Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Men Take Over

Hee hee hee... I begged Wendi to let us play on the blog today since she's busy. Muwhahaha, she has no idea what her heroes are up to.

So, who are we? You've met me, but I love to talk and show off. Logan Malone's the name, charming is my game... but my one true love is Cass Jensen.

On my left is Seth Donovan. He's not much of a talker, but he's a good guy. He fixes C-130's. I've never been in one other than to walk through, but it sounds freaking cool.

On his left is his buddy Nate Waterford. He owns THE BEST pizza shop in Ohio, Besta Pizza Around. But I'll let them talk.

Seth: I have no idea what to say. Give me a wrench and I'm good. Better yet, give me my wife, Abby and I'm golden. Nate, come take this...

Nate: Hiya. Sorry Seth, I know you're not happy in the spotlight. But I am. So what'cha want to know? I work part time as a lawyer and most of my time chasing a sexy romance writer around my restaurant... Wendi? No, sorry, I love her dearly, but my heart belongs to Courteney. I have to help Courteney realize that I love her. Ah... but it'll happen. I can feel it. Now, we aren't the only three here. Logan's dying to take control, but I won't let him. Ha! I'll pass this on to Cade and Rhett. Like Seth, Cade's not much of a talker, but Rhett? He'll yak your ear off.

Cade: Hi... I'm not sure what to say. I love my nascar and watching my girl, Melanie take pictures. She's good at capturing people at ease and making them look pretty.

Logan: Hee hee, you said pretty. I didn't think you had a soft bone on your body.

Cade: They look nice. Dammit, Rhett, take over. I'm out.

Rhett: Excuse my pal. He's not good with crowds. If its possible for a guy to be a wallflower, it's Cade. Now me? I love women, all women. He's the type to settle down. Me? Never! Not where there is a great big ole world full of beautiful girls and one of me. (Wriggling brows). Hey, girls like my tats and my muscles, why let them down? They don't want pretty boys like Logan or billion-dollar boys like Nate. Pftft.

Nate and Logan: Them's fightin' words.

Rhett: Nah, takes too much effort from the chase. When that one woman who may exist wants to tie me down, I'll make it worth her while to finally catch me.

Logan: We'd have invited Storm, but he's sleeping right now. Something about having to recharge his batteries. Says he's a vampire, but I've never seen the fangs and I've known him for over two years. (Shrugs) Oh well.
Ack! I see Wendi coming. I know, she said we could play, but I know she doesn't want us to fight.

Gotta go!

Bye from all the boys!

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