Monday, June 28, 2010

New Banner and Video!

Today (Monday) was my release day for Must Be Doing Something Right. I got a fab new banner:

I also got this fabulous new book video for Must as well.

Thanks to Goddess Fish for the awesome promo!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Hot Reads for June

These are my offerings for Red Hot Reads. You can find the full reviews at either LASR or WC.


Hell, Yeah! by Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (351 pgs)

What happens when a perpetual bachelor turns into a terminal bachelor? Add one determined, but gun-shy woman into the mix... can’t make it too easy on him. What have you got? You’ve got a hot and bothered oil man and one saucy woman who just might make an honest man of him. Hell, Yeah.

Kidnapping the Groom by Desiree Holt and Allie Standifer
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (53 pgs)

What do you do when you find out the one that got away is about to marry the wrong woman? Kidnap him and show him the sexual time of his life, that’s what.

Are you intrigued? I was, so I read Kidnapping the Groom.

Spirits of Abaddon: Sanctified by Mychael Black
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)

A demon, a mage, and a human went into the gates of Abaddon. Sounds like a joke? It’s not. It’s the gripping introduction to Spirits of Abaddon: Sanctified and let me tell you, when you start this book, you won’t want to put it down.

Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (205 pgs)

You want a story that’s hot from the word go? Then you very much so need to read Rock Me.

I love a story where the bad boy and the good girl try to make a go of things. Ms Lynn’s story had me from hello. Things start hot and never let up. I felt like I was the one sitting there in the tattoo artist’s chair waiting for my new ink—and I’m too squeamish to get body art. But this story had me thinking otherwise.

The Lost Son by Mychael Black
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (91 pgs)

Non-stop action and a red-hot love affair. You won’t be able to put this book down.

I know when I pick up a Mychael Black story, I’ll be on a thrill-ride. The Lost Son is no exception to this rule and totally worth the read.

Shut Up and Kiss Me by Mysti Holiday
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)

What are you waiting for? Shut Up and Kiss Me. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? For Cole and Kasey, it’s anything but simple.

I love a story that grabs me and makes me feel what the characters are thinking/feeling immediately. This book is one of those rare gems. I’ve never read a Mysti Holiday story, but I guarantee, this won’t be the last. There is a sense of not only their longing for each other, but the raw desire felt when they’re thrown into a situation together. Ms. Holiday writes tenderness and snark with equal prowess.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Cover Fairy Visited!

This is the coolest thing. The cover fairy bestowed a gift on me today. I had to share.

My story, My Immortal doesn't come out until August 30th, but I got the cover today. When I turned in the form for it, I sent in a particular picture I though best illustrated the characters and the tension within the story.

This is what the cover artists (using the picture I supplied) came up with:

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yup, you read that right. Right Where I Need to Be was voted book of the week on Long and Short of It Romance Reviews. You can read the review by clicking here.

I'll try not to go all Sally Field as I say thank you to all those who voted for me. I really appreciate the support and hope you like the book!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vote for Me! (Well, my book at least)

Right Where I Need to Be is up for Book of the Week over at the Long and Short of It Reviews. Want to read the review? Click here.

Want to vote? You know you do. Click here. I hope you vote for me, but hey, there are lots of good books up. Vote for the one you feel has the best review. And if it's mine... I owe you a smooch or a guest starring role in my next novella.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


How cool is this? I got my very first review for Right Where I Need to Be.

I mean, isn't this an awesome thing for someone to say? Wendi Zwaduk has given us the absolutely classic romance novel in Right Where I Need To Be.

I'm happy. Now, I need your help. On Saturday and Sunday, it's up for the Book of the Week Poll on Long and Short of It Reviews. I'd sure love if you could vote for me. (Am I shameless? Yes I am.)

This was also pretty darned cool. I found my book on Fictionwise and I was given a Great! rating. I'm stoked. I know other books of mine have been treated a tad harsher, but this made my day to see both the review and the rating.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rhonda Carver - An Author You Should Know!

Let's get to know Rhonda: What made you decide to write? I am a hopeless romantic. I love to weave tells of romance where every fairytale ends with a happy ending.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Quit my job that paid very well to become a full-time writer. It was crazy but worth it.

