Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the? Wednesday ~ Rules...Who Do They REALLY Apply To?

Sorry, but I have a rant today. Yup. You're shocked, I know. But it's a matter of being fed up and a little...unimpressed.

I'm not saying I am a saint. Far from it. But, let me tell you two stories.

Story One
I'm at a large store minding my own business. Youngling needed sweatpants, because he lives in them, and I was on the lookout for said britches. Ok, so don't hunt for sweatpants in March. They aren't out. Anyway, I'm standing in line at the checkout. Nothing much is going on, but the line is long. Fine. I didn't really have anywhere to be (at that time, but that's another story). I'm browsing the magazine rack and listening to the muzak when the register right beside me opens. She even motions me over to get into her line. Ok. You might be thinking, what's the issue?

The woman who decided she HAD to go in front of me. Now had she ASKED and said something like, I'm late, I'm in a hurry, I'm something other than being rude...I'd have happily let her go. Live and let live. But no. She just butted in front of me. I was RIGHT THERE!! I said, excuse me. She smiled. "I was here first."

Yanno, fine. If whatever you had to do was that important, fine.

Story Two
I went to the school to pick the youngling up. We don't live in his district, but open enroll him. Fine. There's a pick up line. Same procedure every day. You get in line, show your number, when it's time, they release the totlets. Fine.

Except when parents feel they and their children are more important than yours.

I start driving towards the turnaround and this person decides come hell or high water, she needs to be in front of me. Normally, I wouldn't care. I wasn't first in line. I wasn't in a hurry. No, what irked me, was that we are at a SCHOOL. We are supposed to be teaching our kids to FOLLOW the RULES. How is it following the rules when you hurry up and speed in a 10 mph school zone, to get right in front of ONE CAR. ONE FLIPPIN' CAR!! It's not. First, the person broke the speed limit. Second, kids come running out of the school without LOOKING WHERE THEY ARE GOING. Speed racer could've easily taken out a running kid. Third, person cut in line. We teach kids, be polite, don't cut, do unto others as you'd have done to you. And then we turn right around and show them, if you aren't first, you aren't wanting it enough.

My Point?

We have these things called rules for a reason. So people don't get hurt. Whether it's copyright infringement, bodily harm, vehicular harm, or emotional harm, there are rules. Without rules, we'd have anarchy. No stop lights, we'd have mayhem in thr streets. No seating charts, we'd all be squished at concerts like the Who concert in Cincinatti. So, rules reallly have a place in society.

Except when someone gets the idea that they are more important than everyone else. Just because you drive a Mercedes and have fashionable specs, doesn't make you more important than me. Just because you don't want to wait the extra fifteen minutes to pick your kid up because you don't want to 'cut it close to practice' doesn't make you better than me. It makes you more affluent, maybe. Might make you a bit of a scheduling control freak, but it doesn't mean you or your kid is anymore important to me or my kid.

Am I ranting? Yes. Why? Because it's irritating to stand in a line, mind your own business and have someone butt in because they've deemed they needed to go first. It's aggrivating to watch a parent scream at a kid that they haven't followed the rules when Mommy and Daddy just sped through a school lot to make sure little Jonnie and Suzie didn't have to wait to go home.

Stepping down from soapbox. I feel a little better now. Thank you for listening.

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