Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What the? Wednesdays...You Know You've Read Too Much MM When...

You know you've read to much MM when... this is a sad but true story. And it was worse once I realized, wow, yeah, I probably do read too much MM.

I was at a particular eatery with the youngling. We stood in line awaiting our turn when I happened to notice the people in front of me. Normally, I don't really care who happens to be standing around me--I'll strike up a conversation with anyone. But this particular time, there were three men (college aged man-children) and one young woman. They were joined by another male of the college-age range.

First thought, Hon, you've got the sweet and innocent look going on. Work it! I mean, she looked like All-American, apple pie, yanno? Then I thought, lucky girl...five guys. Isn't this a Siren Love Xtreme storyline?

Second thought, the one gent in front of me had a hickey the size of an apple on the side of his neck. Here's where the MM comes in. I actually stood and looked at the hickey wondering which was the angle of origin (yes, too many CSI marathon, too) and which one gave it to him.

Then my mind wandered. Which one HAD left the hickey? Of course now, Megan has arrived and is egging me on. She's such a bad influence.

We came to the conclusion, he was sammiched in the middle, her on one side, the brawnier guy on the other and EVERYONE has hickies, they just don't happen to be so visible.

I won't go into our deduction as to HOW the hickies precisely got there, but suffice it to say, Megan's creative thoughts flowed like wine.

So yeah, I've read WAYY TOOO MUCH MM.

How about you?

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