Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What the? Wednesday...Ten Things You Didn't Know About Learning How to Bend

I saw this on someone else's blog (JA Saare) and I thought, hey, ten things about a book the readers might not know... hmm... I can do that. So, here we go.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About:

Learning How to Bend

10. This wasn't the first book I'd ever written. It's actually out of a dare to write something uber hot.

9. Seth and Abby weren't originally from that book either. I'd written a short story earlier with characters named Seth and Abbey, but I liked the names so much, I put them into the new story. And Seth insisted his story couldn't be told without Abby. Oh, and Abby originally had an e in her name, like Abbey Road.

8. Besta Pizza Around is a play on the name of a pizza joint one of my dear friends owns. Her's is called Besta Fasta Pizza. Wonder if she'd change it for me?

7. I listened to more than my share of Gary Allan during the writing of this story. Oh and a lot of harder music...primarily Godsmack.

6. I had a friend in school who was named Abby. I have no idea what happened to her because after elementary school, she moved, but I never forgot the name.

5. Learning How to Bend wasn't the original title either. I'd originally titled it Untitled Soldier Story and Coming Home.

4. Crestline, Ohio is a real place. Yup. I grew up not too far away from it.

3. I had to do a lot of research on clitoral piercings for the story. I had no idea if it was possible before then (I had a pretty good idea it was), but I had to check.

2. It was my second contract, but my first release. Strange but true. Odd how things work out that way.

1. I didn't plan a follow-up to the story when I wrote it. It was a one-off erotic romance. But the characters wouldn't let me be. They *had* to have their stories, too. And I'm not sure if I'm finished with the Besta Pizza Around bunch.


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

These are so much fun. ;-D Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Actually it was a blast. Hope you have a great day, too. :-)