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Tour - The Witches Prophecy by Janae

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The Witches Prophecy

by Janae

Within the shadows, a prophecy-bound assassin emerges, holding the fate of our world in their lethal grip - the key to salvation or the catalyst of our downfall.
Trouble Ferell is your average gun toting assassin, never once caught she revels in anonymity. But she can’t face the demonic force that has come for her. She can no longer trust herself but burgeoning from her is that what you’d call magic. Now, as a sorceress with divine lineage she must face creatures from other realms in a race against time.
Confronting the truth, she must rise to the occasion of becoming the most formidable witch throughout history. She is tasked with banishing abominable entities back to the depths of the Underworld, all while ensuring her own survival.
Pity. It’s on Tuesday.


Now for an interview:

1. Describe yourself in three words.
Funny. Caring. Honest.

2. Cast your book. Tell us who would play the main characters in a movie and why. 
I would play Trouble because she is me, Henry Cavill would play Xaivier because he’s the superman, I had in mind (other than Christopher Reeve in the 70’s) Asia Argento was the photo I used for Digits and the K-Pop artist Rain was who I envisioned for Zander. Trouble has a older brother name Bishop who I’d either cased Ving Rhames or someone of his stature for that. I would definitely write a role for Samuel Jackson too. I am thinking of writing that screenplay. Lol.

3. What’s your favorite love scene from a movie?
I haven’t seen a great love scene in a long time. Most of them are fade to black lol. Or really bad soft porn. I guess I would have to name my favorite drama movie in Secretary. That was really touching. Finding someone who shares your weird is beautiful.

4. What’s your wildest fantasy?
Probably to do it somewhere high in the air and in public like a hot air balloon or something. I hate heights but the fact that you’re with your guy, in a situation where you could die and there’s someone watching you is really sexy.

5. If you were to lose one of your senses, which would you rather lose and why?
Since the notion that we only have five is a myth I would say the sense of pain or Nociception-the perception of pain. I like seeing people, I love my sense of smell, I would hate not to feel things and tasting food is a passion of mine. My hearing is going due to age but hearing “I love you” never fails to bring me to tears. No I will lose pain because I get migraines on the regular because of various reasons and cannot wait till they clear. Pain is something that comes with suffering and that is a terrible thing that people and animals will inevitably have to endure. If I were able to, I would take it away from everyone and everything.

6. What is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?
I played house with my cousins a lot. My grandma would watch movies like Risky Business and Private Resort. She would tell me to cover my eyes when watching those movies with her but I would peek then show my cousins lol. I also practiced kissing my sister’s Snoopy doll.

Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs. On the floor of my bedroom of course.

Top or Bottom?
Top. I like to be dominant. Also, it’s a great angle to look someone in the eyes.

Pajamas or nude?
Nude. I have no problem with my body as a whole. Its when someone else has to look at it that the worry and self-doubt sets in.

Hairy chests or smooth?
Hairy chest please but keep it to a minimum. Maintenance is a great tool for men.

Alpha or Beta?
Alpha. Because I am a hyper lady or whatever you call it. I need a manly man but I usually attract betas.


Now for an excerpt:

When Darkness looms, the world finds its hero…

In "The Witches Prophecy," Trouble Ferell, a renowned assassin, yearns for normalcy and acceptance. However, her world turns upside down when she discovers her involvement in an ancient prophecy and unlocks her long-dormant magical abilities. Doubt and uncertainty fill her mind as she grapples with her newfound identity and the visitations of a powerful deity. 

With her best friend turned lover by her side, Trouble must confront monstrous beings in human bodies and an impending apocalypse orchestrated by Chaos, an entity seeking her as his bride. As interdimensional gates creak open, Earth dangles on the edge of peril. Trouble must embrace her role as both a Demi-goddess and witch, rallying against her half-sister's ascent and thwarting Chaos's pursuit of the formidable Darkveil Talisman.

In a race against time, Trouble and Xaivier unravel the tapestry of their shared history, hurtling towards an epic clash that pits good against evil. 'The Witches Prophecy' weaves a spellbinding tale, where ultimate victory tips the scales for but one contender. Pity. It’s only Tuesday.

