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Book Blast ~ Drop Dead Handsome by MK Scott

It's a book blast and there are prizes to be won. Like what? The author will be awarding a prize to multiple winners such as $50 Amazon Gift Cards, $15 Target or Groupon Gift Cards and other GCs and books to randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here:

Drop Dead Handsome
by M.K. Scott

The Painted Lady Inn is open for business and limping along in the B and B world. A high school
reunion package assembles Donna’s least desirable classmates, including the backstabbing cheerleader, her narcissistic high school crush, and Arnie, whose cheesy poem had everyone calling her, hot mama. It’s all something she liked to forget. These are the normal guests.

An octogenarian self-proclaimed sleuth, Father Christmas, a dognapping couple, and a pair who is copying everything in the Inn to set up their own competitive establishment rounds out the group. Maria, the sister-in-law, has a matchmaking agenda for Donna. Daniel, her brother, finds himself serving as a referee with one guest’s multiple wives.

High school reunions can be murder. Detective Mark Taber is on the trail of the murderer, when he isn’t interfering in a smitten Arnie’s determined bid to woo the no nonsense innkeeper.


How about an excerpt? Sure! Here you go:

Hadn’t she read something recently in a psychology journal that both men and women flirt to get better service? No doubt that was what the man was doing. Maybe she could use the same technique to move him upstairs. Never mind, she never had an inner vixen.

Smile. Her lips tugged up in one she deemed her innkeeper smile. Her brother nicknamed it ‘I’m trying not to belch’ expression. “Arnie, the silliest thing happened. You won’t believe it.” She giggled and tapped his arm.

His eyebrows went up, due to her heels, she had to drop her chin the tiniest bit to notice. His hands swept up in a prayer position before entwining his fingers together. “Oh really? Tell me more.”

Wow, this was much harder than she realized it was going to be. Appeal to his vanity. Where did that suggestion come from? It might work though. All she knew was she had to get him up two flights of stairs.

“I, ah…” She hesitated, not wanting to admit to a mistake that she did not make. “…put you in the wrong room.”

“I see.” A cunning light appeared in his eyes. “Go on.”

“You’re actually on the third floor.” This was bound not to please so she tried to sweeten the deal. “There’s a much better view from that floor and no street noises.”

She didn’t need to point out there were hardly any evening ruckus since most of the residents were snug in their homes by nine at night. What else could she add? Arnie stared without comment. The principle issue would be the stairs.

Here goes nothing. “A strong, virile man like yourself would have no problems with the stairs.”

His lips lifted and a slight sheen of interest enlarged his pupils. He dropped his folded hands, lifted one finger as if at an auction and discreetly bidding. “Would it be more private?”

“Absolutely.” She nodded. The selling point she needed. “Very. Down here,” she gestured to the room behind him, “you’d hear all the early birds and night owls roaming. You’d even hear me starting breakfast. Upstairs, you could sleep in.”

“Sounds good, but if I sleep in I might miss breakfast.” His nose wrinkled a little as if he found the idea amusing.


About the Author:

M. K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries.
Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and various other felonious activities. The Internet and experts in the field provide forensic information, while the recipes and B and B details require a more hands on approach.  Morgan’s daughter who manages a hotel provides guest horror stories to fuel the plot lines. The couple’s dog, Chance, is the inspiration behind Jasper, Donna’s dog.  Murder Mansion is the first book in The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries. Overall, it is a fun series to create and read. Drop Dead Handsome is the second book in the series. Killer Review should be out in October 2016.

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Book Blast ~ The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper

It's a book blast and we're talking about the Royal Nanny and there are prizes up for grabs!! What?  You could win a copy of THE ROYAL NANNY if you comment and enter on the rafflecopter below! Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here:

by Karen Harper

In 1897, a young cockney nursemaid takes her first train ride, leaving London for the lush and sprawling
Sandringham Estate, private home to Britain’s royal family. Hired by the Duke and Duchess of York to help rear their royal children, Charlotte Bill is about to become privy to all the secrets families hide, and caught between the upstairs and downstairs worlds.


