Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Moans

Hi! I'm Janine. Wendi said we were allowed to come over here and blog. She never told me what time to blog. Oh well. I'm early for everything, except the blog. It happens.

Well, you want to know about me? I'm not real important--yet. Ok, actually I am, but my story hasn't been told. I work for Blitz Racing. We don't win, we Blitz the competition. Like that? Meg and I came up with that. (can you see me nodding and grinning? probably's a blog...oh well...)

I am the public relations. I've got a degree in law, but I never bothered to take the bar exam. I mean, I get to work with race royalty and spend my weekends at the track. Yeah, bar exam didn't even cross my mind. I represent the team and help with contract negotiations. It's a lot of fun. Oh yeah, and I'm at the track with the drivers. I couldn't ask for more.

I lied.

I could ask for more. Like, Eric. Yes, I have a crush on our one crew chief, Eric Trask. I mean, Gawd...six-five, jet black hair, deep brown eyes, muscles, a couple tats (yes, I peeked)...doesn't talk much, but man can he weild a wrench...


He knows I exist. Hell, he flirts with me. But he's also the type to date a woman once and never go back. I don't know. Megan told me not to bother and to find someone who isn't so focused on the team and the trucks. She's probably right, but I can't help that I like him.

Ain't love a bitch?

I have to get back to my paperwork. I'll see ya around. Come to the tracks and get a sunburn watching fast cars and trucks. It's a blast.

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