Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Review!!!

I gotta hand it to google alerts. I didn't think I'd find ME in them. Really. I'd like to think my books are good and people love them, but in reality, I have no idea until I get a review back. Sometimes this is a good thing. I was really surprised in the review for Learning How to Bend from Whipped Cream. I've had others that made me cry.

So imagine my shock and happiness when I got this little doozy in my alerts:

Skip's Reading - Whispers in the Dark:
You'll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk was a wonderful read! The story was moving and gripping and kept you reaching for more. The characters were strong and full and deep and it was easy to identify with them and feel their pain and joy. A great story and one I can definitely recommend!

Why thank you Skip. I appreciate it. Made my day!!!

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