Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the? Wednesday - What Inspires Your Book?

I'd submitted a book the other night and was busy being totally distracted by television when I started thinking...what inspires a book? I mean, what really gets the creative juices flowing?

I know it's different for everyone.

So I thought, gee, what is it that really nabs my attention. Well, here's a couple of my examples.

Television. As much as it's a deterrent, it can be an inspiration to me. I've had plenty of actors that made me think, 'he'd make a great.....' and usually, it works out great. I've had lots of good ideas come from an action the actor did. Not the guy, but how he looks or a way he moved. Never the character on the screen.

I've also found inspiration from things in my life. I spent time as a teacher. Went to college. I sat through boring lectures in gigantic halls. Teeny tiny art classes in loft-type rooms. I met lots of people there and most are unforgettable. Might not be an actual person but something they did. Or even, a situation I was in with them.

So there's some from the vault, so to speak. Some of my little gems about my work and it's origins.

What about you? Where do you get your ideas? What sparks you?

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