Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Thursday ~ Pickles!

Anyone who knows me really well knows I love pickles. No, I'm not preggo. Been there. Did that. Nope, not again. Sorry.
You can ask my Momma. Ever since I was a tot, and probably when she was preggo with me, I've loved pickles. But they have to be dill. Not those crazy bread and butter ones. Oh and they must be Claussen. I'm such a pickle snob. I am and I know it.

I've said on occasion that I love chocolate. I do. Must be Lindt milk chocolate or Dove. I'm a chocolate snob now, too, apparently. But there are VERY few things that make my mouth water. Literally water --besides certain man obsessions of mine-- I can be looking in the fridge for a snack and yes, I know that's bad, but man, if I see the pickles...must not grab for jar...Sad really. DH keeps threatening to buy one of those HUMONGOUS jars at the Sam's Club and just let me go to town. Part of me is like, heck yeah man. The other part of me is thinking...I'd die of salt overload, but it's sooo worth it...then the rest of me is thinking, I'd actually have to share that. Rats.

Oh well. It's still the briny, crunchy, yumminess of pickles. I'm good.
And this picture is for those who thought the whole time I was going to go somewhere totally bad with pickles. Come on. It's like the saying from some old beer commercial (or was it a Foxworthy bit?) anyway, don't get stupid and spill the beer, er...I mean, don't get stupid and waste the pickles.

That's what bananas are I've heard.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the? Wednesday - What Inspires Your Book?

I'd submitted a book the other night and was busy being totally distracted by television when I started thinking...what inspires a book? I mean, what really gets the creative juices flowing?

I know it's different for everyone.

So I thought, gee, what is it that really nabs my attention. Well, here's a couple of my examples.

Television. As much as it's a deterrent, it can be an inspiration to me. I've had plenty of actors that made me think, 'he'd make a great.....' and usually, it works out great. I've had lots of good ideas come from an action the actor did. Not the guy, but how he looks or a way he moved. Never the character on the screen.

I've also found inspiration from things in my life. I spent time as a teacher. Went to college. I sat through boring lectures in gigantic halls. Teeny tiny art classes in loft-type rooms. I met lots of people there and most are unforgettable. Might not be an actual person but something they did. Or even, a situation I was in with them.

So there's some from the vault, so to speak. Some of my little gems about my work and it's origins.

What about you? Where do you get your ideas? What sparks you?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two New Reviews!!!!

I opened the email and the Review Faery popped in. Yup. Two. Double squee!!!

The first one came from Whipped Cream Reviews. Foxglove enjoyed What Might Have Been and I'm am thrilled. She gave it five cherries. How awesome is that?

I love Wendi Zwaduk’s small town atmosphere in her romances. It makes me feel like these are people I know, or would like to meet and be friends with. The characters in this are all too familiar: the arrogant jock gone to seed, the society queen of the prom, all those folks left behind as you grew up. This is a very hot story, and the scene where Tanner gives Macy complete trust and control is one of the best scenes in the book.

The second review to pop into the box was courtesy of Literary Nymphs. This one is for Please Remember Me and I am tickled pink. It got four nymphs and I can't complain.
Both Jade and Marlon have a lot of mistrust issues to work out. Between the plot twists that show up, and the scheming by those around them, it was very easy to see why. I thought the last twist in the scene between Jade and her father was a wonderful one that I did not see coming. I also enjoyed the way the author resolved one theme that showed up in the book.

Thanks to everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy the books!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moans ~ Never Say Goodbye

Sometimes there are characters that just won't go away. They've had their stories told but they just aren't ready to do whatever characters do when their done.

It's funny. Wendi told us that we could tell our story. Gave us a short story and everything. You'd think we'd be happy and go on our merry HEA way.

We're easy, but not that easy.

Seems a lot of people wanted to know how Min and I got together. Funny. I think about it all the time. Am in wonder as to why she stuck around. I mean, I thought men were easy to get, yanno? Men make a decision and stick with it. Men go for what they want and take it.

Women....good Lord.

She smells good, her hair's like spun gold and strawberries with a little vanilla, her skin...its like touching silk or something. And she gets me in this oddball way that I didn't see coming.

But I like guys.


Ugh. I need to take a walk and think. Read Tangled Up. That's half the story. I'll let you know when the rest of the story comes about. We aren't letting Wendi rest until it's done and she's getting cranky.

~ Arran

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flirty Friday

It's that time of the week...Friday Flirts...

I've got to say I've been busy and whew...the week flew by. So what's on the docket? Funny you should ask.

Gypsy keeps making an appearance in my head. She's infatuated with the Katy Perry song E.T.. "Let me dance to it. Please?!?!?!?!?!" She even crawled into the head of my CP and begged her, too. Sad. So, she got a playlist. I'll get back to her. Can't let her lead all the time.

I also subbed a story to Liquid Silver a couple weeks ago. Remember farmer? Yup. It's his story. Who knows if they'll take it, but I tried. He'll find a home somewhere.

I worked with Megan on her elemental story. She went ahead and subbed it. We'll see. I'm psyched about it.