Finish this sentence: I'll do anything for my writing, but give up my own fairytale love story. I have a true life, fairytale romance. I have found my soul mate. Nothing is better than reality. (Now tell us why.)

Your just took a trip to India, how's that going to shape your writing? Since I’ve come back I’ve written articles on Love in India—describing my day to days in the country. I’ve come back refreshed and that always helps in writing better.

Music on or off, tv on or off, or plain silence when writing? I don’t watch much TV. I find it to be a distraction. Silence works best for me, but I find I multi-task while I’m working.

You tend to write tough guy, badass heroes. Do the characters write themselves or do you shape them? Oh, my leading men always shape themselves and they certainly have a mind of their own. Sometimes I attempt to persuade a hero to do something against the grain, but if it doesn’t work…it just doesn’t work.

Advice for writers wanting to be pubbed? Read, read, and every chance you get, read. Find a handful of crit partners who will tell you the truth about your work. And don’t get discouraged by rejections. Every writer must start somewhere, and every writer has a few rejections, probably painful ones, in their closet.

What's your one can't-live-without food? Nutella

When you get a rejection letter, how do you deal? I stiffen my spine and say, “Yeah, watch this!!” It gives me the motivation to whip my work in shape and send it back out. Sometimes a rejection can needle underneath your skin, and I spend the day fuming, but the following day I tell myself, “Use it as constructively.”

What's coming up next for Rhonda Lee Carver? I am currently working on two. One is a sweet contemporary and the other is a no-holds-barred erotica.

Diamond in a Rose, releasing June 15, 2010

Blurb: Rose Donahue wants a peaceful life, but tranquility is the last thing she’ll get when the sexy, powerful Detective Clay Walker crashes into her life—literally. Clay holds secrets to her past and it will throw them into a whirlwind of betrayal and intrigue. Chasing after a murderer and a precious blue diamond worth millions, they find themselves encased in more than just a criminal case. They find danger in the form of passion. Will Clay cross the line from protector to lover? Will Rose deny herself the delicious magnetism that draws her to Clay? Love will shine as brilliantly as a fine cut jewel.


“Your husband got involved with a powerful group of people known quite well for their illegal dealings. From what I can figure up to this point, Donahue got into some trouble financially before the accident, gambling debt and business mistakes, and borrowed money from the wrong person. Delano Roberts is a loan shark.” He paused for a second. “When Donahue couldn’t pay Roberts back, he started devising a plan to keep himself alive. And what better way to take yourself out of the equation than by faking your own death?”

“Wouldn’t I have suspected him of doing something illegal, Detective?”

He looked her straight in the eye, “Would you?”

“Well, your five minutes is up.”

“Damn, woman. Haven’t you heard a word I’ve said?” He jumped up from the stool and heard the cracking of wood as the legs split in half. “Add it to my bill.”

“I’ve heard every word you’ve said and now I want you to leave, Detective.” She didn’t make eye contact with him. She didn’t want him to see her fear.

He ran a hand over his hair. “Rose, listen to me. Your husband wasn’t alone in this crime. You’ve been on my list of suspects since I started tracking Donahue.”

Her back stiffened. Enough. “I’m innocent, and so is my late husband.”

“Then help me, cooperate, prove your words are true.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Tell me everything you know regarding your husband, where he could be staying, who his friends are.”

“You’re wasting your time, Detective.”

Want to know what's coming up next for Rhonda? Read on!

Double Dare releases August and Second Chance Cowboy releases in November, bth with Lyrical Press

