Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You Thursday ~ A Review!! A Review!!!

Y'all are realizing I'm a vocal girl. I love a good cover and I love a good review. I even love the bad ones (Because I learn from them), but this is a good review and I am thrilled to chatter about it!!

Honeysuckle over at Whipped Cream had this to say about Tangled Up:
This is a really sweet story. I’m always pleasantly surprised when an author comes up with a unique storyline. Tangled Up takes the story of three people who have an unconventional love for one another and suggests that love is a table for three rather than the traditional party of two. There is a completely believable misunderstanding that arises from a lack of communication.

Why thank you!! I'm thrilled you liked the uniqueness of the plot.

Ms. Zwaduk did a terrific job of building a tangible and obviously loving relationship between Arran and Sav. At the same time you hear the love that Arran still has for Mindy when he first leaves her a voice message and then again when they speak in person. I felt like Sav’s acceptance of Mindy in their lives is a sign of his love and trust in Aaran that was integral to making the whole relationship work.

Again, thanks for really getting the story.

My only real problem with the story is that I felt like I was thrown into the story with only a couple of snapshots of the past to get me caught up and invested in the present before it moves swiftly towards the HEA. I would like to have been given some more background on both Arran and Mindy’s relationship as well as how/where Aaran met and fell in love with Sav. Having said that, this is a short story and it is still an entertaining read despite its length.

Ah, such is the bane of short stories. Only so much room for details. But I'm glad you mentioned it. I toyed with the idea of Arran and Sav getting together (when they did) but haven't gone down that road, yet. I completely agree it could've been longer and maybe one of these days I'll add to it or write a prequel. You've indeed given me an idea or two.

Are you are looking for a sweet and unique twist on a menage in the making? If so, pick up a copy of Tangled Up. This little novella has plenty of heart coupled with some steamy heat in just the right mix to keep you reading. This is an easy read as well as an obvious recommend!

Again, thank you. I love when a reviewer is pleased with my work. Gave me reason for a Snoopy dance all day long. :-)

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