Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two New Reviews!!!!

I opened the email and the Review Faery popped in. Yup. Two. Double squee!!!

The first one came from Whipped Cream Reviews. Foxglove enjoyed What Might Have Been and I'm am thrilled. She gave it five cherries. How awesome is that?

I love Wendi Zwaduk’s small town atmosphere in her romances. It makes me feel like these are people I know, or would like to meet and be friends with. The characters in this are all too familiar: the arrogant jock gone to seed, the society queen of the prom, all those folks left behind as you grew up. This is a very hot story, and the scene where Tanner gives Macy complete trust and control is one of the best scenes in the book.

The second review to pop into the box was courtesy of Literary Nymphs. This one is for Please Remember Me and I am tickled pink. It got four nymphs and I can't complain.
Both Jade and Marlon have a lot of mistrust issues to work out. Between the plot twists that show up, and the scheming by those around them, it was very easy to see why. I thought the last twist in the scene between Jade and her father was a wonderful one that I did not see coming. I also enjoyed the way the author resolved one theme that showed up in the book.

Thanks to everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy the books!

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