Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Moans and a Release

I'd say get your head out of the gutter, but why? It's fun to be dirty. Now normally, this would be my Monday Moan day. I'd let characters come, play, and meet you all. Storm and Stevie, from My Immortal. I blacked out the windows and kept the room cool for Storm, since he's not used to being up right now.

Today is the realease of my first paranormal novel, you guessed it, My Immortal. Click on the cover or title to purchase.

But that's not all. I'm also taking the book out on a tour. Goddess Fish created a blog tour for me and the book. Want to follow? Click here or on the cover badge.

Follow me and comment and you can win a copy of My Immortal. In fact, I'd love it if you came along for the ride. The first stop, the TODAY stop is to You Gotta Read. I can't wait and hope to see you there.

But wait! There's even more! Goddess Fish rocks and they are throwing a Release/Tour Party TODAY!!! Click here or the banner to check it out!

Whew... that's a lot of fun time. Join us so we aren't partying/blogging/buying alone! Just don't forget to comment!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flirts--A Contest, A Blog Tour, and A Contract! Oh my!

Today is a little different than my normal Friday Flirts. Today I have a whole bunch of announcements. And yes, they are a great deal of fun, so pay attention.

First: Want to win a Nook? You know you do! Well I know where you can go to put your name in the hat for said Nook (one of three!!!).

Click on the banner so you can stop by on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be chatting on the LASR/WC yahoo groups (Saturday night and Sunday afternoon). I can't wait to see you there. We'll talk about books, give stuff away, and just plain have a great time.

Now, you have to figure out what you want to do AFTER the party? I've got that covered, too! I happen to be starting a tour, courtesy of Goddess Fish, for my book My Immortal. It goes from August 30th--RELEASE DAY!!!--until September 10th. I can't wait to see you along the way. Click on the banner so you can see where I'll be and what I'll be chatting about! Click on the cover if you want to buy a copy and see what the story is all about.


I wanted to add this banner because it's beautiful and Goddess Fish did a fabulous job on it. You'll Think of Me comes out November 22nd, and I can't wait!

But I said something about a contract... Silly me, I didn't forget. Just building tension. *Wink*

When I wrote Must Be Doing Something Right, I was asked on more than one occasion to write a story for Arran. Editor loved him. Readers seemed to think he was something else, too. So...I started a story for him. But it wasn't that easy. He was one of my particular characters. I knew he had his secrets; he started to tell me during Must. But writing Tangled Up, I realized he was more than I ever imagined. I wrote his story--Tangled Up--and editor apparently loved it. "It's Arran's story. How could I say no?" (Easily...) But she didn't say no and she loved his story, so I hope you will, too.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You Thursdays

No, I'm not getting low on posts. I have lots of ideas. In fact, I have characters clamoring to get to talk. But today isn't about a hottie pic or a chatty character. Today's my day to thank those whom I deem need thanked.

This week? My readers.

Yup. Without readers, my writing would be for naught. Now don't think I mean it would suck. Nope. I mean that it would be for my own enjoyment, sure, but I can only entertain me for so long before I think, gee, wonder if anyone else would like this.

So I thank my readers. You tell me when the books are good, bad, ugly, or just plain boring. You read my free reads and give me constructive criticism to make them better. You read the blog posts when I unintentionally get on my soap box and rant all the way to town. I know it must be difficult sometimes to read it when I get blunt or crabby. You aren't the only one.

Thank you for telling me that the stuff I write is pretty darn interesting. I love it when a reader says, OK, so Ray is getting a story, right? Or, Arran's story is next, correct? Makes me feel like it's all worth while. If you get a connection with the characters like I did, then I want to unleash them for their own stories.

So thank you for spending your hard-earned cash to fund my writing addiction. I love you all for it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What the? Wednesdays

Today I have a real beef. No, not a hunk 'o man (sorry Kealie and Megan). Nope, I have a complaint.