About the Author: 

Janae’s family is from Louisiana and Georgia. She is the middle child of three. She began her writing career as a teenager in high school writing steamy love scenes for her classmates. She wasn’t convinced as a writer until her English teacher found her stories and told her she should

be a writer. She treasured those words for all of her adult life. She has a bachelor’s degree in information Technology. She is a dedicated mother, friend and writer. She is usually found hunched over her laptop dreaming of different ways to entertain. She lives in Savannah, Ga with

her cat Persephone and son. She loves dogs and wants to own a Husky and loves making people laugh and feel comfortable. She has a podcast called How Not To Write with Janae and her favorite color is blue. She is a Cancer.

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Rocketship Ride by Frances D'Auria



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Come for a journey through the minds of two loving brothers as they explore the world around them using their imagination!

Join them in their rocketship as they barrel through space, meet with remarkable aliens, get in and out of extraordinary situations, and find the time to enjoy the company of amazing friends and family.

Let them take you on this incredible journey, and hopefully they inspire you to have your fantastic adventures too!

About the Author: Franco D'Auria discovered a passion for writing and world-building through his long career as a game designer for HitGrab Labs. Lending his voice to the game MouseHunt and its whimsical fantasy world of Gnawnia, his imagination was bursting for new creative outlets.

What started as an innocent request from his children to sing a bedtime song about rocketships gradually evolved into this book. It celebrates the boys' love of books, their special relationship as brothers, their adventures with family, and the spark of imagination that they share.

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Outlaw's Lady by Bobbi Smith


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Wrongly Accused

When Pinkerton detective Slade Braxton went undercover to infiltrate the notorious Dakota Kid’s gang, he became one of the most wanted outlaws in the West. Now, set to stand trial for murder and robbery, he realized his ruse had been all too convincing—especially when the judge at his hearing turned out to be the woman of his dreams—the woman he’d shared a kiss with before sinking back into the shadows.

Out for Justice

Alyssa Mason was shocked when the mystery man who swept her off her feet at the town dance strode into her courtroom, accused of killing her father. Something about the handsome, arrogant Braxton disturbed her usually calm resolve. Though not easily distracted from her moral duties, Alyssa soon found herself fighting a forbidden attraction—and wondering if she’d have no choice but to abandon the law…and become the Outlaw’s Lady.

Read an Excerpt

“It’s not much farther,” Slade told Ken and the others as they neared the entrance to the canyon and the Kid’s campsite.

“You’re sure about this?” Ken asked.

“It’s the only way to get to Alyssa. There’s no telling what the Kid might to do her.”

Slade sent Ken to the south rim of the canyon and Hawkins to the north. Brown stayed back out of sight near the entrance with the horses, just in case Alyssa somehow managed to escape on her own. If she did, he could stop her there and protect her until they returned.

Slade slowly made his way on foot through the rocky terrain, staying off the main trail and avoiding places where the Kid might be able to catch sight of him. But when the sound of Alyssa’s scream came echoing through the night to him, the unrelenting terror of it pierced him to the depths of his soul.

No longer able to restrain himself, Slade charged forward. He had meant to be cautious in his assault. He had meant to outsmart the Kid, to outmaneuver him and trap him before he could hurt anyone else, but Alyssa’s cry erased any intention he’d had of moving slowly. There was no time. She was in danger. He had to save her.

About the Author:
After working as a department manager for Famous-Barr, and briefly as a clerk at a bookstore, Bobbi Smith gave up on career security and began writing. She sold her first book to Zebra in 1982. Since then, Bobbi has written over 40 books and several short stories. To date, there are more than five million of her novels in print. She has been awarded the prestigious Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year Award and two Career Achievement Awards. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists. When she's not working on her novels, she is frequently a guest speaker for writer's groups. Bobbi is mother of two sons and resides in St. Charles, Missouri with her husband and three dogs.


Read on Kindle Unlimited or buy for only $0.99 during the month of January.


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Blurb Blitz - Return to Lerici by Rachel Dacus



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A suspenseful, uplifting story of second chances, family bonds, and redemption.

