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Book Blast ~ Claiming the Maverick's Heart by Debra Holt

It's book blast and this time around I'm featuring Claiming the Maverick's Heart by Debra Holt. There are prizes to be won. She's giving away a $10 GC to Amazon or BN. How cool is that? I'm in! Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour. you can do that here:

by Debra Holt


“He’s back.”

Words Macy Donovan hoped to never hear.

Trace Cartwright was the maverick rodeo cowboy who broke her heart, leaving her on the steps of the church on the eve of their wedding. Now he's returned to build his home and to lay claim to her heart ... again. Macy barely survived the broken heart the first time. Does he think he can walk back into her life and take up where he left off?


Now for An Excerpt:

Macy nodded and smiled along with her. There was a lot to miss about Gram, and a tight squeeze circled around her heart. A little more than a year had passed, but that wasn’t enough time to temper the loss. She doubted that even twenty years would alleviate the emptiness her grandmother’s passing had left.

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About The Author:

Born and raised in the Lone Star state of Texas, Debra grew up among horses, cowboys, wide open spaces, and real Texas Rangers.  Pride in her state and ancestry knows no bounds and it is these heroes and heroines she loves to write about the most.  She also draws upon a variety of life experiences including working with abused children, caring for baby animals at a major zoo, and planning high-end weddings (ah, romance!).
When she isn’t busy writing about tall Texans and feisty heroines, she can be found cheering on her Texas Tech Red Raiders, or heading off on another cruise adventure.  She read her first romance...Janet Dailey's Fiesta San Antonio, over thirty years ago and became hooked on the genre. Writing contemporary romances, is both her passion and dream come true, and she hopes her books will bring smiles...and all who believe in happily-ever-after’s. 
Debra invites you to visit her website at  She loves to hear from other aspiring authors or readers via email at  Twitter is and Facebook at 


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Blurb Blitz ~ DANCED CLOSE and INTOXICATED from Lyrical Press

It's a blurb blitz and today I'm featuring two books! Yeah. Danced Close by Annabeth Albert and Intoxicating by Heather Heyford. You'll want to keep reading. Why? There are prizes to be won? Like? The authors will be awarding digital copies of the books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Very cool. Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour. You can do that here:

Danced Close: Portland Heart #6
by Annabeth Albert
Intoxicating: An Oregon Wine Country Romance #2
By Heather Heyford

 Danced Close

Portland, Oregon, is one of the hottest cities in America. Just ask all the hard-working men sweating it up behind the counters of the restaurants, boutiques, and cafés all over town . . .
Newly clean and sober, Todd’s taken a shine to his job at Portland’s most talked about bakery. It’s not just the delicious desserts they sell, but the tasty treats who keep walking through the door. That certainly includes Kendall Rose, a wedding planner with eyes the color of brown sugar and skin to match. Todd doesn’t try to hide his attraction to Kendall’s elegant confidence and unique style, even as he worries about exposing the secrets of his past.

For Kendall, the attention is just part of the anything-goes Portland he’s grown to love. But he’s still looking for that special someone who will embrace all of him—including his gender fluidity. So he takes a chance and asks Todd to be his partner in a dance class leading to a fundraiser. When the music starts and he takes Todd in his arms, Kendall is shocked at how good it feels. Turns out taking the lead for once isn’t a mistake. In fact, it might be time to take the next step and follow his heart . .

In the second book of Heather Heyford’s series, set in Oregon’s wine country, having a crush takes on a whole new meaning when a lady sommelier teams up with the hottie from her high school days . . .

The Girl Most Likely

. . . to be a waitress at her hometown café. That’s what Clarkston’s high school yearbook said about Poppy Springer ten years ago and that’s where the beauty queen is today. But that’s about to change now that Poppy has been offered a position as a lady sommelier at a cutting-edge new restaurant. Only Poppy has an embarrassing secret that could keep her from landing her dream job. A secret her high school crush seems determined to help her with . . .

The Man Most Wanted

In high school, Heath Sinclair may have been voted most likely to blow something up, but these days the sexy science prodigy is a self-made success story with his popular microbrewery and chiseled good looks. So why is Clarkston’s most-eligible man so hell-bent on helping Poppy prove that she is more than her reputation? Could it be the enigmatic bachelor has a hankering for the girl who got away?


