Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Flirts


Yanno, I hate edits. Strike that. Actually, I love edits. Edits make a story more than it was. They help shape and craft what was once raggedy into something tight and fluent. So, I lied. They aren't that bad.

But I find it's hard to get down in the dumps about them. Sometimes it seems like they never seem to end and there's not a light at the end of the tunnel. Then again, some are a breeze. Oh well.

I've decided one of my resolutions (and no, I rarely make resolutions) is to turn the frown upside down. Yup. I've noticed in the last few months, things career-wise (I say that loosely, because I'm still not totally in belief that being an author is a career--it feels more like finding my pals and taking them out to play) are looking fantastic. With 5 releases this year, I'm doing well. I'm getting better at promo and finding my way sales-wise. But in general, I've had a hard time. Yes, I love to laugh, and be silly, and have a good time. It just seems that I find myself so bogged down in the little things, I've forgotten what it is to smile a little bit. Call it confessions of the seasonally depressed.

But this is Friday Flirts, not Ramblings Day (I dunno if there is such a thing, but hey, who says I can't invent one). So, here's the flirts:

I have a couple paranormal stories I'm working on. I finally got them out of the dust and have twiddled bit to see if they are something to make a go on. The cat is sitting next to me kneading the pillow. He's suggested I resurrect one of my kitty shifter stories. We'll have to see.

I'm also working with Megan to get a couple of her stories in shape. She's got a great M/M story going and a bdsm vampire one that with a little tweaking will be really cool.

I'm going to finish "All I Want For Christmas" this weekend for posting on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed. I'm also going to post it on the site and make it a page here on the blog.

Whew. Going back over the post and reading what I have going makes *me* tired. I'm going to hunt down some hot cocoa and find the notebooks I need to get moving.


(and 9 shopping days until Christmas! Consider an ereader or ebooks! I've got some great suggestions for my books and some by other authors I think you'll love!)


Judy said...

Congratulations on making a plan :-) That's the first step. :::off to make my own plan now that I'm inspired::::

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Don't give me too much credit. I tend to make plans and totally fall down on the job. :)

Here's to both our plans!