Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!!!

I dunno about you, but I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper. Probably because I'm not good with crowds. I don't mind orderly lines and such - well, I don't mind them, but I don't really want to be in them. What I cannot handle is chaotic crowds. Concerts make me twitch. I'm not a princess by any means, but I cannot handle being jostled. I can't deal with having elbows dug into my sides or being packed in somewhere. It's probably claustrophobia or something, but sorry, can't do it.

I tried Black Friday shopping before I had kids. It wasn't so bad, but still not my favorite thing. I guess there's not that much I really want that bad that I'll stand in line or wait in a mob for. I'm oddly perfectly content to wait a few months to buy the tablet or iPod I really want if it means I can take my time, look it over and really think about it. And after having a kid, there's too much I don't want squashed. Like the tot and the stuff that must be lugged around for the tot - diaper bags, the toy that HAD to come along, sippy cup, or whatever was too important not to stay in the car.

Then again, I don't really have a long Christmas list this year either. The family wanted things that are more utilitarian. Yeah, I know. It's so hard to buy socks in a mob. Or get undershirts...stuff like that. The child wants paper, markers, and things to make comic books. Hey, can't knock a kid for wanting to create art. Shrugs. Maybe that's what makes me quirky or odd. I'm good with what I got and not really wanting anything for Christmas.

What about you? Are you out shopping? Reading blogs and tripping the blog fantastic? Writing? I'd like to be doing that right now. Sigh. The words are there, just not ready to make their way onto the page. Oh well. What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Let me know. :-)

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Karen C said...

I hate shopping to begin with, so I never go out on Black Friday. There's just nothing that important to make me want to deal with traffic and rude people!

Went out walking, caught up on emails, just relaxed.

Have a great weekend.