Now for an Excerpt from Intoxicating

He caught a glimpse of skin, a flash of navel inside his jacket.

And that’s when his earlier objective to methodically analyze her flew out the window. This wasn’t the little girl he once knew. This Poppy was every inch a woman. When had that happened? How had he been so blind, and for how long?

And then her weight landed on her heel and her knee buckled. In the blink of an eye her jubilant expression turned tortured, and she inhaled sharply.

Before he knew what he was doing he was there, his arm snaking around her waist, propping her up. “Over here.” He guided her to- ward the nearest couch, letting her use his body as a crutch.
“If I hadn’t second-guessed myself, I would have gotten all six of those wines right!” said Poppy. Not even her pain could erase her elation for long. For Poppy, every victory, even a small one, was cause for celebration.

But for Heath, that test was rapidly becoming a memory.

The main thing is her foot and easing her discomfort, insisted his ever-practical nature.

He tried to maintain decorum as he deposited her rump onto a couch covered in a crimson plush and, mission accomplished, began to straighten his spine.

But Poppy apparently had a different idea. Still caught up in her enthusiasm, she seemed to be in no hurry to unclamp her grip from around his neck.

With a growing uncertainty, Heath searched her face and saw that now her expression had softened. Her eyes sparkled with a new ardor that both disturbed and exhilarated him. A waterfall of gold cascaded behind her as her head fell back, exposing her vulnerable neck, her eyes narrowed, and her lips parted in invitation.


About Annabeth Albert:

Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer. Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

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About Heather Heyford

Heather Heyford is the author of contemporary romances set in the wine country. See what inspires her writing on her many Pinterest boards, read more about her on, and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Hunter Claimed Dark Wolf Enterprises, Book #3 by AM Griffin ~ Out Now

It's release day for my dear friend, AM Griffin and her book, Hunter Claimed. Keep reading. There's a giveaway at the end of this post. For what? $20 Amazon Gift card. Contest runs from April 25 – May 16, 2017. Enter today and Happy Release day, AM!!
Hunter Claimed
Dark Wolf Enterprises, Book #3
Paranormal Romance
by A.M. Griffin

When Hunter and Asha’s worlds collide, neither is able to walk away from the other.

Asha has a simple plan for her life—her hopefully soon-to-be immortal life. All she’s ever wanted was to be so powerful that no one could ever hurt her again, and once she becomes a Vampire her dream will come true. Sure, being a Vampire’s protégé isn’t the easiest job a girl could have, but there are far tougher roads she could be walking, like following in her drug-addicted mother’s footsteps.

Hunter Arany hates Vampires, and with good reason. So when Dark Wolf Enterprises is forced to hire a group of the blood-suckers to find out who’s been stealing company money, he’s sure having them around will be a problem. He never figured it would the Vampires’ human servant who causes him the most trouble—trouble of the love and life-mate kind.
He’s hoping to convince Asha a brighter future exists in his arms, but old dreams fade slowly and can become living nightmares—of the dying kind.

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 Now for an Excerpt!!!