I happened to be at my local super center (because we have no small grocers anymore) and walked down the soda aisle (pop for those heathens who call it that). As I'm walking along, I notice this older lady struggling with a 12 pack of soda. All she wanted to do was get the carton out of the display and into her cart.

Ok... so now you're wondering why I'm pissy... I'm getting there.

The lady, who I am assuming was around seventy years young, tugged and tugged (get your mind out of the gutter--this is a serious complaint) on the carton to no avail.

Do you think, honestly, that anyone bothered to stop and help her?


At least four or five citizens strolled past, rubbernecking as they continued down the aisle.

You may be thinking, then why didn't you do something?

I was at the end of the aisle, starting down said aisle. When I got to her position, I stopped my cart and asked her if she needed help. Startled, (I'd like to think it was that she was genuinely shocked that someone stopped, but it could've been that I had a vampire shirt on....who knows?), she nodded. I smiled, put the carton she wanted in her cart, and went back to my own cart.

"Can I give you a dollar?"

Now it was my turn to be shocked. "It was my pleasure to help. You have a good day."

I think her jaw was still on the ground when I turned the corner.

So what's my beef?

It's two-fold. One--NO ONE BOTHERED TO HELP HER! Do we live in a society where we are immune to helping our elders? Or are we too lazy to think outside our bubble and see someone besides ourselves? And Two--Are we, as a society, that greedy that we expect payment for doing a GOOD DEED?

Yes, I am part of a generation who believes--wrongly--that we are entitled. Yes, we think we deserve everything our folks worked for RIGHT NOW!!! And when we don't get it, we get it on credit and hope we can afford to eat later.


I'm not totally sure if I'm Gen X or Gen Y...hell, we could be the fucked up Gen XY-ers for all I know. (and yeah, if you were a young adult in the '90's--you were screwed up, sorry, but we all were, and no, there isn't therapy for it unless you count just plain growing up...)

Oh good gravy I've gotten high on my soapbox. Better get down. People might start to talk... Ok, well they probably have and it really doesn't bother me, but oh well. Call me a bad influence. Not that it hasn't been stated before.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Moans!

Monday, Monday...

Wendi asked us who wanted to chatter today. I thought, why not? I write characters, too, so this blog post should be simple. Right? Easy peasy... A cinch...

Not quite.

I'm Cass Jensen. I write romance for a living. I'm no Nora Roberts, but I get by. I had one of my books translated into a film for television. Thought that was gonna be an easy thing, too. Nope. After writing parts for the actors, which a couple took liberties with, and trying to create a world for them to play out the parts of Sophie and Jonathan, I found out that writing a screenplay and working with actors is a pain in the butt.

Not to mention when said actors are persistant. Tell them no and it's like whipping out a starting pistol to go, go, go! No means yes, and yes means right now.

At least the actor was nice to look at. Muscles, tight buns, and those eyes. Sheesh. A girl could get lost in those. And did I mention he was good with his hands? No, I didn't--cuz that's too much information.

But I love him so I guess it was worth it.

Not much of a moan or a post, but hey, I never said blogging was my forte.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have a Great New Video you can see on YouTube!

I realized I have three, soon to be four book videos on YouTube. It's probably time to have a channel. I have no idea what to do with said channel, but, I have it and I'm proud of it.

Want to check it out? Go here!

Now tell me what you think and subscribe or follow or whatever you do... I'd love the fans.

And since I'm at it, I have a brand spankin' new video to post:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flirts

I haven't had a whole lot of time this week to write, and naturally my very dear friend, Megan, issued a challenge. She's going to expand a MM story she wrote IF I work on and finish my music/menage story. Figures. She waits til I have no time and then tries to pinch it a bit more. Fine.

On another note, I've got the free read over at Whipped Cream this week. Click here to read it. It's called Two Steps Behind and is a favorite because I'm developing an attraction to vampires.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank You Thursday

I have a couple of thank-you's today.