Sisters Elinor and Saffron rarely see eye-to-eye, but they agree that an unknown half-brother appearing in their lives can only spell trouble. The Greene sisters want to support their ailing mother, Betsy, as they gather in their cottage in Lerici, Italy. But they don’t want Betsy to keep searching for Baby Boy, the only name they have on faded adoption papers.

While the Greenes debate, Baby Boy finds them. A rough childhood has led Daniel to a life as a thief. When he learns of his connection to the wealthy Greenes, he decides to scam them. He goes to Italy and using a fake identity observes them at close range. Watching these people makes him ache for what he never had—a loving family.

Betsy is touched by the young man’s story and guesses their hidden connection. Discovering his true identity, she asks the family to help him. But Daniel’s shady past is catching up and putting the Greenes at risk. Should they bring their lost lamb into the fold—and can he claim his heritage if it endangers his family?

Read an Excerpt:

Robert sang a few words. “How about this?”

“I don’t know it, but it sounds good.”

“It’s my own. I wrote it.”

He began to strum, accompanying his soft voice, and Betsy had another jolt of recognition. It was the voice. There was so much of a similarity in the timbre that it made her ache. She wondered what Elinor would think if she came in while he was singing and heard Nathan’s singing voice coming out of this young man.

The song soothed her every aching muscle and bone. It did her body good and her nerves too. Like a fond memory, it wrapped her in the sensation that life was good and harmonious, that there was honey in every breeze and heaven just around the corner. He had a gift, this fellow. He definitely had talent. So how had he wound up tinkering with plumbing in Lerici? Maybe her intuition was true, and he had come for them.

Betsy lay back as he sang, her arm across her eyes, and thought of days past when musicians sang just for her, and she went home with one of them. Days long before Nathan and his stuffy circle of academics. The music was pulling her back to a time when she could relax and be herself, and her stuffy daughter didn’t criticize her every impulse and comment. She understood that Elinor felt criticized by her; what Elinor didn’t realize is that she’d adopted Betsy’s habit of sharp comments. And somewhere—God knew where—she’d picked up that skepticism that was going to burn her sweetheart down, if she didn’t marry the wonderful Tonio soon.

Robert strummed a last chord, his voice fading into the silence.

She sat up and looked at him. They stared at each other for a moment.

“You remind me of someone,” she murmured. “My ex-husband, Nathan.”

Why didn’t Robert look surprised?

About the Author
Rachel Dacus is the author of six novels, four time travel books in the Timegathering Series and two books of women’s fiction. She has also published four poetry collections. Rachel’s work has appeared widely in print and online, in journal that include Boulevard, Gargoyle, and Prairie Schooner. Her poetry is in the anthologies Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California and Radiant DisUnities: Real Ghazals in English. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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Book Blast - CERYS by Merrin Slade



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In a world where perfection is demanded of its citizens, one imperfect woman may be the only person who can save humanity.

One thousand years in the future, humans have developed the ability to alter their genes to create a perfect version of themselves, but not all are so fortunate. Cerys Skye is a Wild Type, genetically unaltered and forced to live in the Refuge—a place for Wild Types and the unlucky citizens whose genetic modifications society has deemed as imperfect.

All the fiery tempered young woman knows is how to fight. Using her wits and skills, Cerys must compete in brutal prize fights if she is to bring food to the table for her younger sister. But, she is always aware that the next fight could her last—she must find a way out of this life.

Leaving behind all that she knows, the last place the tempestuous Cerys expects to find herself is joining the United Planet's Space Force Academy, where she battles prejudice and intolerance in a world run by genetically modified humans.

As the new recruit discovers, not all is as it seems at the Academy with a shadowy cyber-evil seeking to threaten humanity. But, when loyalties are tested and the stakes are high, can Cerys rely on newfound allies and her unshakeable courage to stop the impending catastrophe?

Contains mature themes.

Read an Excerpt

Cerys shifted her jetpac speed to cruise and the hum of thrusters died away, leaving only whistling wind. Her titanium fight boots, and one hundred meters of searing air hung between her and death.