“You almost got me killed,” she announced.
He turned away from one of the screens he watched to frown at her. “Huh?”
“Stepping between me and Clarissa yesterday then leaving paw prints all over the property. I know it was you.”
He leaned back in his chair and watched her. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. And you shouldn’t be upset that I stopped a mad Vampire from breaking the rest of your fingers.”
Ash narrowed her eyes. “You don’t understand how Vampires work,” she bit out.
“I know plenty, which is why you shouldn’t be anywhere near them. You’re human.”
She lifted her chin. “I can handle myself.”
He glanced at her injured hand. “Right.”
She stabbed the air with her finger. “You think you know everything, but you don’t. No one is making me stay with them. I’m with them because I want to—”
“Be one of them.”
She could feel her temperature rising. “And what’s so bad about that?”
“Nothing if you enjoy feeding off blood.”
“It’s a necessity.”
Hunter got up and crossed the short distance between them. He put a hand on the side of her head and tilted it to view her neck. “No bite marks.” He sounded surprised.
She pulled out of his grasp and stepped away until her back hit the door. “They don’t bite me there.” She knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as the words left her lips.
He stepped up to her. Their bodies were almost touching. “Where do they bite you, Ash?” he asked in a low voice.
She couldn’t find the words to say anything. He smelled so good—outdoorsy and fresh. She breathed in deeper, filling her lungs with the scent of man.
He lifted her hand and turned over her wrist. “Do they bite you here?”
She didn’t like to be touched. She hated it. But she welcomed his hands on her skin. She wanted him to touch her more. “S-sometimes.”
He ran his fingers up to the soft side of her elbow. Heat erupted on her skin in their wake.  “How about here?”
She shook her head and her messenger bag dropped from her hand. He went to her hip and she inhaled a sharp breath at the tingling sensation that he caused. 
He used his hand to travel down her hip and stopped at the juncture of her groin. “Here?”
“You have to hand it to them,” he said, his voice deep and raspy. “They know where the liquid is…sweetest.”
Air caught in her throat. Hunter leaned down and captured her mouth with his. The prickly hairs on his upper lip and chin grazed across her face. He was all man, yet feral and predatory at the same time. He used his tongue to part her lips and delved inside. She was hesitant at first, unsure what to do or how to kiss him. But it didn’t take long before instinct took over and she explored his mouth just as much as he did hers and met his tongue with the same ferocity he displayed.
He reached around and palmed her butt, squeezing and kneading her onto him. His hardness was against her belly in the most delightful way. He gripped and lifted her off her feet. Using the door to steady her, Hunter urged her to wrap her legs around his waist. With their mouths locked together, he walked her over to the table and sat her on the edge.
She didn’t care about the compromising position. All that mattered was how his muscles felt under her hands. She explored him, caressing his face, neck, arms and back. She wanted more. She longed for him.
He pressed his hips between her legs and she shuddered. Only the thin barrier of her panties separated his cock from her. Little moans escaped her mouth as he moved, grinding on her clit. She let her hands roam across his lower back, urging him on. With fervor, he kissed her, and deep moans came from his throat. Her stomach knotted at hearing his pleasure in her ears.

Excerpt #3
As he sauntered over to her, with plate in hand, she took a deep breath and her mouth watered as the aroma of onions, tomatoes, cheese and eggs hit her nostrils. “That smells wonderful.”
When he held the plate out to her she practically snatched it from him, making the fork fall onto the floor.
“Whoa, slow down. It’s not going anywhere,” he joked.
“Sorry, I’m hungrier than I thought.” When she started for the utensil, he stopped her.
“Don’t worry about that. I’ll get you another.”
“Thanks,” she said as he leaned down to get it for her.
He stopped and took a long sniff at the air.
“What the heck are you doing? Are you smelling me again?”
This wasn’t the same kind of sniff that he’d given her earlier. This one was longer, more sensual and she swore he had shivered as he did.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You smell…delectable.”
She pressed her knees together, unsure of exactly how she should feel about being sniffed. “Just…just don’t do that again.”
He looked up at her. “Why not?”
She was mortified. “Why? Because, because it’s not proper. One does not go around sniffing other people’s crotches. It’s rude.”
“Not for Wolf-Shifters.”
“I. Am. Not. A. Wolf-Shifter.”
“I’m well aware of that fact.” He dropped to his knees and she scooted her chair back so fast that she tipped to fall. Just as fast, he reached out and caught the chair legs and righted her before she tumbled backward.
“I should probably say thank you, but I’m not going to.”
“No need to thank me.”
She stared down at him positioned between her legs. How could she close them if he had his body wedged there? “So, um, can you move now?”
“No, I was thinking that I could eat, while you eat.”
She nodded toward the stove. “That was the plan. That’s why you made two omelets, right?”
He pulled his gaze away from her crotch to stare up at her. The minute their eyes met she knew she was in a world of trouble. Light-brown eyes, shielded by heavy lashes and projecting sex stared back at her. And she thought the looks he’d shot her the first night had been smoldering. No, the way he watched her now was exactly how she imagined lovers looked at each other.
“I don’t want to eat…that,” he said.

