Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNo...Not Now

Okay, so the beginning of the month, I was all ready to tackle NaNo. A friend of mine insists that NaNo actually happens every month a writer writes. We all have deadlines and things we have to get done. She's right.

And yet...

It's fun to push yourself to get to that elusive word count. Its fun to really see what you can do. So yes, every month is a goal to get to the word count.


For me it's been a little bit of a challenge and not just to get the words to flow. The words are there. I've got them just fine. What's the problem then?


I'm sure everyone who does NaNo has life stomp in and stampede. It's what happens. But in my case, there was vacation. Always fun and yep, I got lots of ideas. Lots of nice eye candy to look at, too. Then there was the birthday extravaganza - well, if you call eating Dilly Bars at Dairy Queen an extravaganza and since I do. Grin. Then the dog had her issues. Ever have a dog with a cyst? It happens a lot I'm told, but this one got icky. We're talking doubled in size, turned colors and burst. Yeah, gross. So I had to help with that. Now factor in a child in school, a DH with crazy work hours and yeah, I work myself in addition to writing.

What does all that add up to?

Writing whenever I can find the stray moment and having to take the laptop into the potty for privacy. No my family doesn't read over my shoulder, but sometimes you just need a moment with your thoughts.

How much have I honestly gotten done? About 20k. It's not much and well, it's really two shorts (maybe it's four [there were two really short shorts in there] I'm not sure) that I have compiled.

Ya think I'll make it by the end of the month to the full 50k of words? Here's to trying even when I'm sure something else (Murphy's Law resides at my house) will crop up and scream for my attention.

Do you ever have this problem? Coping suggestions? I'm all ears.

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