She floated above the Goliath. Her mouth was as dry as sun-scorched wind. Below, tiny people seethed around the edges of the stadium’s arena like leeches, blood-hungry and thirsting for the show to start. As she drifted lower, the Valkyries, all golden tresses and gleaming breastplates, twirled and swooped, a heavenly distraction. She flicked a salute. Gerry and Hilde swept their swords in flashing arcs. Their jetpacs accelerated beneath the holograms of arched wings as they glided into position.

“On me,” Cerys shouted, hitting the drop signal. She dived for the arena. Wind ripped past her, and adrenaline surged in her blood. She shot through images of exploding stars and the crowd turned to the sky like a bristling savage beast. Its roar pounded her like a fist.

Valkyrie. Valkyrie. Valkyrie.

About the Author: Merrin Slade is a science fiction writer who transports readers to alternate futures and faraway universes.

Connect with Merrin Slade:


The book is discounted for a limited time in NZ, Australia and the UK.

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Fashionista's Playbook by Candi Scott


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The door to the New York fashion world shut firmly in her face, Moriah Stanhope’s only option seems to be to return to her small-town home as a failure. At least, she would go home in disgrace, but her car was just repossessed. In front of the hottest guy she’s ever seen.

Travis Madera is supposed to hire an assistant. One with qualifications and experience. Someone who won’t be starstruck by the fact he’s a professional football player. But he never could resist a damsel in distress, especially one with all those curves.

Moriah’s been humiliated in front of guys like Travis before. But as his assistant, she has access to every moment of his day-to-day life, so surely she can stay ahead of any potential problems.

Until the past comes rushing into the present.

Read an Excerpt

“You’re kidding, right?” I sat straight on the leather sofa and gaped at Moriah.

She was grinning, a big cheesing smile that would have turned me on had what she was telling me not been so ridiculous. “Indeed not.”

Damn it. She wasn’t supposed to find humor in my misery.

“I thought you were Team Madera.” I scowled. There was no way this was happening to me. A large chunk of my masculine pride rebelled, and I recoiled as she stepped closer.

Moriah’s giggle was vibrant, rich, and made my groin twitch.

“I am, Travis. But the production company will pay more money if you wear the Speedo—plus, your female fans will be thoroughly impressed.” She pinched each end of a tiny, bright red men’s bikini, stretched it out, and wiggled from side to side with it.

She was taunting me. And despite my horror, I liked it.

Everything stopped, and I fixated on her face. Those flirty lips were plump, ripe. As were other parts of her, I was betting. Things I shouldn’t think about, especially not now and not about her.

She was better than that.

I shouldn’t have hired such a sexy assistant. I’d have been better off with a doting grandma type. A maternal old lady that folded clothes. Definitely not a woman I’d fantasize about wearing one of my jerseys and nothing else.

“Being objectified for cash feels wrong.”

The disdain that dripped from her sizzled all around us. “And yet men have been doing it to women for decades.”

“Fair point. But I’m an athlete, not a model. Hell, I’m covered in ink—not exactly Speedo material there.” I leaned back on the couch. Arguing with her was fun, even if I was going to lose. I’d film for Shark Week, if nothing more than to out-Speedo Gronkowski.

Moriah snorted. “I think the ink is part of the appeal. Women love it—nothing screams bad boy like tattoos.”

She turned away, but not before something like to embarrassment flashed in her eyes and darkened her cheeks.

God, I wanted to make her blush like that when she was naked under me. “You like inked up guys, Mariposa?’ I sure the hell hoped so.

About the Author:

Candi Scott is the spicy contemporary pen name for award winning author of Two Hearts, One Stone and the Arkadia Fast Series, Leslie Scott. She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. The happier the ending, the better. Currently, she lives and writes amidst her own happily ever after with her soul mate, son, and domestic zoo.

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Book Blast - Nerd Meets Curvy by AC James


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Coralie dreads starting over, but Mystic River beckons her home like a siren's call. Armed with determination and a toolkit full of DIY magic, Coralie sets out to revive her grandmother's worn-down house. If anyone can breathe new life into the old walls, it's her. And with lifelong friendships awaiting her, she has a support system as sturdy as a bear shifter's embrace.