Shifter Claimed: 0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! 

Dark Wolf Enterprises, Book #1
Available Now!
The big break Trudy Hollander’s small accounting firm needs has finally arrived, but unfortunately it comes with murder, mayhem and Kristof Farkas, a man she just can’t seem to resist. Even worse, Kristof is the CFO of Dark Wolf Enterprises—the one person who can pull the plug on the job that will take her company to the next level.
Then there are the assassins who can jump from three stories up and still be able to run away…
Kristof has no intention of giving in to his inner wolf and claiming Trudy. She’s human. Too fragile to withstand being a shifter’s mate. But the need to protect her is stronger than his resolve, and his desire is more powerful yet. He’ll fight with everything he has to keep her safe, both from those who would hurt her, and from himself.

Lover Claimed 

Dark Wolf Enterprises, Book #2
Available now!
When Meisha comes home and finds a strange man in her kitchen, she does what any sensible person would do. She beats the crap out of him first, then asks questions after. When he explains her best friend is in mortal danger, Meisha knows the whole mess—including a recent murder and the threats on her friend’s life—may be her fault, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. And no sexy stranger is going to stop her.

Lajos Farkas isn’t expecting to meet a spitfire, martial artist when he’s on a mission to figure out who’s stealing from Dark Wolf Enterprises, and he certainly doesn’t expect her to insist on butting in on his investigation. But getting rid of Meisha is seemingly impossible, and when his wolf decides she’s his life-mate, suddenly he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her close and grow old with her.

If they can just stay alive long enough to make that possible.

About the Author:
A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and
intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.
Where you can find me:
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Book Blast ~ SHEIK'S RESCUE by Ryshia Kennie

It's a book blast and today I'm featuring Sheik's Rescue by Ryshia Kennie. You'll want to stick around. There are prizes to be won. Like? Ryshia will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Follow the tour. You can do that here:

Sheik’s Rescue
by Ryshia Kennie


Zafir Al-Nassar knows everything about Jade Van Everett. He's studied the cases she's worked for his family's company and for the FBI. And it's hard not to notice that she's absolutely gorgeous. Teaming up for a routine security detail, Jade is desperate to prove herself and Zafir can't help but admire her determination. But when their assignment turns deadly, it becomes difficult to stay focused on the job. Because although they were hired to protect a Morrocan royal from a trained assassin, Zafir also has every intention of keeping Jade safe and by his side. Forever.


Now for an Excerpt!

She turned around and walked past him.  Zafir watched her and really wished he hadn’t for his gaze couldn’t help but go down to her perky butt that…  That was twice he’d been caught by that part of her anatomy.  He needed to pull his gaze away, to take his thoughts from the soft, rounded… It took everything he had.


He wrapped his palm around the back of his neck as if a stranglehold massage would stop his thoughts.  But his hand was only hurting his neck and doing nothing to stop the overwhelming awareness of her as a very attractive female.  He wasn’t sure what would help, but physical pain wasn’t doing it.  He dropped his hand.

He was unable to drag his eyes from her.  Her figure curved in all the right places.   He wanted to run his hands over her.  He wanted to do so much more.

He couldn’t.

He pushed the thoughts from his mind.  They had a case to solve and a client to protect.  He turned around, heading for the bedroom.  He knew she’d gotten information from Stan, but after what he’d learned, he thought it was time they both sat down and had a long talk with him.


Jade turned from the kitchen window and as she did, he met the question in her eyes.  He stood in the doorway of their client’s room, his fists clenched, all thoughts of passion or attraction forgotten.

“He’s gone.”


About the Author:

The Canadian prairies are my home and while the prairie landscape is blessed with beautiful blue skies, it also has four seasons that come on full throttle – especially winter and because of that I like to travel.  Often on those trips, stories are born. 

In 2011 I won my city's writing award, and was the first romance writer to do so since its inception.  In 2013 my romantic suspense was a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards.  Published in historic romance and paranormal romance as well as romantic suspense, in February 2016, my first novel was published by Harlequin Intrigue.

