Monday, November 14, 2011

Reading, Writing and Owning an RV

I wasn't sure what to write about today and a very good friend of mine told me over promotion--taking about promo and your books ad nauseum - was just that. Overkill. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there's lots of things I want to talk about on my blog and lots of things I think are relevant. Are they to everyone? Probably not.

So what about the post title today? Yes, I read. A lot. I write. Not as much as I'd like to, but life happens. And yes, I (well, DH) own an RV. It's not a huge thing. Not even super fancy. It's not brand new, but it's in good shape, clean and well, does the job. Now back to that title.

I found out something very important when it comes to owning an RV and being an author. The idea of taking your work with you can be very appealing. I mean, think about it. You get the views around you, especially when you're in the front seat. You get the cushiness of sitting in a regular seat, not a car seat or a van seat. There's lots of padding in those camper seats, no small wonder why, just sayin'. Then there's the option of sitting on the couch. Unreal. Sitting on a couch, riding down the road. And if you're wondering, I'm laughed at by most of the family for the way I drive (hey, it gets me there and I've never--knock wood--had an accident since I put the Anne Geddes leopard baby in my vehicles), so no. I don't drive the RV.

I can read the ereader or write in my various notebooks while sitting in the front seat. I get stuff done and see where I'm going. I have a great time.

Now I've gone on more than a few trips in said vehicle. I did a add/revision on the way to a racetrack not too long ago and it worked out great. That being said, there's one small issue with riding in the RV in the winter. Summer there's the air conditioner and man, that thing works! But in the winter, there's the heater. I'm apparently now one of those people who needs cool air around me and to cuddle under a blanket. Stuff air? Sorry. You're asking for it. I probably should've taken some Dramamine, but since I was coming down with a cold, I thought mixing meds wasn't a great idea. Now here's where the fun came in. I wanted to work on a short story and thought, hey, there's no one bothering me. I'm riding along nicely. I'll work on it.


Between the too warm air, the fact I couldn't see the mountains (it was 7 pm), and I was sitting on the couch (the extra forward facing seat was filled with a 63 lb dog who believes she is a queen). Can you say sick as a dog? That was me.

So needless to say, on that trip I learned never ever to write in the dark, on a moving RV in the mountains.

But I still enjoy riding/using the RV. Having a potty on board is one of the best inventions EVER. (Yeah, my youngling is the one who asks to go to the restroom two miles AFTER we pass the rest stop. Why do you ask?)

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