First of all, when a writer writes a book, there are more than a couple people who help that process along. For one, the author has a critique partner who will go through said book/novella/short story to make sure it flows, has no spelling errors, huge plot holes, and those darned telly spots where you know what's happening, but you can't really see it. I have to tell you, I have a couple of CP's and if you've read my blog before, you know I am thankful for each and every one of them.

Another person who is invaluable in the creation of a book is the editor. I know--what if you aren't lucky enough to get the book to publication because said editor doesn't want it. I'll give you a bit of insight. Editors, no matter how crushing it seems at the time, would rather accept your work instead of rejectig. Most editors are authors, too. They know how it feels to have a story kicked back because they've been there. One thing I've found that we, as authors, tend to forget when the dreaded rejection letter comes, is that generally, if you have a great story, but there are a couple of issues, the editor--especially if they LIKE the story--will tell you what to fix and how to improve. Now you're probably wondering why I think that is so great. If they see potential and they took the time to tell you what's wrong, either they are really nice people, or they really want to see you succeed with the story.

I'm thankful my editor at Total-E-Bound is great to work with. Yes, she's turned down my stories before, but she tells me, if you fix this, it'll make the story stronger/tighter/better, without decimating my voice. So thanks JB!

Another person who is vital to bringing a book to fruition is the cover artist. I have been extremely lucky to have beautiful covers. And being a self proclaimed cover snob--I tend to purchase new authors based on blurb and then cover. If the cover doesn't arrest me, I may overlook a really great book. Yeah, I want to look at those hunky half nekkid man chests. So I am super thankful that I've been lucky enough to have covers that, I think, will arrest the reader.

So the next time you shop for the next great e-book--I hope you choose one of mine, but I understand if you don't--take time to mentally thank the others who helped to get that book to you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wrote a review!

I know, some have told me posting a review is a scary idea. Why? I read the book. I LIKED the book. So why not tell everyone how much I liked it?

Gay Best Friend by Kim Dare

Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Other: Male/Male, anal sex

Book ten in the G-A-Y Series.

What's a straight man to do when he can't stop fantasising about dominating his gay best friend? Should he resist temptation or simply give in and enjoy?

Carlton's not gay. He knows that, because he's checked. Internet gay porn does nothing for him. Checking out guys who he's pretty sure any genuinely gay man would find hot as hell doesn't even raise a flicker of interest inside him. He wouldn't mind being gay, but all the available evidence says he's as straight as they come. So why the hell can't he stop imagining himself tying up his gay best friend?

Carlton knows Bryce better than he's ever known any other man. He's all hard edges and even harder attitude, all sarcastic quips and uncertain temper. He might be gay, but he's not the kind of guy who'd let another man push him around. He's not the sort of man who'd humour someone who can't even decide which way he swings either. And he's sure as hell not the type to submit to anyone. Or is he?

Carlton's got lots of questions. It's time for him to find some answers...

You never know where attraction will lead, unless you follow your heart. But that’s what Carlton has to realize.

Gay Best Friend is a great introduction into the genre of male/male romance. Why? It’s realistic. Plenty of authors write alternative lifestyle stories, but tend to make them formulaic. Not so with Carlton and Bryce. I could picture them in mind and felt the struggles Carlton went through. I could feel the tension and companionship between them as if I were right there with them.

The story flowed well, with tightly written dialogue and descriptive scenes to pull the reader into the book from the first word. Granted, Bryce is a bit tough to like at first, but as the tale progresses, he grows on the reader. Carlton is a great character because he's human--he deals with things the way I might in the same situation.

I liked that the book was realistic. Carlton’s strife was easily understandable to the reader. Who hasn’t been in a situation where you aren’t totally sure how you’d react until you have to decide? I know I have. Another thing that drew me to this story was the emotion involved. Things aren’t easy for Carlton. He’s convinced life should be one way—unless life involves being with Bryce. It was easy to understand his confusion and confliction. Is he gay or just really attracted to Bryce? Can a seemingly straight man truly be gay? And will he lose the friendship with Bryce if he takes things farther?