Interested in an excerpt? Then here you go!!

Truth was, I used to wish the widowed Dr. Edwin Lockwood, my former employer,  would marry me, though I knew that was quite out of the question.  But when I first went to work at his house as nursemaid, I was only thirteen and such a dreamer.  People think I’m a no-nonsense person, but I still harbor flights of fancy in my head and heart, and to mean something to someone else is one of them. 

But in the nearly ten years I worked in London, I knew it was not that I loved the doctor, but that I did love his two little daughters and hated to leave them, especially after I’d been promoted to nurse after five years there.  Now his new wife didn’t want me about because her stepchildren doted on me.  But the doctor gave me a good character, which the Duchess of York’s friend, Lady Eva Dugdale, had somehow seen.  So here I was, headed to the Duke and Duchess of York’s country house to help the head nurse of two royal lads, one called David, nearly four years of age, the other, Bertie, a year-and-a-half; and a new baby to be born soon. 

Beat down the butterflies in my belly and practiced saying, “Your Grace, milord, milady, sir, ma’am,” and all that.  What if Queen Victoria herself ever popped in for a visit, for the duke was her grandson—well, there were many of her offspring scattered across Europe in ruling houses, but he was in direct line to the British throne after his father, the Prince of Wales.  And since the Prince and Princess of Wales often lived on the same Sandringham Estate, so Lady Dugdale said, I wager I’d see them, right regular too, that is if the head nurse, name of Mary Peters, let me help her with the royal children when their kin came calling.
“Ticket, please, miss,” the conductor said as he came through the carriage.  I had a moment’s scramble but handed it to him and had it marked.  When he passed on, I put it as a keepsake in my wooden box of worldly goods, which sat on the floor next to my seat.  The carriage wasn’t too full, not to Norfolk with its marshy fens and the windy Wash my papa had described to me.  Oh, I was so excited I could barely sit still.  I was to disembark at a place called Wolferton Station where someone was to meet me.  I was just so certain everything would be lovely, and fine and grandly, royally perfect.


About the Author:

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Karen Harper is a former university (Ohio State) and high school English teacher. Published since 1982, she writes contemporary suspense and historical novels about real British women. Two of her recent Tudor era books were bestsellers in the UK and Russia. A rabid Anglophile, she likes nothing more than to research her novels on site in the British Isles. Harper won the Mary Higgins Clark Award for DARK ANGEL, and her novel SHATTERED SECRETS was judged one of the Best Books of 2014 by Suspense Magazine. The author and her husband divide their time between Ohio and Florida.  For more information please visit:

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Blurb Blitz ~ Her Australian Hero by Margaret Way

It's a blurb blitz tour! Check it out!! You can win prizes. What? The authors will be awarding digital copies of all books on the tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here:

Her Australian Hero
by Margaret Way

This was a detour worth taking . . .

For as long as she can remember, Meilin Wu has had her life mapped out, and she's well down her chosen path--which had no warning signs about a tall, golden Brit who would bowl her over the night before her arranged marriage . . .

Drew Robinson has nearly finished his formal education and is ready to face the world when he meets Meilin, an exquisite beauty with Chinese ancestry. He doesn't mind she's ten years older, and the fact she knows Mandarin only makes her that much more a perfect fit for his upcoming adventures in China. He just has to get her to dump her fiancé and convince her that a trip in
China will only enhance her established design business.

Easy for a guy who's known for seeing sunshine wherever he goes. Right?


How about an excerpt? Sure!! Here  you go:

“Let’s concentrate on you finding you,” Rafe retaliated, his tone grating. “Can you open your heart to anyone anymore? Or have you totally lost the key? I’m sick of watching you dig yourself deeper and deeper into a black hole. You’re desperate to keep me at arm’s length. It’s almost a form of torture. For God’s sake, can’t you tell me why? You’ve carried a terrible burden of irrational guilt. I know that better than anyone. But surely it’s about time you put it down. Or do you feel compelled to wallow in it?”

