Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being Sick... Stinks

I went to bed last night ready to tackle today and get some stuff accomplished. I sure did. What went wrong?

I got a cold.

I thought I had one about two weeks ago. I probably did, but I caught it fast enough that time that it wasn't really bad. In fact, it ran its course in a couple days. Worked for me. I had a vacation to enjoy. But this time the cold is a tick worse. Can you say feels like death? Yeah, I'm so there.

I'll get something done shortly, I hope.

On other news, this was funny and yet incredibly sad. The plane that had the 'hijacker' trying to get into the cockpit. I know enough about planes to know that there's no room to goof around with guns. I also know how serious the threat of hijacking is. Now it's funny to think the pilot got himself stuck in the john. Why? Cuz I think it's funny when anyone gets stuck in a potty. What's not funny is the idea that we are so scared that something bad will happen. It's not funny because it's a very real possibility. Scary.

Then again, the overseas flight that required the fliers to cough up money to refuel the plane just sucks. Sounds like the travel agent who booked the flight never bothered to give the money for the refueling that the travelers paid to the airline. Now that's stupid. Thankfully they had the cash on hand to fuel it.

Oh well. I'm off to twiddle with a pilot story I've had in the back of my head for a while.

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