My favorite part was the evolution of the friendship. Ms. Dare wrote the characters in such a fashion that I felt like a voyeur in the room, but it kept me thinking about both Carlton and Bryce after the last page. And that is a sign of a good book—wondering what would happen to the characters after the story.

If you want a story with tons of heart, then you need to read Gay Best Friend.

What the? Wednesday

Mommys can't think sexy thoughts or find guys sexy.

If you're like me, you're thinking... huh? No? Um, not in this lifetime. And now you're wondering where the comment came from.

I happened to be talking to a friend and she informed me (she's a tad younger than I am and apparently, 31 to her, is ancient. Meh.) that parents, Mommys in particular, cannot find guys sexy if they are already taken.

Now, smartass that I am, first thing out of my mouth was, whose the one being taken? The guys? Cuz, if I'm just gazing, status has nothing to do with it. If you mean me, then we need to have a long talk.

She replied, Married women with children shouldn't look at or think about other men. It's unhealthy.

I agree with her in one respect. Yes, thinking about other men, when one is in a relationship, is not a wise idea.


I had to put that in huge letters because there is a point to my next statement. There is thinking, and there is thinking. I've read books from time to time that have had me thinking about the characters (at least one is generally male) long after the book closes. It's called emotional attachment and involvement. No cheating involved, just thinking, gee, I'm so glad Mr. X found Miss Q and is happy after all. (or Mr. X found Mr. R and they're having the time of their collective lives.)

Also, I have characters screaming in my head at almost every moment of the day or night. Naturally, I'm thinking about them, wondering what to do with the next scene, hoping they'll give me the time to write down what they're saying, and then praying they don't change their minds mid-scene (always fun).

There is always the idea of just looking at the scenery because it begs to be admired. This is the for the classification of "look but no touch". I'll admit it. There are a handful of men, check out yesterday's post for such, that yeah, I don't find it hard to look at. Bluntly stated, they are sexy men. Do I know them? Huh-uh. Would I like to? I dunno. I'd more than likely be a bumbling fool if I did, but I'm sure they expect it. And I almost don't want to ever meet them because sometimes the reality of a person shatters the illusion built up in the mind. (Now you think I'm babbling... I'm getting to the point.) What if the guy is really a megalomaniac in person? What if he's got chronic eye twitch? Those things don't show up in a picture. So, it doesn't ruin the illusion. And sometimes the illusion is all that's needed. Why ruin a good thing?

And there is the whole 'nother argument about toys... Think about it. (I know, bad parallel, hee hee...I don't care.) That's a little more concrete and unless the male in question (DH, BF, SO, whatever) modeled for it, its another man. And if you're thinking, gee, this toy is fun, rather than superimposing a fantasy into it... well, I can't help you, and I'm pretty sure my blog will just embarrass you.

So, I am technically thinking about another man, yes. But I'm not taking things any further. That's the all-important catch. I'm happily married and a mommy, but I'm also a healthy woman. So I look? Big deal. It's not like I'm trolling for a replacement. (The training involved just boggles the mind.) Nope. I'm admiring the view and in some ways, imposing what I like about my DH onto the guy I'm ogling. And sometimes it's nice to look, and then think, gee, I'm glad I made the choice I did.

To the friend who swears I have too much time on my hands and think about things way too much, you're probably right. I tend to over-think. Time on my hands... that's a totally different post. But I'm also not above gawking when the eye candy is right, cuz walking away and burning a few calories with the right eye candy is way better.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Moans!

Monday Moans! I'm so excited. Since Gypsy herded the boys out of blogger, I thought, hey, I'd like a turn, too.

I'm Melanie Roberts and you saw my fabulouso cover on Saturday. Don't Cade and I look cute? That and the Total-E-Bound artists are awesome.

Since MM is about getting to know us characters, as I said above, I'm Melanie. I'm a photographer for a local race team. It's a lot of fun to get to wear the ugly little vest and stand in the infield to take pictures of the cars and trucks at speed.

