Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moans ~ Never Say Goodbye

Sometimes there are characters that just won't go away. They've had their stories told but they just aren't ready to do whatever characters do when their done.

It's funny. Wendi told us that we could tell our story. Gave us a short story and everything. You'd think we'd be happy and go on our merry HEA way.

We're easy, but not that easy.

Seems a lot of people wanted to know how Min and I got together. Funny. I think about it all the time. Am in wonder as to why she stuck around. I mean, I thought men were easy to get, yanno? Men make a decision and stick with it. Men go for what they want and take it.

Women....good Lord.

She smells good, her hair's like spun gold and strawberries with a little vanilla, her skin...its like touching silk or something. And she gets me in this oddball way that I didn't see coming.

But I like guys.


Ugh. I need to take a walk and think. Read Tangled Up. That's half the story. I'll let you know when the rest of the story comes about. We aren't letting Wendi rest until it's done and she's getting cranky.

~ Arran

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