Little does she know that her homecoming will launch her into the wildest roller coaster ride of midlife dating and a mating bond that makes her head spin faster than a tornado. Coralie certainly hadn't signed up for this level of excitement, but here she was, courtesy of the enigmatic mastermind herself, Mrs. Wilde. The queen of matchmaking and the architect of the notorious Peculiar Hearts Dating Agency promises Coralie a spicy rebound for her upcoming high school reunion.

Enter Jax, a scorching hot bear shifter haunted by a love that's gripped him since high school. Just when he finally has a shot at settling down, a pesky ex-harpy swoops in, flapping her wings and causing more drama than a forest full of squawking birds. Tired of the chaos, this bear is ready to throw in the towel and hibernate for good!

But as they say, fate has a wicked sense of humor.

Beneath the surface of his chance to make things right and rewrite history are secrets that could detonate like a ticking time bomb, threatening to shatter their fragile bond. Coralie holds a haunting secret buried deep within her heart. It shapes the choices that molded her into the fierce, curvy woman she is today. As for Jax, his past is a murky labyrinth of pain and darkness. Lives and love swing on a high-stakes pendulum as danger closes in.

Can Coralie and Jax beat the odds, untangle the mystery of the danger stalking them, and build a future that defies the limits of their pasts?

Read an Excerpt

Coralie doubted her decision to visit Mrs. Wilde, the matchmaker with an enigmatic reputation. It felt like a leap of faith that teetered on the edge of being a colossal mistake. She had confided in Jessie, expressing her reservations about the whole mess. But she had stood at Eleanora’s door, unable to turn back. After all, Jessie had driven her here. It would be incredibly rude to stand up the sprightly matchmaker after her friend had made the appointment and likely bartered something with Mrs. Wilde. Coralie couldn’t help but wonder what kind of deal Jessie had struck.

Coralie inhaled, steeling herself as she met Eleanora’s piercing gaze. There was a glimmer of hope, so faint it was almost imperceptible. “Honestly, I don’t know anymore.”

“Your sex life may be nonexistent, but deep down, do you want it to be?” Eleanora asked, cutting right to the chase.

Coralie took a moment to ponder the question, considering the possibilities. Jessie’s persistent nudging had pushed her to this moment, and perhaps it was time to let go of the past. She had grown comfortable in her skin, embracing her curves, plus-size hourglass figure, and innate sensuality. The hurtful words of her ex still lingered, but she refused to let them define her. She didn’t want to resign to a life of spinsterhood and missed opportunities.

She licked her lips, feeling a flutter of excitement in her stomach. Wasn’t it time for her to indulge in some fun and pleasure? Besides, she had a looming high-school reunion on the horizon, and she needed a date who could turn heads.

“I may not be ready for a serious commitment at the moment, but I think I could handle some no-strings-attached fun,” Coralie confessed, her voice taking on a husky tone. “And I definitely need a date for my reunion.”

Eleanora pursed her lips, assessing Coralie with a shrewdness that made her squirm. “Is that all you want, my dear? A shifter with the perfect balance of charm and wildness? Are you absolutely certain that’s all you’re looking for?”

About the Author:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.C. James writes paranormal romance and erotica, including Eternal Ever After (rebranded as Eternal Lover), featured in the bestselling Spice Box anthology. Her Ever Dark Immortals Series, which begins with Eternal Lover, has been described as “brimming with sensuality” and “romantic and sizzling hot.” The Isle of the Horse Shifters series starts with Ride: Awakening and is “lighthearted,” that is a “joy ride from beginning to end.”

She resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with her adoring husband Ron (aka Mr. A.C. James), who loves her imaginative yarns and punny sense of humor. She’s also a domestic violence advocate and discusses intimate partner violence and addiction to raise awareness on social media and through her writing. Many of her books include themes like alcoholism or addiction. If you love books that feature underdogs and redemption, her stories will capture your heart.

She spends most of her time drinking large vats of coffee while wrangling kids by day and writing by night. Recovering video game beta tester and tech geek who grew up going to cons and watching SmackDown. There’s probably some cosplay pictures around somewhere of her dressed up as Bloodberry from Saber Marionette J. Just don’t tell anyone.

