Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You Thursdays

No, I'm not getting low on posts. I have lots of ideas. In fact, I have characters clamoring to get to talk. But today isn't about a hottie pic or a chatty character. Today's my day to thank those whom I deem need thanked.

This week? My readers.

Yup. Without readers, my writing would be for naught. Now don't think I mean it would suck. Nope. I mean that it would be for my own enjoyment, sure, but I can only entertain me for so long before I think, gee, wonder if anyone else would like this.

So I thank my readers. You tell me when the books are good, bad, ugly, or just plain boring. You read my free reads and give me constructive criticism to make them better. You read the blog posts when I unintentionally get on my soap box and rant all the way to town. I know it must be difficult sometimes to read it when I get blunt or crabby. You aren't the only one.

Thank you for telling me that the stuff I write is pretty darn interesting. I love it when a reader says, OK, so Ray is getting a story, right? Or, Arran's story is next, correct? Makes me feel like it's all worth while. If you get a connection with the characters like I did, then I want to unleash them for their own stories.

So thank you for spending your hard-earned cash to fund my writing addiction. I love you all for it!

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Debbie Alferio said...

I'm so with you on this one, Wendi! Where would we writers be without our loyal readers? I have developed such a loyal readership these past six years, and always love getting 'fan mail'--it's fun to know I'm touching lives with my work, locally and around the US, even Mexico now! I have no doubt your reader base will continue to grow--keep up the great work!