Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Moans

It's Monday again and Wendi wanted one of us to chatter a bit. Go figure, the boys wanted to be themselves and got--how shall I say this...mum? Tight-lipped?

Oh hell, for once they just plain shut up.

Odd, I know.


You get me. I'm waving wildly. Can you see me? No?

Well, look harder. I'm the blonde on the end with the long legs and great...ratings. Oh yes, I love to channel my second favorite vampiress. (Number one is my sister, btw.) Yanno, I think I need to go shopping for that dress she wore. Might help me rein in the certain vampire I have my eye one.

Yanno, for being one of the "walking dead", those who are supposed to be such sexual creatures? I ain't getting any. I can see you shaking your head. Damn straight it's not fair. I embody all that's sexy and sexual and here I am alone, sleeping every day in a big empty bed while the vampire of my dreams (naughty at that) stays just outta reach. Think the black dress would work?

Now you're wondering who the heck I am. Guess it would be nice if I said who I was. Gypsy Persing. Nice to meet you.

My mother and father had a thing for Stevie Nicks. Could be worse. I could've been named after the chick in Xanadu. :::Shudder:::

I'm a dancer at the Chatty Catty Club. Cage is my preference. There's a great big bouncer there named Todd who has my back and--le sigh--Allan. He tends the bar, gives me a ride home, keeps me safe... and refuses to let me have my way with him.

I'll do it you know. I'll snag him. Or die trying.

Wait. I can't. I'm dead. Damn.

I'll think of something.

Anyway, have fun reading. I peeked at tomorrow. Yum. All I can say. Yum.

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