Neither of them could say later who acted first. Anger rushed at them with lightning speed. Alex’s hand flew up to strike the look of high scorn on Rafe’s smouldering face, just as Rafe moved to pull her to him, crushing the length of her body against his. There was no question of pausing, of catching breath. Both of them, always on the thin edge of control, lost it. Lost whatever it was that had kept them in check.

Rafe’s mouth came down over hers with an insatiable hunger. One hand came up to cup the swell of her high breast, his thumb and forefinger working the already erect nipple. It was a colossal assault on the senses. A button loosened under siege, popped off her shirt. Immediately his hand slipped further inside her top while she gasped out whimpers she couldn’t control at the sensual ecstasy he was arousing in her. This was too devastating to be called lovemaking. It was a desperately harsh and hurtful want. In another minute they would be down on the thick grass, high on a sexual attraction so powerful the immediate world would fall away in a brilliant blur. It was Rafe who came to first, keeping one hand on her arm as she rocked unsteadily on her feet. His voice crackled like an overloaded circuit. “You had that coming.”

She had to believe it. Her blue shirt was curled up around her waist, most of the white pearly buttons undone. With unsteady fingers she rebuttoned it, covering her breasts. “I won’t, I don’t, I refuse to love you, Rafe.”

“Who said anything about love,” he mocked, burning with a kind of sexual electricity held powerfully in check. “If you won’t allow us to communicate with our souls, I guess our bodies will have to do. I’ll settle for being your lover. Who cares about a soul mate? She did, but she wasn’t going to show it. “You can say goodbye to that idea.”

He burned her with his eyes. “Until the next time,” he told her. “We’ll do it one step at a time.”

“Should I start keeping a diary? You’re incredibly arrogant, Rafe.” She bent forward slightly as shock waves continued to run through her.

“I have to reject that. I’ve been incredibly patient with you, Alex. Only now you’ve given yourself away in one fell swoop. You don’t love me, but you’re mad for me to make love to you. You needed that as much as I did.”

It was impossible to reassemble herself. “Animal magnetism,” she said, struggling to airbrush the moments of high emotion out of her mind. “That’s all it was. Animal magnetism.”

“I’m cool with that.” His tone was sardonic. “At least it got you flying into my arms.”

“And not much chance of it happening again.”

He didn’t appear impressed. “Words are toys, Alex. They’re only meant to be fun. Let’s go back to the house. I’ll take the Long Walk. I know your father goes there often. Unlike you.”

“And you. We can never go back to what we were, Rafe.”

“Okay, we can’t. What we do, is take a new direction. I want you, Alex. Let there be no mistake about that.”

“When I’ve got nothing to offer you?” She stared up at him with great intensity. Several strands of hair from her braid hung loose, blue-black against her glimmering skin. Her full mouth burned crimson.

“I’ll take what I can get. No matter how hard you try, Alex, you’ll never succeed in locking me out.”


About the Author:
USA Today bestselling author Margaret Way has written more than 130 books, many of them International Bestsellers. She has been published in 114 countries and 34 languages. Her novels are set in her beloved Australia, where she was born and lives to this day. Her stories always contain the beauty and rugged nature of the rural and Outback Australia, as well as the rainforests and coral reefs of Northern Queensland.

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Virtual Book Tour ~ Luck of the Irish by Liz Gavin

It's a book blast with an interview and there are prizes to be won. Like? The author will award a $50 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter. So get at it and comment and enter! Want more chances to win? Follow the tour here:

Here's a little bit about the book: 

Luck of the Irish
by Liz Gavin

Keira Ashe’s parents are great but her mother has overprotected her for years. Now, this twenty-two-year-old Bostonian has graduated from college and can go on a trip she has been planning for years. She fears her shyness may get in the way of her enjoying what could be a life-altering adventure. However, Keira feels her luck is about to change when she meets gorgeous bartender Declan Slane.

