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Suspense
51 pgs

Book one in the Into the Shadows Series

Thrust into a dark world of vampires, Sarah has to make a life or death decision—can she trust a man who is the very thing that almost killed her?

As an operative for the Triumvirate, Fen has always focused on his mission. His current task is to find Tynan, a vampire suspected of going rogue, and his pregnant girlfriend and bring them before the Triumvirate. When he finds the vampire brutally murdered, his focus turns to the girl. Did she run or was she captured by whoever killed Tynan?

Sarah Feeney just wants to disappear. After barely surviving the horrific attack with Tynan, she is trying to fade into the background and simply stay alive. When she comes face to face with Fen, he claims to be on her side. She can't deny the attraction between them. But after all she's been through, can she go from lust to trust with the vampire? Her decision could very well kill her.

When the chips are down, this is one man you want in your corner. Fenlon is a vampire I want on my back in any tough situation.

Ms. Jarman had me hooked from page one with tight writing and great world building. Within a matter of sentences, I felt like I was a part of Fen and Jae's world. The suspense hit all the right notes and the sex? Can you say scorching?

As a hero, you don't get much better than Fen. He's determined, lethal, and just plain sexy. When he's got his target, hell hath no fury. I loved that he fought against his baser instinct for her. Even alpha's have soft sides. Jae is a great balance for Fen and I have to admit, I want to see this poor guy get his own story.

Sarah makes a wonderful heroine. Sure, she's gotten herself into a tough situation, but we can relate to her. Ok, not the vampire part, but the devotion to family and the fear factor. I felt her fear as if I were in her shoes and that's a hard feat for authors to accomplish. Kudos to Ms. Jarman. I liked that Sarah isn't one to back down. She gives Fen a run for his money and it's wonderful to read.

If you want a book with steamy sex in the shower, a couple of bites for good measure, and an alpha that's--enter silly pun--to die for, then you need to read Lust Me, Trust Me. It's a great read.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the? Wednesdays - Snow!!!

I live in an area of the country where we get snow. You'd think I'd be used to it. Might even be good at driving in it.

You'd be wrong.

I like LOOKING at snow. I like seeing it fall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while I am inside WATCHING it.

Do I like driving in it? Not on your life. I can drive in snow, but if I don't have to, I'm much happier.

And it snowed today. Well, it started Sunday and hasn't stopped yet. Sigh. It's nice because then I don't have to take the youngling to school (SNOW DAY!!!) and then I can stay in and write. But with family in, then I can't write because family tends to read over the shoulder.

So I'm at a temporary stand still. Oh well.

It's nearly Christmas. I can't complain. In fact, I might have to go outside and make a snowman.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Moans

I didn't do a Monday Moan today because my character, Gypsy, didn't show up. Imagine that. I trust her to follow a schedule and she bails. Oh well. I've got a great Tasty Tuesday lined up and hopefully either she'll cooperate on Wednesday or Thursday. Wouldn't cooperation be a thank you?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Review!!!

I gotta hand it to google alerts. I didn't think I'd find ME in them. Really. I'd like to think my books are good and people love them, but in reality, I have no idea until I get a review back. Sometimes this is a good thing. I was really surprised in the review for Learning How to Bend from Whipped Cream. I've had others that made me cry.

So imagine my shock and happiness when I got this little doozy in my alerts:

Skip's Reading - Whispers in the Dark:
You'll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk was a wonderful read! The story was moving and gripping and kept you reaching for more. The characters were strong and full and deep and it was easy to identify with them and feel their pain and joy. A great story and one I can definitely recommend!

Why thank you Skip. I appreciate it. Made my day!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Flirts

Friday Flirts.

I wanted to have something fantastic to post today. I did. I feel sometimes like I'm falling a tad short.

Ok, so what am I working on?

Still have the NASCAR book in the works. I want to get farther on it. We'll see. Time is a minimum.

Halfway through the menage story. It sorta got kicked to the back burner. I'll get there.

Got PRM sent to the editor. I won't even hazard a guess on that one. Lest time I did, I fell flat on my face. What have I learned? Mum is the word. :)

Farmer is with CP, so he's at a stand-still. No worries.

I think that's all right now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank you Thursday

I wanted to share something to be thankful for...

Six pack abs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What the? Wednesday...Shoving in the Store

I guess Wednesday is soap box day, but I have to talk about this. Why is it when people are in a store, getting gifts and something happens to be on sale, one feels the need to take the item from someone else's hands? Why must there be shoving?

I'm a simple gal. Really. (Don't ask DH he'll tell you otherwise.) When I holiday shop, I have a list, I go with the list and rarely deviate. Why? Cuz I'd go broke and forget everything. I'm a listy girl.

I happened to be holiday shopping and saw SODA was on sale. SODA. This isn't a huge deal. Right? You can buy soda (or what some call pop -- sorry. Pop was my great Grampa, not a fizzy drink made by Pepsi....anyway) pretty much anywhere. And when one store has it cheap, usually a couple more fall into step. Good gravy. I won't say the price or the place, but let's suffice it was cheap. I haven't seen it this low since I was in college (oh lands does that date me?!?!?!?!) But you should've seen the ADULTS scrambling to get SODA.


I need my Mt. Dew fix (no TrueBlood comments, please), but would I shove someone out of the way, or better yet, rip the soda out of their hands so I'd get it first and at that price?

Sorry. No.

This is the holiday season. A time to put all differences aside (now I have an earworm). You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal.

But my first thought wasn't, gee this is the holiday season, let's get along. It was good gravy, please don't let there be a small person in that hornet's nest. The tot would not only end up being brained, but the lessons taught? Yes, youngling, you take what you want and if it happens to be out of someone else's hands, well, you win. Come on. That's against common manners.

I don't mean to sound like a Scrooge, but this is why I tend to do all my shopping for Christmas in July. People aren't quite so intoxicated by the season, the cold, and whatever else has gotten into them.

Am I old? Grumpy? Probably.

Next time you're at the store intent on getting whatever it is you need, just think for a moment first. K?

I'm going to go back into my bat cave, write, and try to get rid of my earworm. Oh, and 24 more shopping days left. Watch your toes, your arms, wallets, and fellow man. 'Tis the season to be merry, jolly, and courteous.