There’s no lack of places to set a story as my imagination and the too long prairie winters may find me seeking adventure.  The memories of those worlds both near and far, the words of a stranger, the furtive look one man gives another, often become the catalyst for a suspenseful story with a deadly villain and an intrepid hero and heroine who must battle for their right to love or even their right to live.

When not dreaming of other stories, I can be found scouting out a garage sale or two, dusting off my roller blades or just thinking about the next adventure that may be miles away or in my own backyard. 

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Book Blast ~ The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde

It's a book blast and there are prizes to be won. What book? I'm featuring The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde. What's up for grabs if you keep reading the post and enter the contests? Deborah will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to one winner, another winner will win a print copy of the book (International), both are randomly drawn via rafflecopter during the tour. How cool is that? Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour. You can do that here:

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter
by Deborah Wilde


Bridesmaids meets Buffy.

The ago-old story of what happens when a foul-mouthed, romance impaired heroine with no edit
button and a predilection for hot sex is faced with her worst nightmare–a purpose.

Ari Katz is intelligent, driven, and will make an excellent demon hunter once initiated into the Brotherhood of David. However, this book is about his twin Nava: a smart-ass, self-cultivated hot mess, who is thrilled her brother is stuck with all the chosen one crap.

When Nava half-drunkenly interrupts Ari’s induction ceremony, she expects to be chastised. What she doesn’t expect is to take her brother’s place among the–until now–all-male demon hunters. Even worse? Her infuriating leader is former rock star Rohan Mitra, whose sudden retirement in his early twenties now seems a lot less mysterious.

Convinced that her twin still has a shot at his destiny, Nava hatches a plan to convince the Brotherhood to bring the other Katz sibling into the fold. It’s too bad Rohan’s guarding her so closely that she might not be able to put it into action.

And it’s really too bad Rohan’s exactly what Nava’s always wanted: the perfect bad boy fling with no strings attached, because he may also be the one to bring down her carefully erected emotional shields. That’s as dangerous as all the evil fiends vying for the bragging rights of killing the only female ever chosen for Demon Club–or the one demon in particular out for payback.

Odds of survival: eh.
Odds of having a very good time with Rohan before she bites it: much better.


Now for an Excerpt!!

The maybe-demon from Josh’s alleyway was back, having stopped about five feet away and triggering the motion sensor. What with Josh’s sister trying to kill me and all, he’d fallen off my radar.

Aloe gooped over my fingers, having clutched the frond hard enough to break it, and my terror and an intense curiosity resurfaced. There was no denying his compelling presence. Plus, he had those long lashes that were my Kryptonite. I opened my mouth to scream. Or drool.

He held a finger up to his delectable lips to keep me quiet, circling me with lazy strides, checking me out.

I’d have been offended by the blatant appraisal except under his intense scrutiny, I lit up with an electric zing. I found myself stroking the aloe stalks in an obscene manner. Even knowing he couldn’t see my blush since I was in the shadows didn’t kill my utter mortification at jerking off plant life in not-so-subtextual yearning.

He stalked toward me, his leather jacket rustling with each step.

I held up a hand to stop him, the faintest electric crackle pulsing off my skin.

He didn’t stop, didn’t slow. In fact, he kept up his steady approach until his hand covered mine. My magic shocked us both at his touch. I gasped and shivered as pleasure, not pain, rumbled through me.

Hand still clasped in his, he stared at me suspiciously, instead of in fear, but had I wanted, I could have broken his hold. Not a demon, then? He fingered the thin silver necklace I wore with surprising gentleness, toying with the cute floral pendant dangling off it that read “I will kick you in the balls if I have to.”

“Should I be scared?” Given how he sounded like sex, sin, and salaciousness–the true definition of a triple threat–I decided that yes, he was most definitely a demon.

I met his mocking gaze, my rooted stance and beating heart placing me somewhere between morbid fascination and noping the hell out at warp speed.


About the Author:

A global wanderer, hopeless romantic, and total cynic with a broken edit button, Deborah writes adult urban fantasy to satisfy
her love of smexy romances and tales of chicks who kick ass. She is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. “It takes a bad girl to fight evil. Go Wilde.”

Twitter: (@wildeauthor)

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