Declan Slane is twenty-six and works at a hotel bar in Dublin. He hasn’t been very lucky in his love life so far. Also, he has got a troubled past he has chosen not to revisit in order to keep his sanity. Because he isn’t looking for a girlfriend, Declan isn’t very pleased to meet a certain breathtaking American who walks into his bar one afternoon.

Get a taste of adventure and heartache as Keira spreads her wings and matures while she gets to know her great-grandparents’ home country – Ireland. Hold your breath when she faces tough decisions and dangers. Root for Keira while she weighs up the consequences of making love for the first time. Bite your nails when she comes across unforeseen threats.

Liz Gavin’s second full-length novel is hard to put down just as it is hard to pinpoint its genre. She has woven an intricate web around her characters that will leave readers breathless. In the sizzling concoction, this talented new author poured heart-warming romance, heart-stopping suspense, and a dash of heart-searching paranormal. Take your pick. Regardless of the literary genre you might favor, Liz Gavin’s writing will take you to a whole different side of it.


And now for an Excerpt!

When Declan opened his eyes again, he didn’t know how much time had passed. The house was deadly quiet. O’Hallon was nowhere to be seen. Sluggish, Declan crawled forward and sat up beside Keira. He could barely breathe, due to the effort to move and the loss of blood, but he pulled her lifeless body onto his lap and held her close. He hugged her tight against his chest. He buried his face in her hair, which was covered in blood, and cried like he hadn’t cried since he was a little boy. He felt like he was six again.

“Please, please, don’t leave me, Keira.”

His sobs filled the air. He balled his hands into fists, frustrated because Keira didn’t respond. He couldn’t face the evidence that she wasn’t able to answer him.

“This is my fault, too. He wouldn’t have killed you, if I had let you go with him.”

He sat there, rocking back and forth for a long time, hanging on to her as if he could bring her back by sheer power of will. The thought that she was gone forever caused such burning pain in his chest, much stronger than the one from the bullet. He couldn’t breathe.

“Please, don’t go. I can’t bear it if you leave me, too.”

And now for the interview!!

What group did you hang out with in high school?
Ooohhhhh I was part of the crowd that stirred trouble, never got caught, and always got good grades. The teachers never had a chance with us because they never suspected us of any wrong-doing. It was awesome.

What are you passionate about these days?
The Graduate course I'm going to. It's quite demanding but (I) love a challenge so am enjoying it a lot.

If you had to do your journey to getting published all over again, what would you do differently?
I would start it earlier.

Ebook or print? And why?
Hmm tough one. Before I became a writer I was an avid reader. I would read almost anything I could find. I revered the pages of books to the point I was unable to write on their margins as some of my friends did when we were teens. (Yes, I’m old. I grew up reading books, not Kindle!!! LOL) Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I viewed printed books as precious things. In fact, I’m a book hoarder and my idea of Paradise is an library without end. You can imagine how hard it was for me to accept the idea of a thing called ‘ebook’, which people read on LCD screens. LOL I was only convinced they were a good thing when I realized I could carry my endless library with me anywhere I went. I had found my Heaven on Earth! hehe

What is your favorite scene in this book?

Well I'd have to give a humongous spoiler here to be able to answer this and make sense so pardon me for being cryptic. The hardest scene for me to write is my favorite one in the book and that's the one where Declan comes through as a real knight in shining armor. 

About the Author:

When Liz Gavin was in Second Grade - just a couple of years ago, really - her teacher told her mother the little girl should start a diary because she needed an outlet for her active and vivid imagination. She was a talkative child who would disrupt the class by engaging her colleagues in endless conversations. She loved telling them the stories her grandfather used to tell her.
Apparently, the teacher wasn’t a big fan of those stories, and Liz’s mother bought her a diary. She happily wrote on it for a couple of months. Unable to see the appeal of writing for her own enjoyment only, she gave up on it. She missed the audience her friends provided her in class. She went back to disturbing her dear teacher’s class.

