Friday, May 6, 2011

Flirty Friday ~ Please Remember Me

This won't come out for another couple weeks, but I thought I'd drum up some interest and post a short snippet. I loved writing Jade's character and I hope you'll love reading about her.


Clutching the can to prevent herself from reaching for him, she spoke. “I’m in trouble, but not the normal kind.” He opened his mouth to speak and she quieted him with her index finger. His lips twitched. The whiskers on his upper lip tickled the pad of her finger. Ooh, what would it feel like to have him kiss her with those scratchy lips—down there? A shudder ripped through her. It’d be heaven. She blinked twice to clear her mind.

“Have you ever been tired of your life? I mean, you have a great life, but is it what you know it could be?” She crinkled her nose. “I mean… Oh, I don’t know what I mean.”

This time, she withdrew her hand and let him reply. “And you came to Ohio? Yeah, all the celebrities come here for the atmosphere. What’s the rest of the story, Jade?”

“Remember how I said I needed to get things right in my head? It took some doing, but things are so much clearer.” Her reserve had hit the limit. He wanted to know… so why not tell him? Placing her can on the table, she scooted into the corner of the couch, far away from him. “I hated stepping out into public and knowing everyone laughed. I got tired of being a joke. Turn on any channel and watch the late shows. You’ll see someone making fun of me. I am a Hallowe’en costume, for God’s sake! I hate it.”

Marlon put his hand in the air. “Back it up. Not everyone laughed.”

“I’m sorry, but everyone laughed. I saw the footage more times than I can count. Even my father. My father! The man who brought me into this world thought I was a joke. He said so on national television. Logan and Cass were nice about it, but even they had their doubts.” Hugging her knees, she continued. “Anyway, I reached my limit. My life—jet-setting around the world and spending money like it was water—just didn’t cut it. I didn’t like the woman inside. So… I changed. I cleaned up my act and quit the drugs, alcohol, and random hook-ups. I’m going by my real name and making it on the skills I have, not Daddy’s money.”

With an appraising gaze, Marlon smiled. “I see.”

Hope you enjoyed it. Please Remember Me comes out May 23rd from Total-E-Bound!!

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