Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Flirts - Last Post of 2010...

No it's not the last post of my blogging career. (I hope you aren't sad about that.)

But it is the last blog post of 2010 for me. Sniffle, sniffle.

So for my final post (of '10), I'm going to leave you with a yummy pic and a little update.

Update: I started working on the NASCAR novella I wrote over five years ago. Same characters, but slightly enhanced plot. If you've read Monday Moans, you've met the driver and the owner (hero and heroine). I'm really excited to get moving on this story and hope to sub it in early 2011.

I gave my high school reunion story to my CP and should get that back soon. I have no idea if it's even near submission ready. Guess I'll find out. But it's a favorite (aren't they all), so I'll give it my best when I get it back.

I'm going to finish my menage story this coming month. I've put my mind to it.

That's it for the updates. Now for the hottie.

Happy, Sexy New Year!!!!

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