Since then, she has become a hungry reader. She will read anything and everything she can get her hands on – from the classics to erotica. That’s how she has become a writer of erotica and romance, as well.

As a young adult, she participated in a student exchange program and lived in New Orleans for six months. She fell in love with the city and its wonderful inhabitants. NOLA will always hold a special spot in Liz Gavin’s heart. Nowadays, living in Brazil, Liz’s creativity has improved many times because it’s such a vibrant, gorgeous and sexy country.

Welcome to her world of hot Alpha males and naughty, independent women. Add a touch of the paranormal in the presence of some wicked souls and you’ll get the picture.

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Twitter - @LizGavin_author
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Book Blast ~ From Fake to Forever by Jennifer Shirk

It's a book blast and there are prizes up for grabs. For what? From Fake to Forever by Jennifer Shirk. What's up for grabs? Jennifer will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? I'm commenting. Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour here: 

From Fake to Forever
by Jennifer Shhirk

Sandra Moyer’s preschool is struggling, so she reluctantly agrees to let super-famous actor Ben
Capshaw research a role there. Ben’s always joking around, never serious, but there’s something about the buttoned-up, beautiful Sandra and her young daughter that makes him want to take life more seriously. But Sandra won’t trust him—what if it’s all an act, research for the role? As the lines between make-believe and reality blur, Ben will have to decide if love is worth casting aside the role of his life for a new role…that could last a lifetime.


How about an Excerpt? Sure! Here you go: 

“C’mon, Uncle Bens. I’m wide-open.”

Ben Capshaw lowered his throwing arm and glared at his agent’s son, Todd. “Will you stop calling me that?”

“But you are my uncle Bens,” Todd said with a frown.

“Yeah, I guess. But when you say it like that I feel like a side dish at a Chinese restaurant.”

The boy snickered. “I know.”

Ben quickly raised the football again and pretended to whip it at him. When Todd flailed his arms and ducked, Ben had his revenge. “Nice move,” he called out with a laugh.

Todd laughed, too. “Okay, c’mon, throw it for real this time. I’m really ready.”

Ben lobbed the football in the air and watched with budding disappointment as it sailed right through Todd’s arms and bounced on the ground. Ben shook his head. The kid obviously needed more practice. “You almost had it,” he lied.

Todd picked up the ball and ran it back to him. “You know, I’m so glad you’re coming for dinner, Uncle Bens. Are you and my mom sure I can’t tell anyone you’re here?”

Ben looked up at the sky and sighed. A sigh that clearly said, if we go through this one more time I’m going to find your entire stash of Twinkies and eat them all without remorse. If the kid were a little older, he’d understand that threat and let the question lie. Instead, Todd continued to gaze up at him with big, hopeful brown eyes.

“No,” Ben told him firmly. “Not your BFF, not even your dog. No one. Got it?”

Todd’s young face looked crushed.

“Look, it’s like I told you before, I don’t want the paparazzi buzzing around here. I’m officially on vacation.”

“In Wood Manor, New Jersey?”

“Hey, the beach here is just as good as Los Angeles, and after a few days I’ll drive up to New York City.” He loved New York in September. He’d get a haircut and a shave, a massage, meet a few women.

Speaking of meeting women…

Ben’s gaze lingered again on the tasty-looking blonde sitting on the bench. He’d been checking her out since he and Todd first arrived at the park. Couldn’t help himself. He had a real thing for blondes, and most—thank you, God—had a real thing for him.

“Hey, Todd, why don’t we go to the slide over there?” Closer to that blonde.

“No way.”

He turned to the boy in surprise. “Why not?”

“That slide’s for babies.”

“No, it’s not. Look, there’s an adult over there,” he said, pointing the football toward the bench.

Todd looked over and made a face. “You want to go talk to that woman, don’t you?”