But the moan part....hmmm.... I like to photograph nudes, but they must be those I want to look at. Cade's a favorite subject. He knows how to smile and look at me in such a way that simply soaks my....oh... can I say that here? (panties... I don't want to cause trouble...) Cade's the love of my life, even when he's being...particular. He's good at strong, silent, and brooding, even though that embarrasses him. He thinks he's a total hard-ass.

In our story, I have to figure out how to get through Cade's shell and show him someone cares about him. And yeah, I love him, even the PITA him, with all my heart.

Check out our cover and our story, available in November.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cover Faery Visited!!!!

Yes, yes it's true. The cover fairy visited and I am so happy!

You'll Think of Me comes out in November and I couldn't be more pleased with the cover. What do you think?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flirts

It's that time of the week again... a little glimpse into the world inside my head.

It's a scary place--inside my head. Lots of arguing, lots of screwing, and bucket-loads of emotions. I'm going to post this random question as I work out this post--have you ever been so emotionally involved in a story or character that you a)dreamed about it, b)swore what you'd been through was your memory, not the character, c)cried because you were drained?

Now that you think I've dropped all my beans, yes, I am/was so involved with a character and the issues of said character that when I finished the scene, I sat and cried. I've had some characters that were hard to translate into the written word (Cade? That's you.). I've had some that have had me in stitches. But I thought I'd ask.

Megan and I have been pitching this ghost story idea between us. I have to admit, it's really a collaborative effort. She suggests plot ideas, I add sex, she gets into the hero's head, I get into the heroine's. It's great. Really. Which means, Ryan and Samara (told you, Linda, I'd use it) will have their story (or since it's written, they have it, but I'm scared a publisher won't want it... we'll see).

I've got a country singer story stuck in my head and outlined. Think Gary Allan but a little more approachable (not that he's not... I've never met him--would love to, but that's a whole 'nother story). Torin's been burnt-bad. He's not an appeal-to-the-masses singer. He likes his perfect, secluded world. Touring and his manager seem to have another idea until Torin meets Clover. Then his world goes all to hell in a sexy, delicious, can't-keep-his-hands-off her kind of way.

And since I have threesomes involving two men and one lady in my head...
Juniper, Jacoby, and Parker. Parker's a mega-popular metal/rock/emo type singer for the band Razrs Edge. Juni and Jacoby are his former bandmates/lovers. They have a radio show--Juni and Jacoby in the Morning. Things are nice, safe, and staid until Parker calls with a request for help. Will Juni and Jacoby sacrifice everything for the one man that tore their lives apart or leave him once they've sated their needs?
(That's the one that made me cry.)

Then there is Siouxsie. She's the bookstore employee over at Feathered Edge. Her boss is Sav Welles from Tangled Up. She's a self-avowed fag hag. Wears the name like a badge of honor. One problem. The men she's the closest to aren't interested in her. Nope. Mark and Kile want each other and none others.
Or so she thinks. Things are quite so simple. Ever since they laid eyes on Siouxsie, she's sprinted circles in their minds. Mark and Kile want a threesome. Committed threesome. Now they have to convince her she's the only woman to make them complete.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Hello, my name is Wendi, and I am a visual author.

How does that have any possible thing to do with thanking?


If it weren't for the myriad of desirable males out there (and a handful of women who are gorgeous because they're individual) who offer their persons for visual appraisal, then my characters would lack some serious details.

I think it hearkens back to my training in art ed. You draw enough nudes and you learn to appreciate a nice body. Plus, it makes me just simply look at a person. You can create an entire story for a person based on one image--something called a first impression? Yeah, that might be right. And honey, it's fun to simply enjoy the scenery.

So now you're thinking that I plagiarize the person in the picture. Maybe the look of the person, but not the mannerisms or the soul. That's something being screamed in my head. Right now in fact, I have a character that wouldn't show me what he looked like until I happened to be tripping the Internet-fantastic. I paused on a picture of a very handsome gent and the character shouts, "That's me!"

