Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Flirts

I know, most of you are out shopping. Well, I'm not. I'm not one for the crowds, being shoved to get a cheap tv or parking out in BFE. I can't see the point in sitting in the snow/wind/rain/cold just to be the first in line for an iPad.

But that's just me.

I'd rather do my shopping online or later or (if I had my way) way early. Yes, I'm one of those irritating people who has their shopping done by Halloween. (If I don't, I chafe. Really.)

So, because I'm a derelict and forgot to mention my NEW RELEASE on RELEASE DAY. (Long story...needless to say, it was forgotten in the shuffle of life).

Get your copy of You'll Think of Me.
Not only did I get a fantastic cover, but at a little over $5, it's a steal (but don't really steal it - cuz that was another hurdle from this week).

Cade is one of my favorite characters and it's a story near and dear to my heart.

The man of her dreams finally came home from the war, but is he still the man she remembers or have his demons changed him forever?

Melanie Roberts loved her best friend more than she could ever imagine, and for longer than she wants to admit. Though once lovers, she's resigned herself to being no more than his best friend and roommate. On the eve of his return from deployment in Iraq, in order to keep her heart from breaking, she decides she's moving on—after one last sexy night.

Cade Nicholson has come to a decision. As he comes home damaged in both body and soul from his latest deployment, all he wants is to find comfort in Melanie's arms. Unsure and unsteady in expressing his love to the only woman to hold his heart, he has to find a way to convince her of his true feelings.

Can two best friends overcome their demons to prove their love for one another before past decisions come back to haunt them and it’s too late?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal and outdoor sex.

Get your copy today!

And in other news:
Remember me talking about Please Remember Me? For all of you who read Cass and Logan's story (Right Where I Need to Be), well, PRM which is Marlon and Jade's story, is back from the CP and **I think** all the kinks are worked out. I'm writing the synopsis little by little (since they are so not fun) and hoping to have it to editor within two weeks. Am I scared? Heck yeah. Submissions are never my strong point. Stomach ends up in knots and I'm scared the editor will hate it (even after the CP's, beta readers, and everyone else whose helped in the revision/polish process has given it the go-ahead.)

So wish me luck and grab a copy of You'll Think of Me.

Ta for now! (I've got a synopsis to write.)

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