Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Flirts....

Yanno, I've been slaving away at too many things lately and haven't had much time to just write. I know, a writer who isn't writing...odd.

I've been working with Megan on an elemental story. Should be pretty cool. What I've read looks pretty good.

Wrote a one off short for the kick of it about a teacher. Might know a thing or two about teachers.

I'm finding I have no time to get what I want accomplished because everything else seems to encroach. Dishes still in fur tumble weed under the couch...the contents of my makeup bag across the bathroom counter.

But I did put the blue streaks back in my hair. I mean, why not? It's still really dark, so it's camo (kinda) and I almost like it better that way. Has to be real bright sun to see it. But since it's been just about constant rain here...yeah, you get the picture.

Oh well....

More later. Promise. :-)

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