Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the? Wednesdays - Silly Catch Lines

I went on vacation. Yup, sure did. You wondered why the posts were a tad...thin? Hey, I can't come up with lots of witty things in advance. Sorry. Anyway, while I was on vacation, I saw a couple hilarious catch phrases and or silly signs.

"Work 'n' Woody"

Yes, my perverted mind so didn't take that as the little push car for the race cars. Nope. It was a-pushin' but not cars.

"Slick Woody's Corn Hole"

Come on. It's a corn hole business, but man oh man, my brain read something totally different into it. And if you aren't sure, corn hole is that game with two boards, elevated a bit with a hole in the middle of said board to throw corn filled bags (aka bean bags with corn) in them. Like horse shoes, kinda...

"Fatz Cafe"

Just sounds...wrong...but I guess they have good food.

"Kevin and Gary's World Tour"

Reminded me of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". I have friend named Gary and Kevin and since I haven't heard a whole heckuva lot from Kevin....they could be on a world tour.

I had more signs, but I lost the paper I wrote them down on. I'll hunt and get back to you.

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