Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Moans ~ What I'd Say...

I'm doing the blog today and I have to say, it's a toughie. I'm not really one for talking, but I'm a public figure. Sucks. I'm very private.

Ok, so Wendi says I have to talk about me...Fine. My name is Parkur. I'm a Leo. Middle name's Leo, too. I hate snow, but I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Not the brightest move, but it works. My recording studio is there.

I just got back from a tour and I'm lonely. I know, there's lots of people on the road. One issue. They aren't ... well, they aren't the two people I love.

I put the picture on the post because it reminds me of how I feel. I'm locked in their webs and really don't want free. Oh well.

I gotta go. Ask me to sing to a crowd of 20k and I can do it no problem. Ask me to write in prose about my feelings. Ain't gonna happen. And no, I won't share lyrics either.


I'm handing the blog back to Wendi
(Sorry Wen, not much into talkin' right now.)

~ ~

Sorry, he's not the most chatty guy I know, but I love Parkur anyway. He's heading back to his studio up in Cleveland to work on the next Razrs Edge record.

I had a tour in February for my book Careless Whisper. I'm going to announce the winners of the downloads of that book.
For the tour with the most commenters...
Diana and the Book of Secrets Blog!!!!

For the randomly drawn commenter...

Kay Dee Royal!!!

Congrats ladies. Enjoy!!

~ ~

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