Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank You Thursday - Christmas Edition

Actually this is for the new year, but I wanted to mention the things I've been thankful for in the past year. I'm not real good at Thursday Thirteen, but I'll give it a shot.

13. My Sony E-Reader - what a great invention. I can take a gadjillion books with me and it's about the size of a trade paperback. Mine's black, but you get the idea.

12. Snoopy Fuzzy Sleep Pants - warm, cozy, and adorable. Can't be beat.

11.Cell phones - I accidentally washed my brand new one last December. Yeah, wasn't my best move. Thankfully it wasn't a super expensive phone, but it was the principle of the thing.

10. My iPod - tunes make the world go round and add to the general inspiration for my stories. Without my iPod, I'd be stuck using my Walkman and yes, I have the CD version of a Walkman still. (I even know what a turntable is and the pain of changing a record needle because it wore down too far. Beat that.)

9. The Internet -- wonderful thing, the internet. I can talk to mom without leaving the house and annoy the BFF in far, far away land. At the same time. I can look at things that would make most blush and then turn around and write the stories in my head.

8. My Laptop - take it with me, write what I want when I want and it keeps my legs warm.

7. NASCAR!!! Heck yeah. You thought I could make a list without it? What else would I do on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons? Keep in mind. I can't just sit and watch a race. I have to have a notebook or my laptop open.Heaven knows I can't write (or when I was in school, do homework) without noise.

6. Gary Allan - the guy writes and plays the music of my career and my life. Trust me, you should listen to him, too.

5. Editors past - I know it sounds like the Ghost of Christmas past, but I'm telling you, a good editor is like gold. You never want to lose them. Thankfully even though mine might not be editing right now, I still have her as a friend. Best thing in the world.

4. Editors present - Yes, it truly sucks ogre balls when you get a rejection letter, but editors, though occasionally the bane of the author's existence, is truly an asset. I've got some fantastic editors (even when they reject/ask for revisions). They know what they're doing and help me to shine as an author. (Did I meet the butt kissing quota yet? )

3. My BFF - She's like family. She knows me better than just about everyone (except maybe Dh). She's seen me with my hair down and laughed when I shouted one of the most oddball things in pubic. (Yes, I'm talking about lube.) We can bounce things off each other (let me tell you, it's a sight to see) and be sarcastic. She's the Shawn to my Gus...or is it the Gus to my Shawn...not sure......

2. Contracts - yuppers, I wouldn't be here talking to you without the drive and the contracts. I love my publishers and my editors. They had the faith in me to give me a chance. I love my readers and hope they continue to find my writing interesting enough to come back for more. Yes readers, I love you.

1. My family - no one else (save for BFF) puts up with me, can time that time of the month so distinctly, knows when to make me laugh, take me to dinner, and (sigh) put me in my place. They know when to give me an 'atta girl, too. Love ya!

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