Connect With Me

Reader Group:
Facebook Fan Page:


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VBT - The Ghost of Shantel Thompson by Curtis Maynard

It's a tour and you'll want to stick around for the interview. Yes, there's an interview! Plus, there are prizes to be won. Like? One randomly drawn winner will receive a $25 Amazon/BN GC and one randomly drawn host will receive a $25 Amazon/BN GC. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour. You can do that here:


by Curtis Maynard

When the Riggs family in Mobile, Alabama, faced the mysterious death of their adoptive daughter Shantel Thompson, they never imagined her ghost would linger for decades…

In Curtis Maynard's heart-stopping paranormal thriller, 'The Ghost of Shantel Thompson,' a new family, fifty years later, grapples with a haunting legacy where the line between life and death is hauntingly thin.

Just as they begin to settle into their new life, their own young daughter is gripped by chilling visions of Shantel. It's not just fleeting shadows—she's entangled in a vengeful spirit's relentless quest for justice, a quest that spans generations.

As whispers from the grave reveal long-hidden secrets, this new family faces a terrifying truth: some ghosts refuse to be silenced. Now, they must confront the mystery of Shantel's death before her ghostly agenda consumes them all.

Dare to uncover the truth? 'The Ghost of Shantel Thompson' awaits to send shivers down your spine!


Now for an EXCERPT:

Reacting swiftly, Damian lunged out of bed and rushed to Sarah's side, using his body as a shield between Alicia and her mother. "Alicia? Alicia?" he repeated, his voice desperate, hoping to break the hold of whatever trance had possessed her.

Alicia blinked, her eyes refocusing as she met her father's gaze. "Dad?" Her voice was calm, confusion evident in her tone. She glanced down at the knife in her hand. "What happened?"

"That's what we want to know," Damian replied, his voice filled with concern. "Your mother woke up and saw you standing over her with a knife."

Alicia's gaze shifted to Sarah, who sat trembling on the bed. "I don't remember coming in here. I don't know where I got the knife from." She looked back at her father. "I must've been sleepwalking again."

"What's the last thing you remember?" Damian asked, a trace of suspicion in his voice.

Alicia's mind raced, searching for a plausible explanation. She couldn't afford to be caught in the act of sneaking into their room. "I... I remember a nightmare. Yes, that's what it was. I was sleeping, and I had a nightmare. I didn't know what was going on. And the next thing I know, you're shaking me awake."

Relieved by Alicia's explanation, Damian gently took the knife from her hand. "Let me just take this from you," he said, his tone soothing. "And let's get you back into bed."


Now for An Interview with the Author:

What are your favorite TV shows?

            Big Brother and Survivor

 What is your favorite meal?

            I am very fond of Mexican cuisine.

 If you were to write a series of novels, what would it be about?

            I think it would entail a paranormal mystery where each episode (book) would draw the audience closer to the truth.

 Is there a writer you idolize?  If so who?

            I idolize writers who release books. If an author finishes a book, they have told a story.  Congrats to them!

 How did you come up for the title of this book?

            By visualizing it as a movie.


About the Author: 

Curtis Maynard is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, and author passionate about suspenseful storytelling. Enthralled by the paranormal, his mysteries and thrillers feature everything from hauntings and visions to cryptic messages from beyond the grave. Curtis currently resides with his wife and son in Alabama, a setting rich with inspiration for his novels and short films. He hopes his stories will leave you spellbound, disquieted, and suspicious of the slightest shuddering shadow.

 Amazon Author Page:

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Book Blast - Poetry from the Heart by Paul Guerin



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"Poetry: writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm."

"Poetry: a literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm."

Poetry means different things to different people. For me, it is all about feelings. If it captures the emotions of the reader, a poem will resonate and fill the soul. It can mean everything to one person and not much at all to another. The mood of the reader, and no one else, determines the outcome.

For example, love poems are wonderful when you are in love, and their passion is amazing. If you are facing adversity, however, love poems likely will just annoy you.

In this second book, Poetry from my Heart: The Journey Continues, I have again divided the poems into categories which will fit your mood no matter what you are experiencing at the time you choose to explore them. There should be something for everyone, whether you are in love, out of love, hurt, lonely, angry, abandoned, or facing other challenges in your life.

