Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Moans

So I thought today I'd give the characters the day off and write a Monday Moan of my own. I know. Why listen to me when one of my heroes has his day? I often wonder the same thing. But you have to remember. My guys and gals sometimes need time off, too.

Hence the idea for this Moan. Instead of a moan like a hubba hubba, this one's a Monday Moan like in my local paper. (Except, this one is about the characters.)

It's the holidays, and you'd think the characters would be all active. You know, that whole concept that I have time to write and time to play with them.


So, fine. I didn't get out the paper, the computer, the pens...nothing for a couple days. Oh baby did they crab. Hee hee. Worked though. They came out, played, and informed me they wanted their stories told. (yes, I'm grinning from ear to ear because of my own creativity)

I also got on iTunes and played. That was a lot of fun. I find sometimes the characters react to certain songs. Works really well if its something a little funky and off-beat. For example, I watched Shrek 2 since it was on tv and youngling wanted to watch it. Talk about some great songs. And with no notebook, pen or laptop handy, characters chattered. Tucker and Megan FINALLY told me what they wanted to do and how their story would work out.

Well, I guess this wasn't so much of a crab fest as I'd expected. Works for me. I'm off to spend my giftcards for books. (Did you think I'd get something more....utilitarian? Come on. This is me. I'd breathe, sleep, and immerse myself in books if it were possible. Duh.)

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