Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Moans!

Monday, Monday...

Wendi asked us who wanted to chatter today. I thought, why not? I write characters, too, so this blog post should be simple. Right? Easy peasy... A cinch...

Not quite.

I'm Cass Jensen. I write romance for a living. I'm no Nora Roberts, but I get by. I had one of my books translated into a film for television. Thought that was gonna be an easy thing, too. Nope. After writing parts for the actors, which a couple took liberties with, and trying to create a world for them to play out the parts of Sophie and Jonathan, I found out that writing a screenplay and working with actors is a pain in the butt.

Not to mention when said actors are persistant. Tell them no and it's like whipping out a starting pistol to go, go, go! No means yes, and yes means right now.

At least the actor was nice to look at. Muscles, tight buns, and those eyes. Sheesh. A girl could get lost in those. And did I mention he was good with his hands? No, I didn't--cuz that's too much information.

But I love him so I guess it was worth it.

Not much of a moan or a post, but hey, I never said blogging was my forte.


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