Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You Thursday

There's been some changes so I wanted to make today my thank you day to my editor. She isn't my editor anymore, but after four books worth of hard work, she deserves a thanks!

I didn't know over a year ago how rough my work was. At the time I thought it was pretty polished. I subbed and nothing. Guess I just needed to find the right person. My sub found her inbox and the rest is history--sort of.

It wasn't all, "yes, I want this". I'll be honest. She actually rejected and asked for revisions on the sub. I thought my world would end. How could I have possibly screwed up an 11k ms that bad?

Ah, I had to get my ego in check a bit. Once I did that, and found a fantastic CP to go through the story line by line (Chele was a Godsend--still is). Then the story was good enough and clean enough.

Again, it wasn't super easy. There's that response time. (Enter ear worm) "The waiting is the hardest part". No kidding. I knew better than to expect an immediate response. I mean, sheesh, I wasn't important or anything. When the acceptance finally came, I screamed.

Thus started a four book relationship. It's nice to have someone who understands the point you're trying to get at, even when you aren't sure. And someone to talk to about a change that you think might totally ruin the story. Oh and the response time? Hey, it sped up a bit and you won't hear me complain in the least.

The editor/author part has come to an end and though I'm sad, I'm glad, too. I learned a lot and how have to face the challenge of wowing another editor. So thanks Jess for rooting for me and showing me I have what it takes.

You rock!

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