Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorry...Had Chores to Get Done....

Sorry. I know I shouldn't start a post with sorry, but I had to feed cattle and fuel the tractors. If I don't get out there early and get the chores done, then they won't get done. The kitties will go hungry and the cattle will grouse, so...

My name is Marley. I own twenty head of cattle and about a hundred acres of mostly hay fields. My brother owns the farm next door. He's got forty head of cattle, but he uses his two hundred fifty acres for pasture and soy beans. We work together and it seems to be working. He can keep farm hands a little easier than I can. For some reason, the guys around town get this idea that I can't run the farm. They think they need to defer to my ex-husband. I'm sorry. I'm thirty-two. I've got a degree. I'm not stupid.


Things can only get worse if my best friend's brother shows up. Ok, I don't say this often, but he's hot. He is. Sweet. Muscles. Tattoos...just enough piercings to look dangerous. Plays the guitar. Sings well enough to command an audience. Yeah, he's sexy.

But he's also dangerous. He was my first and the only man to break my heart. If he comes back, he'll want someone to get him out of a jam. I love him, but I can't be around him. Murphy's law would send him right to my doorstep.

I hope (not).

I've gotta go. Looks like Dolly's ready to have her kittens. C-ya!

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