Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday Moans

Oh that man! I just read last week's Monday Moans piece. Tucker Poston. I swear. The man will be the death of me.

I should probably introduce myself before I clamor on about him. How do you do? My name is Megan Rodney. I am the full owner of Blitz Racing. We run two full time stock truck teams (think stock cars, but trucks instead). I've got one full time driver who is young and saw what Tucker wrote (but no, not Tucker). I think the world of Mathew, but he's a definitely a rookie. I said two teams. Yes, I have two. The second team is currently without a driver because the former driver...well, let's just say he didn't fit in a Blitz (tends to happen when the ego outgrows the talent and the driver spends more time in the pits and the coach than he does on track). So you could say I'm driver hunting.

Don't for one moment get that confused with man hunting. Did that, got burned royally twice, and not going through it again. With who? My ex-husband the oversexed and terror of the asphalt track, Rick Rodney. Let's say he spent more time with his junk out and about than he did at home. The other? That would be Tucker, but it's not a very long story or terribly exciting one so I'll keep it quiet.

He'd like a home at Blitz? So he can pad his resume and move on, no doubt.

**Sigh** I loved him once. Maybe even part of me still does, but it doesn't change the past. I want a man to stand beside me at the track, want to be in pictures because he loves me not the media, and the same man to cuddle me close at night when the Ohio winds pick up and snow flies. Find me that man and I'm golden.



We'll see.

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