I had a lot of people ask for Arran and Mindy's story. I heard the song Someone Like You, by Adele and was totally ready to pen it. It' got the pain from all three people involved and it also shows a fragile strength. I hope that shows in the final story as well. I'm 11k into it. Hope to have it done soon.

And for those who wondered, I am working on a story for Berto and Remi. They weren't forgotten. Goofy men. I'm also working on the outline for Rhett's story. He's been...difficult. Oh well. If he was easy (well, he's easy, but that's beside the point), he'd be done.

That's all for now. Enjoy the tunes. :-)

Thank You Thursday - Summer

Now if you'd popped into my chats with my editor lately, you'd think I was crazy saying thank you for Summer. :::Shrugs::: There are days I love summer vacation. Then there are days when, doggone it, I wish I had my schedule.

I'm one of those people who needs my cds alphabetized, my books in publication order (after being organized by author name, alphabetically), and my schedule in order.

I like being able to get up, get tot off for school, get the day job accomplished, and then have a few hours of my own to write. Now this doesn't always happen. There are doctor appts., vet appts., grocery store get the idea. I like having that little bit of time to myself where I can pen my thoughts, pen my characters, and plan out the next stories.

A couple days ago I wanted to string up the person who invented summer vacation. I did. I had a ton of things to do and not enough time to get them done. I happened to be grumbling about it when my tot strolled up to me.

"Uh, mom, didn't you used to just NEED summer break when you were my age?"

Um...(hanging head) I did. When I was in school, man I couldn't wait to get to the summer break. Couldn't wait to get to the blessed time of the year when I could sleep in, do sort of what I wanted, and just be.

Can I blame the tot for wanting that? Heck no.

I just have to wrap my head around the fact that, gee, I need my schedule back.

So I really do love Summer break. We get to camp (I'm gritting my teeth as I smile...I am not a camper girl), go to the Rock Hall, take the top off the Jeep, and hang out. I'll get some writing done after they all go to sleep. I have the gentle evening breeze and the silence. I love it.

Yeah, I do love summer.

(But I'm ready for September...I didn't say that...maybe I did.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What the? Wednesday...You've Met Your Favorite Author...What Do You Say?

I just went to an author get together earlier this month and I saw a lot of readers wandering gobsmacked. I mean, yeah, their favorite authors are all there and in living color.

Now, imagine've walked up to your favorite author, book in hand, ready to get the holy grail, an autograph. But there's one big problem.

Stage fright!!!

OMG, what the heck do I say to this person who is right up there on the coolest of the cool level? Yes, I've been there and I've been tongue-tied. So what do you say?

How about hi? Some authors can be really stand-offish...just like some people can be. But on the whole, authors are normal people. They like to have people compliment their work. Who doesn't? And if you just say, hi, how are you, loved _______...they'll probably be thrilled. Actually, I can just about guarantee it.

You see, when authors put books out, we know the editors like them enough to have contracted the book. Still, it's nice to have validation from a reader that the book was liked, interesting, and read more than once.

So just be yourself, tell the author you're happy to meet them, that you liked the book, can't wait to read more of their work, or something like that.

As a word of caution: Running up to them, screaming, and saying something along the lines of, "OMG it's _____" might scare them into running the other way.

On a side note: I've started the prequel to Tangled Up, since you asked for it. I'm also working on Gypsy's story. I know, been saying that one for a while. I got a little behind. It happens...a lot...sadly.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Please Remember Me Tour Winners!!!

I'd like to announce the winners of my tour contest. The winner's will get a gift card for $10 for either or

Congrats, ladies! Couldn't have picked better winners! :-)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Three Great Reviews!!!

now I just had and author thank me for a review I'd written and she made a couple really good points. For example, she said many authors wait with nervous energy to see what the reviewer will say about his/her work. We want acceptance and approval for our work. Sometimes it's great. Other times its not so great. I had another author friend (actually many) tell me they don't read reviews. To some, reviews are there for the readers and shouldn't make a difference to the authors. I'm still not sure where I fall on this spectrum, but, when I opened my email and saw the linky for these three reviews of my work, well....I'm still smiling. :-)

Like this:

There is such passion and romance in each of these short stories, and they made me feel like these were people I would like to meet and spend more time with. While all three books deal with people in love, each has a different slant on life and romance.

Heck yeah! That's what I (I should say we, as the characters are the ones in charge when I write) was going for!

Ms Zwaduk has a creative imagination and a very descriptive style. The passion jumps off the page at times.

Wow! What a compliment. Made my day!!!

Which books is the reviewer referring to?

Learning How to Bend
Their marriage is about to fall apart, but not if she can help it and he's willing to bend.
Available at Total-E-Bound, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks

Must Be Doing Something Right
If she can open her heart, she’ll find he’s her naughtiest dream come true. Being mischievous with him is exactly what she needs.
Available at Total-E-Bound, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks

Tangled Up
What if the person you want for the rest of your life isn’t one... but two?
Available at Total-E-Bound, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks

Friday, June 17, 2011

Please Remember Me - the Tour - Day Five - Kat's Blog!!