“Wh-what?” Ben spluttered. “No, no. No way. Hey, stop listening to your mom about me.” Besides, he didn’t want to talk to her, anyway. “Flirt” was a better verb choice. He wanted to flirt with that woman. There was a difference. Anyone could spew out words and just talk. Flirting required talent, always used with the sole purpose of letting the other person know you’re interested. And he was very interested in her.

However, as much as he was tempted to go over and introduce himself, he wouldn’t. He didn’t want to risk his anonymity. But he didn’t see the harm in getting a better look at an attractive woman. After all, if he was in a museum, he’d certainly want to get closer to a work of art, wouldn’t he? And from what he could tell, that woman was a bona fide masterpiece.

She had the kind of straight, shiny blond hair his fingers itched to feel and run through, and a body that was slender in an athletic kind of way—built more like a runner than a centerfold—and not at all fake like most of the women in L.A. He was positive there was nothing cosmetically enhanced on her. Not that she wore anything revealing to bring that kind of attention to herself. Yet, dressed in sweatpants and a Red Sox T-shirt, she’d managed to get his attention just the same.

“Um, Todd, are you sure you don’t want to go over there?” he asked again, trying to rein in and saddle his raging testosterone.

Todd took off running. “You have to catch me first,” he called out with a laugh.

That little bugger. Ben dropped the football and ran after him. Todd was fast, weaving his way around the wooden maze of forts and playground equipment and then disappearing from his sight. Ben climbed up the rope to the wooden platform and scanned the area. From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Todd ducking into a tube slide. Ha! Gotcha now, kid. He ran over and climbed into a slide himself, hoping to catch him by surprise.

The only problem was he didn’t slide down.

He began to twist, realizing his shoulders were wedged in tight. With one arm pinned down and the other arm up, he tried shifting his hips to wiggle back up. That didn’t work, either. Okay, he wasn’t sure how he’d managed this strange, bizarre feat, but he needed some help.

Crap. He could see the headline now: “Career Not Only Thing Going Down Tubes.” Oh, man, his agent and publicist would have his head on a platter if that happened. He’d be lucky to get local theater work after that. Served him right for showing off and acting like a ten-year-old instead of the thirty-four-year-old he was.

Where the hell is Todd?

Ben heard movement above him. Thank goodness. He looked up, ready to ream Todd out for leaving him hanging so long. But he clamped his lips shut when he stared directly into the face of a cherubic little girl instead.

“Excuse me. Now it my turn,” she said in a tiny voice.

“Uh…well, you have to wait. See, I can’t move right now.”

She frowned. “But I said excuse me.”

“Yeah, I know, but—”

Her little face puckered and those big blue eyes filled with tears, which set the alarm bells ringing. No, no, please. I beg you! Oh, man, the kid was going to cry on him.

Where the hell is Todd!

The little girl did begin to cry—not with the loud, obnoxious wailing he half expected, but with a quiet, trembling frown and dime-size tears that fell like an H5 hailstorm. It made him want to break down and cry, too. He didn’t need this right now—stuck as he was—especially since he had no clue how to convey he was telling the truth to such a young child. About to send out a verbal SOS to Todd, he saw the blonde from the bench spring out before him.

Thank you, God. Maybe it wasn’t exactly how he wanted to meet this woman, but at least she would understand the situation, and he could finally get some help. But when he gazed up into the woman’s ready-to-kill eyes, he doubted very much that the cavalry had arrived.

“What did you do to my daughter?” she accused in that stern mother-cub-protecting-her-baby voice.

Oh, great. Her daughter. More bad PR. Now they were going to add child abuse to the headline. “Nothing,” he insisted. “Honest. Look, she just wants to go down the slide.”

The blonde folded her arms. “Well, let her, then.”

The woman’s demand gave him pause. Okay, she obviously didn’t understand his predicament any better than her kid had. “I…uh…can’t,” he said with a sheepish grin. “I’m kind of stuck. Maybe a little help?” He waved his one free arm, but she looked at it as though it were covered with warts.