Poetry has a healing power that nurtures the soul and quietens the mind and so I hope that whatever your situation is in life, you have found something here that helped you safely on your own journey.

Read an Excerpt

Silent sentinels 
We're rocky Sentinels in the trees

With mossy heads and jagged knees
We've stood here silently for years
We feel no stress we have no fears

A thousand years or more we've stood
Deep within our woodland world
Our greenly forest neighbourhood
With silent meaning still unfurled

With heads of moss and cobweb beards
We look so strong and brave
We have no needs, we know no fears
This forest home is all we crave

We proudly lay beneath the trees
Our walls are hard we feel no pain
We're Stoney Sentinels on our knees
We guard our world of wind and rain

We have no roots we have no heart
We're solid in the ground
We're stony stoic works of art
We're lurking here without a sound

When next you walk our forest floor
Remember not to make a sound
We’ll stare at you but won’t say more
Just Silent Sentinels in the ground

About the Author:
Paul Guerin is an Irishman. He was born in September 1946 in Castletownroche, a small townland village in County Cork, Eire.

It was there in Castletownroche that his romantic imagination was sparked as he came to love and appreciate the magic of his surroundings. Those early experiences were the genesis of his poetry that emerged in later life.

As a young adult, Paul lived in London, England, where he became a chartered accountant.

At age 25, restless for adventure, Paul moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he still resides today.

Paul is happily married and is a proud father and grandfather.

Paul writes poetry as the inspiration comes to him. As long as his mind, body and soul are willing companions and his spark of inspiration remains alive, he will continue to write.

This book is Paul's second publication in his Willing Heart series. His first book was published in the Spring of 2022 and is called Poetry from My Heart: A Journey through Feelings. The book reached #1 on Amazon’s Kindle chart in British Poetry and #2 in Poetry Anthologies November 2023.

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NBTM - Emissary by EB Brooks

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by E.B. Brooks

Two Worlds. One Future.

Ewan O’Meara is no stranger to death: in recent months, he’s found his way to limbo at least once per week, much to his parents’ concern. It’s a necessary price for getting experience to become the greatest adventurer his homeland of Veridor has ever known, but the overbearing Veridian Church has him pinned down, soaking him for the penance gold to unlock his stats each time he respawns. And because the Church’s ancient war put an end to both the godlike Gems and the epic quests they once bestowed, Ewan has no better alternative.

 That is, until he encounters a young woman fleeing arrest from the Church’s soldiers. At first glance, Treanna Rothchild needs it: she’s clueless about Veridian life. But she has other skills that defy Ewan’s understanding, and she knows things. Unsettling, seditious things the Church wants kept secret at any cost.

And she’s in Veridor to raise an army, to fight an enemy only she can see.

Risking both life and soul, Ewan follows Treanna where no Veridian has ever been and there is no respawning. But for him to have a chance at making a real difference in the strange, harsh world she reveals to him, he must first come to terms with it. Especially as he and Treanna discover how much it has in common with Veridor—and how much they depend on each other to survive.

New-adult science fiction, wrapped in gaming and fantasy around a hopepunk core, Emissary is an immersive, thought-provoking adventure with a little teen romance and a lot of heart.

Now for An Excerpt: 

Ewan didn’t know why he did it. He had plenty of reasons. He was angry about getting censured, annoyed with Paul’s warning to keep his head down, and embarrassed by how quickly he’d ignored it. No one took him seriously as an adventurer, much less understood when he asked the big questions.

But, more than anything, looking into those eyes, he simply knew this girl was in trouble, and that he wanted to help her.

She flew past as time resumed its normal flow; Ewan shouted and leaped in front of the Swords to draw their aggro. He called up his menu, winced when he remembered he’d given Kate his armor, then equipped his blades anyway.

An ominous tone sounded in his mind, and a warning flashed across his vision that he now had a bounty, along with a reminder that only Swords were permitted to equip weapons in the cathedral. As if to prove the point, the soldiers slowed as they saw the blades flash into being on his back, but with grim smiles they equipped their own and changed targets.

Ewan spared a quick glance behind him to see the girl vanish down the steps, then turned to face his opponents.