For the last day of the tour for Please Remember Me (:::Sniffle, sniffle::: so hard to say goodbye...) I'm hanging out at Kat Holmes' blog. Actually, it's a great way to end the tour because I just love her blog. Come by, comment, and get your name in the hat for the gift card. Can't hurt. Plus it's going to be a lot of fun!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please Remember Me - the Tour - Day Three - I'm at My Odd Little World!!!

I'm hanging out with my dear friend Nancy at her blog "My Odd Little World". I had a blast the last time I was there and couldn't wait to come back. I'm so there and having fun again. Join me!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Please Remember Me - Tour Date - Day Two

Today, it's day two of the Please Remember Me tour and I'm hanging out at the fabulous Desiree Holt's blog. Come join me. I've posted the Man Candy since it's also Tasty Tuesday!!!

Join me! It'll be fun!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Moans - The PRM Tour Starts TODAY!!!

I'm hanging out at Lucy Felthouse's blog today to promote my novel, Please Remember Me. Come on over and let's chatter about the book, erotica, and whatever else is on your mind!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Release!!! What Might Have Been!

Tomorrow marks the release of my high school reunion novella, What Might Have Been. I've included the song that had a pretty big hand in influencing the story.
Little Texas - "What Might Have Been": "Big Time"
I also have the blurb and linky for the novella. Check it out!!

A second chance has never been this sweet or sexy.

Macy Shibley left Mason, Ohio to figure out who she was and what she wanted. But after more than a few disastrous relationships, she refuses to let anyone tie her down. She’ll control the tying, thank you very much. No man has ever managed to chip away the walls around her heart. Well, except one man.

Tanner Connolly never forgot his high school crush. The sweet blonde with the vibrant eyes fills his dreams and fantasies. He had a shot in school to make her more than a friend, but blew it for the sake of appearances. Now he’d like to know what might have been and use it to create a future. But can he let her go to prove he wants more than one night?

Contains steamy sex against a door, the creative use of sex toys, some harmless domination, and a little anal play for good measure.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Flirty Friday

What's happening on the Wendi front?

Lots!! Starting Monday, I'm taking Please Remember Me on a blog tour, courtesy of Goddess Fish.

Also on Monday, What Might Have Been, my newest contemporary romance releases from Total-E-Bound. I can't wait.

I am also working on a prequel to Tangled Up, as asked by popular demand. The plan is to get moving on the follow up to My Immortal, soon.

I'm still recovering from the Cincy trip, but it was so worth it!!!!!

Thank you Thursday

I found this one Nichelle Gregory's blog, but this pic is begs for a story. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What the? Wednesday....Basket Winner!!

i wanted to thank the person who won my basket at the Lori Foster Event. So who won?

My good friend SANDY SULLIVAN!!!!

I was so excited to find out she'd won the basket.

What was in it? A notebook, embellished with beading and ribbon. Wine from the Sandusky region of Ohio - blush wine, my favorite. Wine glasses with hand made wine glass charms, courtesy of my dear friend Chris Meanea. Chocolates, fountain pen, a book thong, created by me. Some of my promo materials, all in a sweet little basket great for taking out for a nice day of writing in the sunshine.

Thanks Sandy!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back Home But Tired...

We had a fantabulous time. Besties hanging out. Books, books, and more books...but man oh man I am tired.

Will get a hottie up tomorrah and then get back on the horse on Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Hot Reads for the Summer!!

This isn't a super long list, but these are some of the books I've read lately and think you might like them, too. I mean, I am a reader as well as a writer. :)

Take the Shot by Missy Welsh
Loose ID
Short Story (111 pgs)
Other: Voyeurism, masturbation, M/M, anal sex/play, BDSM, spanking, ménage, M/M/F, M/F, toys

Good gravy this is one hot book. Imagine the two hottest guys on the planet getting together. Touching, licking, and pleasuring. Now add a girl. Sound exciting? In Missy Welsh’s book, Take the Shot, it sure is.

Not Knowing Jack by K.A. Mitchell
Samhain Publishing
Full Length (198 pgs)
M/M, anal sex

Tattoos, a sous-chef, and a couple kids shouldn’t work in a relationship, but written at the hand of K.A. Mitchell, it works and so much more.

American Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane
Dreamspinner Press
Full Length (252 pgs)
M/M, anal sex

“My heart went boom when you crossed the room.”

That line sums up the spark between Parker and Jake and yeah, I was so glad I got to go along for the ride. Ashlyn Kane, you have a reader for life.

Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin
Sugarplum #8
Changeling Press
Contemporary, Holiday
Short Story (22 pgs)
M/M, anal sex

Ever wanted to go back and get a do-over? Ever wanted to find out what might have been with the one person you couldn’t get out of your mind? Then you need to read Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin.

Cover Art by Caroline Stephens
Dreamspinner Press
Short Story (38 pgs)
M/M, anal sex

Sometimes the best pairings are the ones no one expects to work at all. Guys with hang-ups, guys with issues are realistic. Readers can relate. Caroline Stephens hits the nail on the head with her short story Cover Art.