Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Flirts ~ And It's April Fool's Day!!!

I love doing my Friday Flirts posts. Today is no different. But first, I wanted to mention April Fool's Day. I love having fun, including practical jokes, but boy did I get a joke today. I looked outside. It's officially SPRING. What's outside my window? SNOW It's supposed to be SPRING. Not snowy winter. Sigh. Still waiting for it to at least crack 50 for more than one day.

I know, not the best joke, but for a girl who is definitely in need of sun and warm temps, snow is the pits.


I got the menage story turned in and ON TIME. I know. For me, on time is amazing. I tend to be a little behind. So it's turned in. Will it be accepted. No clue. But the war was getting it in. So I won the war.

Race story was turned in. Can't spill the beans just yet. :-)

Going to get back to work on the farmer. I mean, gee...I kinda let him slide a bit too long. Time to get back on the tractor and get him going.

I've got some great notes for Gypsy's story, so that's next after the farmer. :-)

Time to go back to work. More later.

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