Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Moans ~ My Turn!!

I wanted to write something cool today. I wanted to have this post that would totally draw people in and be fabulous. Then life happened. Had two resubmits. Gotta get those done (and since one is a little, shall we say...late....yeah, you get the picture).

I thought, okay, I'll have the characters talk. Works great. Monday feature.

No dice.




So yeah, I'm at the corner of lost and frazzled and trying to get my bearings so I can get everything done.

In other news, took the top off the Jeep. Yowza that was fun. Breezy... cool...oh and a little hot on the top of the old noggin, but, at least it wasn't rain. Or snow.

Got some good ghost adventure material. The boys and company went back to Mansfield. I'm stoked to see what they got. The voice phenomenon are pretty cool. Didja know ghosts are heavy breathers? Apparently they are when women are in the room. Imagine that. I know. to work on second resub and to figure out a way cool blog pic for Tasty Tuesday.


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