Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flirts

It's that time of the week again... a little glimpse into the world inside my head.

It's a scary place--inside my head. Lots of arguing, lots of screwing, and bucket-loads of emotions. I'm going to post this random question as I work out this post--have you ever been so emotionally involved in a story or character that you a)dreamed about it, b)swore what you'd been through was your memory, not the character, c)cried because you were drained?

Now that you think I've dropped all my beans, yes, I am/was so involved with a character and the issues of said character that when I finished the scene, I sat and cried. I've had some characters that were hard to translate into the written word (Cade? That's you.). I've had some that have had me in stitches. But I thought I'd ask.

Megan and I have been pitching this ghost story idea between us. I have to admit, it's really a collaborative effort. She suggests plot ideas, I add sex, she gets into the hero's head, I get into the heroine's. It's great. Really. Which means, Ryan and Samara (told you, Linda, I'd use it) will have their story (or since it's written, they have it, but I'm scared a publisher won't want it... we'll see).

I've got a country singer story stuck in my head and outlined. Think Gary Allan but a little more approachable (not that he's not... I've never met him--would love to, but that's a whole 'nother story). Torin's been burnt-bad. He's not an appeal-to-the-masses singer. He likes his perfect, secluded world. Touring and his manager seem to have another idea until Torin meets Clover. Then his world goes all to hell in a sexy, delicious, can't-keep-his-hands-off her kind of way.

And since I have threesomes involving two men and one lady in my head...
Juniper, Jacoby, and Parker. Parker's a mega-popular metal/rock/emo type singer for the band Razrs Edge. Juni and Jacoby are his former bandmates/lovers. They have a radio show--Juni and Jacoby in the Morning. Things are nice, safe, and staid until Parker calls with a request for help. Will Juni and Jacoby sacrifice everything for the one man that tore their lives apart or leave him once they've sated their needs?
(That's the one that made me cry.)

Then there is Siouxsie. She's the bookstore employee over at Feathered Edge. Her boss is Sav Welles from Tangled Up. She's a self-avowed fag hag. Wears the name like a badge of honor. One problem. The men she's the closest to aren't interested in her. Nope. Mark and Kile want each other and none others.
Or so she thinks. Things are quite so simple. Ever since they laid eyes on Siouxsie, she's sprinted circles in their minds. Mark and Kile want a threesome. Committed threesome. Now they have to convince her she's the only woman to make them complete.

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