Friday, March 18, 2011

Flirty Friday

I'm a little behind as of late. It happens. A lot.

I'm still pluggin' away at the menage story. I'm honestly one love scene short of being done. It's kinda fun, but kinda sad. I don't really want to let go of the characters. I'll get it done, though.

What's next on the hit parade?

Good question.

I want to help Megan get her story done. It's with a CP and getting there, but not quite ready. So that's a challenge. But I won't give up and I won't let her give up either.

Next for me? Three things. I think.

One - Gypsy, Todd, and Allan's story. They still won't tell me what they want to do. As soon as I think I know, they change the game. Brats.

Two - Rhett's story. So far I know one thing. That's it. Brat.

Three - Felicity's story. I know quite a bit for her. She's probably next on the line, but she may prove to be a brat, too. We'll see.

Oh crud. There's a four. Well...depending upon how the submission goes. I turned in Tucker and Megan's story. That's the infamous 6 year old manuscript. I love that story and didn't want to let it languish. But Janine and Eric want their story. They've waited nearly six years, too. So I guess they are due.

And a five...sheesh. Berto and Remi would like to tell their story. Which might be a bit difficult since they are already together and like one person. Double brats.

Looks like I need to get my plot bunnies in gear.

But...want a little snippet of the reunion story? This is unedited, so it may be a bit rough. Bear with me. Macy's going back to her 15 year high school reunion at Mason Senior High School. She's equally excited and scared to see her high school crush, Tanner Connolly. At the same time, she's with her two best guy friends, the wonderful Berto and Remi. This is when they enter the building and sign in.

As Macy stepped up to the folding table, Remi wrapped his arm around her waist. “I’d like to sign in with my ravishing date, Macy Shibley and my life partner, Berto Katz.”

Faith’s eyes widened as her brows knotted together. She elbowed her best friend and partner in tormenting crime, Jill Mickelson. Biting back a grin, Jill turned the registration book towards Berto and folded her hands. “It’s great to see you. We all wondered if you three would be a modern couple.” Jill snorted and rolled her eyes. “You were always ahead of your time.”

Macy opened her mouth to correct Jill when Remi patted her shoulder. “Thank you, Jill, honey. We thought we’d let Macy out to get some air. We shelter her so.”
“Oh.” This time, Jill’s jaw dropped. “I meant—”

“If we keep her locked up for too long, she gets cranky and I have to get out the whips.” Elbowing Macy forward, Berto nodded. “Bye, girls.”

Once inside the spacious auditorium, Macy plugged her ears. The song playing on the stereo system echoed off the walls and rattled her brain. The fog from the DJ stand clouded the room, making it hard to see more than twenty feet from her face. Grief, she hoped she didn’t trip into the rows of seats.

“I’ll be right back.” Remi planted a kiss on her cheek and one on his lover’s before disappearing into the throng of dancers.

Berto wrapped his arm around Macy once more. “He’s a dork sometimes, but he’s the love of my life. I’m glad you made us go on that date.”

“You’re welcome, but that little comment was childish.” She rolled her eyes. “Whips? I think she choked on her gum.” She ducked in close and spoke in his ear. “But I loved every moment. Next time say something about using the bondage bed. She’ll pass out.”


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