“Maybe I should call the police for help instead,” she said, drawing her daughter to her side.

“No police!”

The woman flinched from his outburst. He didn’t mean to freak out on her, but the police equaled the press in his book. Then bad headlines. Then unhappy agent. Then less work. The list went on.

He cleared his throat. “No police, please,” he repeated more calmly. “In fact, don’t call anyone.”

An odd expression—somewhere between nausea and hysteria—crossed her pretty features, and she grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Go? Go where? He watched in disbelief as the woman began to lead her daughter away. Did she think he was faking it? Didn’t she recognize him? The woman was actually turning her back on him.

“Wait!” he shouted. “I’m not kidding! Come back! What about me?”

His complaints and shouts didn’t even register on her radar. The woman had to have heard him—heck, upstate New York had to have heard him—but she didn’t turn around. Didn’t so much as pause. In fact, she picked up her little girl and ran.


About the Author:

Jennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy-which has in NO WAY at all helped her
with her writing career. But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic-at-hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind-numbing educations.

She writes sweet (and sometimes even funny) romances for Samhain Publishing, Avalon Books/Montlake Romance and now Entangled Publishing. She won third place in the RWA 2006 NYC's Kathryn Hayes Love and Laughter Contest with her first book, THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME. Recently, her novel SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM won the 2013 Golden Quill Published Authors Contest for Best Traditional Romance.

Lately she's been on a serious exercise kick. But don't hold that against her.

Author Website:
Author Blog:
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Blast ~ The Sheik's Desires by Elizabeth Lennox and Leslie North

It's a book blast for The Sheik's Desires by Elizabeth Lennox and Leslie North. You'll want to comment. Why? The authors will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour. You can do that right here:

The Sheik’s Desires
by Leslie North & Elizabeth Lennox

Get four breath-taking sheik romances from two of your favorite authors - all in the same boxset!

The Sheik’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox

When she sings, she sounds like a cat in heat…but Ana, a brilliant mathematician, stuns and surprises Najid del Sabur, Sheik of Safir. Her bright eyes defy him and her smiles sooth him, while her body makes him lust for her. But can he catch her? Can he convince her that her past won’t hurt their future?

The Prince’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox

She can’t sit still. She’s beaten every nurse and doctor on her floor at cards. And she’s achingly beautiful. But is she friend or foe? Having been caught in the line of fire by a bullet meant for his brother, Prince Jual del Sabur, Minister of Defense for Safir can’t decide if the lovely Sonya was part of the assassination attempt or innocent and just caught by bad timing. All he knows is that he is definitely caught by her startling eyes and her soft sighs as he explores that question.

The Sheikh's Untraditional Lover by Leslie North

Ultra-traditional and devastatingly handsome Prince Zafar Tadros thinks a business/sports complex is not what is needed for his country—but he believes in helping his family. With the region increasingly doing more business with Western companies, his father Sheikh Ahmadi has ordered this new business/sports complex to be a mix between West and East cultures.

Zafar has decided he will work to integrate as much traditional elements as possible, but Belle Mooney, an innovative American architect has taken her direction from Zafar's father and is going for innovations. The two clash over designs—and only one can win.

The Sheikh's Stubborn Partner by Leslie North

With the deadline fast approaching, playboy Prince Adyan Tadros must supervise the only construction company that will take on the job of building the business/sports center in less than six months. The meticulous Edna Abbey has taken over her father's construction company while he recovers from a stroke, and the last thing she wants to do is rush the project. But with attraction between her and the Prince growing everyday, she may be glad for the distraction...