excerpt from Massk of Bravery. My WIP

The mattress lowered under his weight and her body slid a few inches toward him. She gained her pose on the bed, as her breathing grew heavy in her ears. Her heart beat so fast she wondered if he could hear the heavy tempo.
Although she’d expected his touch to come, she jerked when his fingers touched her ankle. She giggled at her reaction, but it fizzled as his touch sent rivulets of heated sensation up her leg and exploding in her loins. A sigh fell from her lips before she could snatch it back.
Slowly, and deftly, his palm trailed a frenzied path up her leg, past her knee, and settled against her inner thigh.A shivering gripped her muscles and she couldn’t control the feeling. The tip of her tongue slid out and moistened her lips on its own accord. She didn’t care that desire plagued her with physical signs of longing. All she knew was that she wanted this man inside her.
With both hands, one on each thigh, he parted her legs wide. She anticipated a finger, but was shocked when the feel of his hair brushed against her skin. She squirmed, started to reach out to touch him, but his one large hand clutched her wrists and held them tightly. “I want to touch you.”
“No,” his voice came on a gruff whisper.
She didn’t argue, and wouldn’t have been able to, because his warm breath met her pink folds as his tongue slid past the barrier. He flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue and she arched her body as sharp tingles darted upward into her stomach. Not able to move her hands, she clenched her fingers into tight fists.
He pressed his lips against the silken delicacy and blew lightly, sending vibrations along the delicate tissue. She’d never felt something so glorious…so satisfying. As he licked and prodded, she gyrated her hips, welcoming his tormenting attention. Floating on a cloud, she lost herself in the moment. Nothing mattered but finding release.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Cool Thing Happened!

I don't normally like to blow my own horn. I dunno, I guess it's because I know that I'm not perfect and too much bellowing makes people wonder if you're for real.

Anyway, this was really cool. Now my BFF Chris got me into reading Joey Hill. She's seriously an awesome author. I love her vampires. But the cool thing is that, besides getting to meet her, she mentioned me in her blog. How cool!

I wanted to share that with you all, cuz, why not? Check it out.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well, I Did It Again...

I have two things to announce.

ONE: I got a contract for You'll Think of Me. Now I have no idea what a "story of my heart" is, but I can tell you that Cade is one of my all-time favorite characters. Why? Because in one sense, he was easy to write--he likes sex, lots of it, and he makes no beans about what he wants. In another sense, he was the hardest to write because he had so much emotional baggage. I could see things through Melanie's eyes easily. I recently went to the airport to pick up a friend and witnessed a serviceman coming home. I didn't know the man, but seeing him melting into the arms of his loved ones brought tears to my eyes. Then right after that, I read a testimonial on one of those table flag thingys at Red Robin. It was about a serviceman coming home and the restaurant holding the table all day until he got in. Again, I started to cry. Why? Because I saw it through Melanie's eyes as Cade came home. I also saw her confusion as to how to deal with him. What I couldn't totally grasp was his trauma from the war. By the end of the story I was in tears because it took an emotional toll on me. I hope that happens for the readers, but as reviews tend to show, that may not be the case.

The other thing to announce? It's not really an announcement, but I had to talk about it. Why? I'm not totally sure.

I know when I see Forrest Gump on television, I have to stop and watch. It's not my favorite movie in the whole wide world, but it's a good one. But every darned time I see the ending, that part where Forrest talks to Jenny's grave and sees the birds, it brings tears to my eyes. And when he sits and waist for little Forrest while he's at school, yup, the water works start. Why? Personally, I think he got the raw end of the deal with her. Secondly, I love the innocence and trust on his end. His faith in her, in his momma, in the world is something more of us need.

Now you may wonder how the two announcements have anything to do with each other. YTOM is an erotica story. FG isn't. But both deal with heavy subjects and both bring out deep emotion. I hope when you read YTOM you see the deep seeded emotion in Cade and maybe it makes you cry, too. Cry because you can identify with him and love him, not because you want to throw the book against the wall thinking it's merely decent.

Okay, I think it's time to get down off my soapbox and to find a hankie.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Do You Think?

While I was in Cincy, I was part of a lively discussion about erotica and romance novels. The arguement was the pacing by which the characters have sex.

I want to know what you think.

Some said this: Erotica should get to the fooling around right away and we should have a good idea that the Hero/Heroine will be together at the end. The reader should know that when they are fooling around the H/H are in love with each other. No love means you're reading porn.

Others said this: The sex and love should come later. We need a chance to really get to know the characters before they get horizontal. The story needs the time to develop and grow.

Still others said this: I want sex right away, but I want them to fall in love later in the story. If they say they're in love too early then I know the ending and its a loss.