(To borrow a line from John Lennon)... And it was.

Makes my life so much easier. I have no idea anything about the guy in the picture other than he's a guy in a picture. Fresh face, nice smile, gorgeous eyes... and muscles. Not so buff all his veins are sticking out, but nicely toned. ::shiver:::

So when I come to the part in the story where the hero and heroine are romantically interlinked, I have my inspiration.

In turn, I say thank you to the model who so tirelessly draped over the couch with nothing on by the radio. Thank you to the guy who smiled over his shoulder because a pretty girl walked by and a cameraman with the perfect lighting happened to be right there setting up the shot. And thank you to the creator who made them so danged pretty. (Care to throw some of the attractive my way? I'm waiting.)

Oh, wait. You wanted to see the inspy pic? Nah. He's in my private little stash along with a bunch of others. Maybe one day I'll share.. til then?


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What the? Wednesday

Ok, this week I am going to step up onto my soapbox a moment.


You might be wondering what I mean. If you write and have a book that is full length (print length) then you know I mean a print book. In my case, it's print on demand. It's really not a bad thing. In all actuality, it means the publisher only prints what the public demands. No run of 1000 if the sales are...say...19. It makes a lot of sense because there isn't a bunch of waste. And it shows how popular the book is.

Here's my issue: lots of places can't order POD books. Why? Because, in many cases, the stores don't want cases and cases of books leftover because they couldn't be sold. It's every author's nightmare. Ordering a ton of books only to look foolish when they won't sell.

And then there is the issue of people who want the books, but maybe don't want to shop online or can't reach the author. So, they go to the store. If it's a smaller press, which are great because they offer opportunities that mega presses don't have time to offer, then the book may or may not be available at the store. Translation: if it's not a big pub, then you won't see it at Walmart.

I've even seen some places shun authors who are POD authors. Why? Unless the product you are selling is really rough, there shouldn't be a restriction. It inhibits sales and makes it hard to branch out to your audience.

Am I causing trouble and rocking the boat? Probably. Will I feel the fall-out for my opinions? More than likely. But I felt the need to speak my mind. Seems like sometimes people think, and yes, I've heard this: Oh you're an author. You must make so much money and be so proud to see your book in ________.

I love being an author, but no, I didn't do it to make millions. You want honesty? If I add expenses, like promo and such, I'm just breaking even. I feel for those who dump their lives into a book and promotion only to never see a return, but I write because there are characters in my head demanding my attention. I write because I've had fans tell me they like my work and want to read more. I write because if I didn't, I'd probably still write for my own enjoyment.

Ok, I'm getting down now. Thank you for reading.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Moans

It's Monday again and Wendi wanted one of us to chatter a bit. Go figure, the boys wanted to be themselves and got--how shall I say this...mum? Tight-lipped?

Oh hell, for once they just plain shut up.

Odd, I know.


You get me. I'm waving wildly. Can you see me? No?

Well, look harder. I'm the blonde on the end with the long legs and great...ratings. Oh yes, I love to channel my second favorite vampiress. (Number one is my sister, btw.) Yanno, I think I need to go shopping for that dress she wore. Might help me rein in the certain vampire I have my eye one.

Yanno, for being one of the "walking dead", those who are supposed to be such sexual creatures? I ain't getting any. I can see you shaking your head. Damn straight it's not fair. I embody all that's sexy and sexual and here I am alone, sleeping every day in a big empty bed while the vampire of my dreams (naughty at that) stays just outta reach. Think the black dress would work?

Now you're wondering who the heck I am. Guess it would be nice if I said who I was. Gypsy Persing. Nice to meet you.

My mother and father had a thing for Stevie Nicks. Could be worse. I could've been named after the chick in Xanadu. :::Shudder:::

I'm a dancer at the Chatty Catty Club. Cage is my preference. There's a great big bouncer there named Todd who has my back and--le sigh--Allan. He tends the bar, gives me a ride home, keeps me safe... and refuses to let me have my way with him.

