Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You Thursday - Review for Steamy Reunion by Jambrea Jo Jones

I'm making another recommendation. I just read this book, and let me tell you, I needed a cool drink and a moment to hunt down the DH.

Steamy Reunion by Jambrea Jo Jones
Ellora's Cave
38 pages
m/m, anal sex

Ambrose Firth hated high school, so why is he contemplating going to his fifteen-year reunion? One name—Noah Winters. Noah stars in many of Ambrose’s wet dreams, but the man was a jock, and in high school, Ambrose was a geek. Not anymore. But he isn’t dating anyone either. Not wanting to seem desperate, he does what any self-respecting gay man would—he hires an escort.

Noah is everything Ambrose remembered—and then some. With a little push from his “date”, Ambrose determines to decipher the mixed messages Noah’ s been sending all night. Imagine Ambrose’s surprise when Noah can’t keep his hands off him. But Ambrose wants more than just a romp. Noah better hold on for a steamy reunion.

Ambrose Firth is all grown up and man is he looking hot. Noah Winters has no idea what he's up against. Throw in a fairy gay father and you've got yourself a hot story.

Jambrea Jo Jones isn't one to skimp on the story. I was pulled in from page one and instantly took a shine to Ambrose. He might have grown up, but the high school kid who spent way too much time being picked on still lives inside. I felt for him. He was an underdog and managed to make something of himself.

Noah makes a fine hero because he, too, deals with things we've all had to go through--the pains of high school and fitting in. But when he set his mind to getting what he wanted, man, oh, man, it was hot. I read and reread this story, savoring it each time.

If you want a book that's sure to tug at your heart and make your blood heat, this is the book for you.

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Jambrea said...

Okay..I SO read this review and showed it off! I even had it saved from the google alert in my review folder in yahoo.

I have NO idea why I didn't respond!!! Thank you. I love this one. :)