Now for an Excerpt:

The Sheik’s Challenge By E. Lennox

Two things hit her all at once.  First, the man was naked!  Well, he had a towel wrapped around his lean waist, but that was it.  He had another towel in his hand that he used to dry his hair, then rubbed it against his chest.  Ana couldn’t do more than stare, fascinated by that hand as it moved the towel over all of those muscles.  They were everywhere, the skin and muscles flexing as he dried himself off.  Was his hand moving more slowly?  Was he…

Her eyes flipped up to his and she blushed when she realized that he was watching her, watching him.  “I’m sorry,” she whispered and licked her dry lips. 

“I enjoyed it,” he murmured.  “Feel free to take over.”

Ana felt her breath catch in her throat and her eyes moved down over his body again, her mind spinning out of control at the idea of drying off that man’s chest and arms.  And…everything else. 

Prince’s Challenge By E. Lennox

When she realized what time it was, she looked down, embarrassed to have monopolized the evening so completely.  “I’m sorry.  You’re probably sick of hearing about the escapades of my students.”

“Not at all.  It is refreshing to hear about someone who loves her job.”

She smiled but looked away, unable to hold the intensity of his gaze.  “I’m sure you have other priorities on your time.”

He glanced at his watch.  “I don’t, but you need sleep.  I’ll come get you in the morning for breakfast if that is convenient?”

She shook her head.  “No need,” she told him, standing up and feeling relieved that her muscles held her upright once again.  They would start to wobble soon, but for the moment, she was steady.  She cinched in the tie to the robe, painfully conscious that she had nothing on underneath.  His eyes told her that he was conscious of that fact as well and her whole body heated. 

Thankfully, he didn’t mention her lack of clothing, proceeding on as if she were completely dressed.  “There’s every need,” he said and came around the table.  Taking her hand, he kissed her knuckles gently.  “Until tomorrow morning,” he said.  A moment later, he’d disappeared and she was standing there by the table looking at the now-empty doorway.

Sonya had no idea what was going on, why she was here or why he was spending so much time with her.  She suspected he carried a great deal of responsibility on those broad shoulders.  So why was he spending time with her?  Listening to her drone on about her students and helping her to bathe? 

She walked over to the large bed, still blushing at the memory of his heated eyes looking at her as she stood in the shower area.  She slipped beneath the sheets and, because he was no longer around and she felt “safe”, her mind wondered about how it might feel to have him touch her with more than just his eyes.

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Leslie North
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Leslie North is the pen name for a critically-acclaimed author of women's contemporary romance and fiction. The anonymity gives her the perfect opportunity to paint with her full artistic palette, especially in the romance and erotic fantasy genres.

The truth of the matter is she loves her fictional persona, Leslie North, more than her normal, day-to-day persona! Her bestselling books focus on strong characters and particularly women who aren't afraid to challenge an alpha male. Inspired after years of travel, her stories are set all over the world, from the tough streets of Russia to the beautiful beaches of the middle east.

Leslie fell in love with romance when she first picked up a scrappy, dog-eared romance book from her local library. She began writing soon after and the rest, as they say, was history. She now lives in a cozy cottage on the British coast and enjoys taking long walks with her two Dalmatians, George and Fergie.

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Elizabeth Lennox
USA Today (c) bestselling author Elizabeth Lennox writes contemporary romance novels featuring sheiks, business tycoons, royalty, and other sexy rich men. Her male lead characters are smart, driven and determined, but can still be sensitive and vulnerable. Elizabeth's female lead characters come from a variety of backgrounds. They are strong, intelligent and independent, while still feminine and caring.

Although Elizabeth wanted to be a romance novelist since the eighth grade, that dream only became a (paid) reality for her in 2009 and a full time job in 2012. Along the way, she received a BS in History and held different jobs in the real estate, government consulting, and financial industries. All during that time, though, she was always writing, using her personal experiences, dreams, and travels throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean as backdrops for her stories. To date, she has written over 80 books and sold over 1.7 million copies. Her free novellas have been downloaded over 2.9 million times since 2013.

Elizabeth lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. Their home is just outside of Washington, D.C., and many of her novels are set in this area.
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