I'll do it you know. I'll snag him. Or die trying.

Wait. I can't. I'm dead. Damn.

I'll think of something.

Anyway, have fun reading. I peeked at tomorrow. Yum. All I can say. Yum.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flirts

So... it's Friday again. I have lots in the works and little of it completed. Not enough time in the day.

My Immortal comes out at the end of the month and Gypsy is dying (pardon the pun) for her own story. She claims she needs love like anyone else. So... I plot with her help.

You'llm Think of Me comes out November 22, and already, Rhett wants a story. Now I'm pretty sure I said he did before, but he's begun screaming in my head.

And lastly, Please Remember Me the working title for the follow-up to Logan and Cass's story--Jade gets a starring role, is written, but in desperate need of attention. But if you can find me the time, I'll gladly take it.

So much for now.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank You Thursday

This is a very special Thank You day.


There has been one person in my career, even when I wasn't a writer, who has been in my corner through thick and thin. Through contracts and rejections, I can say I've had the best support system for me.

And it's even nicer that today is special to me.

Ten years ago today I married my college sweetheart, the man who stuck by me when things got tough and helped me smile through every yucky moment. He's been my loudest cheerleader and my bear hug when I need it. He's read everything I've published and only once laughed (Because it was funny).

To JPZ, when I'm with you, I'm Right Where I Need to Be.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What the? Wednesday -- SPELLCHECK!!!!


This is a quick rant, but I can't help myself. Where I work, we must use spellcheck. It's not a maybe or a might, it's a must. Now, I am one of those rare few that managed to blow through high school without taking the famed Typing Class. I **er, ahem...** didn't see the need. Ok, so I was blissfully ignorant of that thing called the World Wide Web. Oh well.

But I am also the first to admit, my typing skills aren't the best. They've gotten way better than college. Hey, back then, I was the hunt and peck queen. I've since given up my crown for better things. But seriously, I had issues with margins, with fonts, and the dreaded typing errors.

Like I said, I'm better than I was, but not perfect. I tend to have a few stray teh's, the occasional fo, and the famous fro in my typing. And don't get me started on the invaluable delete and backspace button. Mine don't say delete or backspace on them any longer. Nope, they are shiny and nude from use.

So what is my rant? USE THE DAMN SPELLCHECK!!!

Do you realize how irksome it is (and I am guilty of this as well) to get an email with misspellings in it? Your professionalism goes right out the window. And if you're turning in something important to someone... like a synopsis... yeah, editors will toss a typo-ed synopsis and not even open the document.

So save me and everyone else a bit of time and use the command that will make all your little goofs go away. OH, and then READ what you wrote to catch the pesky their vs there, be vs bea, all right vs alright. You get the idea.

(((Ok, so it wasn't a quick rant. Sorry. But I'm feeling much better now. --And if you know where that line comes from, you've watched way too much tv.)))

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Moans!!!

Hel-lo ladies and gentlemen. Wendi gave me carte blanche to post on her blog today.

Give it up for.... Logan Malone!

Okay, so yes, I'm a bit of a showman. I made six motion pictures before I took a temporary respite to be with my bride. Oh, and there were the seven television shows I starred in (or guest starred or happened to show up without getting mentioned). I like the spotlight, but I'd rather put my celeb status to good use.

What am I doing now?

Funny you should ask (or be prompted). I am working with my good friend Ray to promote his race team. Ever see a late model race on dirt? If you haven't, you should. if you have, go again. I love me some dirt racing.

Where else can you see me? My good buddy Vinnie Joel wanted Cass and me in his music video. I've never been in a music video, so it's a whole new experience. Plus, I can't wait to be on camera with Cass. *sigh* She's my heart and soul.

Oh, but you don't want to see me mushy.

Well, before I go, I'm featured in a photo spread for Delish magazine. She may be the bane of my existence, but Jade asked nicely.

Have fun and go see a dirt race. You won't be disappointed.