Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Hello, my name is Wendi, and I am a visual author.

How does that have any possible thing to do with thanking?


If it weren't for the myriad of desirable males out there (and a handful of women who are gorgeous because they're individual) who offer their persons for visual appraisal, then my characters would lack some serious details.

I think it hearkens back to my training in art ed. You draw enough nudes and you learn to appreciate a nice body. Plus, it makes me just simply look at a person. You can create an entire story for a person based on one image--something called a first impression? Yeah, that might be right. And honey, it's fun to simply enjoy the scenery.

So now you're thinking that I plagiarize the person in the picture. Maybe the look of the person, but not the mannerisms or the soul. That's something being screamed in my head. Right now in fact, I have a character that wouldn't show me what he looked like until I happened to be tripping the Internet-fantastic. I paused on a picture of a very handsome gent and the character shouts, "That's me!"

(To borrow a line from John Lennon)... And it was.

Makes my life so much easier. I have no idea anything about the guy in the picture other than he's a guy in a picture. Fresh face, nice smile, gorgeous eyes... and muscles. Not so buff all his veins are sticking out, but nicely toned. ::shiver:::

So when I come to the part in the story where the hero and heroine are romantically interlinked, I have my inspiration.

In turn, I say thank you to the model who so tirelessly draped over the couch with nothing on by the radio. Thank you to the guy who smiled over his shoulder because a pretty girl walked by and a cameraman with the perfect lighting happened to be right there setting up the shot. And thank you to the creator who made them so danged pretty. (Care to throw some of the attractive my way? I'm waiting.)

Oh, wait. You wanted to see the inspy pic? Nah. He's in my private little stash along with a bunch of others. Maybe one day I'll share.. til then?


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Kaye Manro said...

Hi Wendi! I've been enjoying your posts once again since I got back, and I love how you are doing different days-- like "Thank You Thursday"

Very nice!