What do you think?

My opinion?

It depends on the story. Some are nice when they get right at it, but I'm not keen on screwing just to screw. IMHO it makes the characters look desperate. Then again, sometimes, the right now approach works well.

I also like when the characters are in love earlier on, because there can be times when things can be elusive and then a bad thing happens to threaten the love. Plus, if you're reading romance, don't get me wrong, but come on...the hero and heroine are SUPPOSED to get together at the end and fall in love. (No, I'm not a fan of the happy for now endings and don't get me started on my irritation with hero or heroine dying at the end...)

Then again, I like erotica where there is a plot along with the sex. Sex is fine, it's why I read raunchy stuff, but, I want a plot, you know, a reason for them to have sex beyond for sex's sake.

So what do you think?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This weekend was a hoot. Not only did I get to sell my books, but I got to meet some awesome people, get some new books, but meet my BFF in PERSON.

I know I sound like a dork. But you all already know, I am.

I met Barbara Vey from Publishers Weekly while just strolling through the foyer. Talk about cool. She's very down to earth and easy to talk to. We had a great time until the conversation shark showed up, but still, Barbara, you rock! And thanks for putting me in your blog. That's a true honor.

Now you have to keep this in mind, I'm not normally a shy person, but I tend to blend in pretty well. It's a gift. So when I see people I know, they tend to look at me and have to think about how they might (or might not) know me. For one, I met my Secret Santa from Lori's Book Junky Loop. Joni is a doll. I love her. And she's a riot to talk to.

So when I spotted Anne Rainey and she wanted to sit at my table, yeah it was so cool. Then touching base with Jaime Saare was pretty darned awesome, too. I love her books.

Now I've been told I tend to blend in. I was always the chubby friend of the hot girl. Hey, it's a gift as well. I still don't get how a size 6 is chubby, but whatever. So I try to put myself out there. I can be loud, I can be brash, but I try to stay tactful. Operative word there was TRY. :) So when I saw this on Google Alerts, I had to read it. Go to my dear friend Stacy's Place on Earth and read her comments about the RAGT. But to see she'd mentioned me as fun and fearless... I am humbled. Thanks, Stacy.

I met some other pals there and will mention them tomorrow, but I have to get to the nitty gritty for a sec. You may have read this far and said, gee, she met her BFF in person? Sounds odd. In some ways, it is. Why? Because we've talked for close to two years without SEEING each other in person. Triumphs, tragedy, we've been through it all and yes, she can end my sentences. Chris and I really raised hell while there, but hey, it was FUN. I have a couple stories I could share, but will save them for later. From Goonies, to Erotic Voices (you're wondering about that one aren't you? Well, I'm not telling yet.:P), to being scared to death, it was a ride I want to go on again.

That's all for now, cuz I need something to write about tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Was SOOO Cool

I went to the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together and I got to meet the very cool Barbara Vey, among other people. I wanted to share the link for the blog where she mentioned little ole me!I hope you get a chance to check it out!

I am standing with my good friend, Linda McMaken who introduced me to Barbara and that snazzy necklace was made by my best friend, Chris. Don't you love it? I do!

More tomorrow about the cool authors I met, but its getting late!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Men Take Over

Hee hee hee... I begged Wendi to let us play on the blog today since she's busy. Muwhahaha, she has no idea what her heroes are up to.

So, who are we? You've met me, but I love to talk and show off. Logan Malone's the name, charming is my game... but my one true love is Cass Jensen.

On my left is Seth Donovan. He's not much of a talker, but he's a good guy. He fixes C-130's. I've never been in one other than to walk through, but it sounds freaking cool.

On his left is his buddy Nate Waterford. He owns THE BEST pizza shop in Ohio, Besta Pizza Around. But I'll let them talk.

Seth: I have no idea what to say. Give me a wrench and I'm good. Better yet, give me my wife, Abby and I'm golden. Nate, come take this...

