Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What the? Wednesday...Shoving in the Store

I guess Wednesday is soap box day, but I have to talk about this. Why is it when people are in a store, getting gifts and something happens to be on sale, one feels the need to take the item from someone else's hands? Why must there be shoving?

I'm a simple gal. Really. (Don't ask DH he'll tell you otherwise.) When I holiday shop, I have a list, I go with the list and rarely deviate. Why? Cuz I'd go broke and forget everything. I'm a listy girl.

I happened to be holiday shopping and saw SODA was on sale. SODA. This isn't a huge deal. Right? You can buy soda (or what some call pop -- sorry. Pop was my great Grampa, not a fizzy drink made by Pepsi....anyway) pretty much anywhere. And when one store has it cheap, usually a couple more fall into step. Good gravy. I won't say the price or the place, but let's suffice it was cheap. I haven't seen it this low since I was in college (oh lands does that date me?!?!?!?!) But you should've seen the ADULTS scrambling to get SODA.


I need my Mt. Dew fix (no TrueBlood comments, please), but would I shove someone out of the way, or better yet, rip the soda out of their hands so I'd get it first and at that price?

Sorry. No.

This is the holiday season. A time to put all differences aside (now I have an earworm). You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal.

But my first thought wasn't, gee this is the holiday season, let's get along. It was good gravy, please don't let there be a small person in that hornet's nest. The tot would not only end up being brained, but the lessons taught? Yes, youngling, you take what you want and if it happens to be out of someone else's hands, well, you win. Come on. That's against common manners.

I don't mean to sound like a Scrooge, but this is why I tend to do all my shopping for Christmas in July. People aren't quite so intoxicated by the season, the cold, and whatever else has gotten into them.

Am I old? Grumpy? Probably.

Next time you're at the store intent on getting whatever it is you need, just think for a moment first. K?

I'm going to go back into my bat cave, write, and try to get rid of my earworm. Oh, and 24 more shopping days left. Watch your toes, your arms, wallets, and fellow man. 'Tis the season to be merry, jolly, and courteous.


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