The crowd was whispering excitedly now, but he focused on the Swords, quickly calling on his own basic aura-reading skills to scan them. They were stronger than him, and bigger too, but neither had bothered to bolster their defense beyond their armor, clearly seeing him as an easy mark.

Time to see what agility’s all about, he thought with a nervous chuckle.

About the Author: 

E.B. Brooks lives in the southeastern USA, where he splits his time between writing, research, and homesteading. He enjoys building fictional worlds, real houses, and landscape models, but he’s most at home with his wife and children, and their many, many pets.



Twitter: @EBBrooksFiction



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Monday, January 8, 2024

Book Blast - The World Council by Norm Meech


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Ricky Montgomery had just graduated high school in June 1976 and was enjoying life as an 18-year-old teenager. He was hired by the Dawson City Police Force, and after graduating from police college he was assigned to work as an undercover operative in a motorcycle gang.

Ricky, although happy, was struggling living his double life as a cop and biker. Then it happened: during a biker war, Ricky's life was saved by agents from the World Council (TWC). TWC was created by the world's leaders to prevent manmade disasters from happening and to liaise with aliens who have been monitoring mankind for hundreds of years. TWC's mandate, with the assistance of aliens, is to ensure mankind's continued existence.

TWC is a highly secretive organization, whose agents have the ability to travel through time, to change history, and to take lives to save lives. Ricky becomes a TWC agent and discovers that TWC's command staff is making unethical decisions, hiding secrets about aliens and trying to reduce the world's population through biological warfare. Ricky teams up with other agents and tries to save mankind and the world from disaster.

Read an Excerpt

Just as I turned and looked outside, the van’s side door slid open and two masked men with guns opened fire. I yelled to everyone, to get down as I hit the floor. There were shards of broken glass and bullets flying everywhere.

Although the barrage of gunfire only lasted a few minutes, it seemed a lot longer, like time had slowed down. One of the Devils who was packing a gun was able to return fire and the van disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I looked around and most of the people were starting to get up off the floor. All except for a couple.

Then I realized that Vicky was still on the ground and there was blood pooling beside her. My God, she had been shot! I yelled for someone to call an ambulance and to get me some towels. I got the towels and applied pressure to her midsection. I looked around for help but there wasn’t any. The other waitresses were helping one of the Devil’s members and another waitress who had also been shot. Hammer and the other guys took off knowing that the cops would be showing up soon.

Sure enough, in a matter of minutes ambulances and a ton of cops arrived at the bar. The ambulance attendants started working on Vicky and the cops pushed me off to the side, telling me to stay back, let them do their job. Obviously none of the cops or ambulance people knew we were undercover. I was judged to be a low life biker and my “old lady”, a waitress, was also judged to be the lower part of society. They allowed me to ride in the ambulance with Vicky, only after I gave some uniform cop our names and addresses. They worked on Vicky all the way to the hospital and they told me that she was in critical condition when they wheeled her into surgery.

It suddenly hit me like a truck. It did not matter who I was, a biker or a cop. We are all humans and Vicky did not deserve this. She was only 23 years old and she was a beautiful person. I knew she understood the risks of being a cop, especially an undercover cop, but she was harmless. She had stepped up to the plate, she had warned me, she had my back. Besides saving me, she probably had saved a lot of other people in that bar. I was so emotional and confused; I was holding back tears and I was so full of anger I did not know what to do. Who could I call? It could not get out that she was a cop! I called Christine to tell her what had happened.

About the Author: Norm Meech has been retired for nearly two years, capping a distinguished forty-four-year career in policing. He fondly recalls the camaraderie of work friends forged during his tenure and the unique experiences as a police officer.

While missing aspects of his former profession, Norm keeps himself engaged by maintaining fitness and pursuing various hobbies. Additionally, he channels his creativity into writing, aiming to produce a book annually. His latest work delves into science fiction, inviting readers to ponder questions about the existence of aliens, unidentified flying objects, government involvement in secret conspiracies, the potential for time travel, and the impact of human activities on the planet. Norm hopes readers enjoy the fictional stories he crafts, sparking contemplation and curiosity.


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