Nate: Hiya. Sorry Seth, I know you're not happy in the spotlight. But I am. So what'cha want to know? I work part time as a lawyer and most of my time chasing a sexy romance writer around my restaurant... Wendi? No, sorry, I love her dearly, but my heart belongs to Courteney. I have to help Courteney realize that I love her. Ah... but it'll happen. I can feel it. Now, we aren't the only three here. Logan's dying to take control, but I won't let him. Ha! I'll pass this on to Cade and Rhett. Like Seth, Cade's not much of a talker, but Rhett? He'll yak your ear off.

Cade: Hi... I'm not sure what to say. I love my nascar and watching my girl, Melanie take pictures. She's good at capturing people at ease and making them look pretty.

Logan: Hee hee, you said pretty. I didn't think you had a soft bone on your body.

Cade: They look nice. Dammit, Rhett, take over. I'm out.

Rhett: Excuse my pal. He's not good with crowds. If its possible for a guy to be a wallflower, it's Cade. Now me? I love women, all women. He's the type to settle down. Me? Never! Not where there is a great big ole world full of beautiful girls and one of me. (Wriggling brows). Hey, girls like my tats and my muscles, why let them down? They don't want pretty boys like Logan or billion-dollar boys like Nate. Pftft.

Nate and Logan: Them's fightin' words.

Rhett: Nah, takes too much effort from the chase. When that one woman who may exist wants to tie me down, I'll make it worth her while to finally catch me.

Logan: We'd have invited Storm, but he's sleeping right now. Something about having to recharge his batteries. Says he's a vampire, but I've never seen the fangs and I've known him for over two years. (Shrugs) Oh well.
Ack! I see Wendi coming. I know, she said we could play, but I know she doesn't want us to fight.

Gotta go!

Bye from all the boys!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm chatting today!

I'm chatting pretty much all day over at Whipped Cream's Yahoo loop. Come join me. You never know where the conversation will go... and I do mean it goes some strange places.

Come on... I dare you to.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Was Interviewed By Whipped Cream... and I'm chatting tomorrow!

I thought I should share the good news. I was interviewed today by Whipped Cream Reviews. Want to read the interview? Click here.

I'm also chatting on their yahoo loop pretty much all day tomorrow. I'll have to pop out a bit to get some other things done, but yuppers, I'll be there. Come hang out with us and click here. Of course you have to be 18 and you have to register, but for the fun of hanging out with me, its worth it.

Hope to see you there!

Ghosties Story

My dear friend Megan, who lives with three vampires, had to share with me this story about her trip to get a digital voice recorder. It was so funny, I asked and posted it here. Tell me what you think.

(Oh and she can pull of the innocent and sweet look with no problem... the brat.)

Ghosties Do Exist

They boys bugged me to do this, so I will. This is a true story, which is what makes it even odder.

I went to buy a digital voice recorder to prove that ghosts exist and do talk to us. I get to the store and it's raining, so my normally stylish coif is plastered to my head. Yeah, I was going for all-out sexy in a drowned cat fashion. Anyway, so I get to the location of the recorders, and the salesman stops me. This was our conversation. (And Kealie will vouch for me)

Salesman (Who was hot BTW): Can I get you anything?

MS: I came here for a digital voice recorder. This one. But it says the thing is on sale. Can you check?

SM: Sure. (He goes to check it on the computer.) How you doing today?

MS: I'm wet, cuz it's raining.

SM: True. What'cha want this for?

MS: To listen to ghosts.

SM: (Shaking his head) You know ghosts don't exist?

(At this point, the boys--when I told them--were furious, because being vampires, they know all the undead and ghosties and so forth do so exist.)

MS: (I looked him square in the eye.) Then YOU tell them that.

SM was stunned and hurriedly got his manager to assure me the price was the sale price. So we go to the register to check out. Now a person I know stops me and tells me she liked my free stories, but was Slayer my real name. Duh. Apparently, seeing my credit card, SM decided he needed to speak again -- you know, dealing with the transaction.

SM: What nationality is that?

MS: I'm part Irish and part vampire, but don't tell anyone about the Irish part. They tend to talk.

Again I got that blank stare. I dunno. Maybe he's never heard of Irish people before.

She told me this story and I about fell out of my chair. Only she would think a hot guy's never heard of Irish people.