Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - THE POST SEASON - A little late

I’ve been a little lax with these, but I’ve had a good reason. New dog getting used to the house means he needs extra care. Also, I’m still stinging about losing once we GOT to the playoffs, but hey, at least we made it.

Here are the honorable mentions.

“…a half sack…”
Is that line a uniball?

“…a deep drop…”
Snort. That sounds gross.

“…Great one-two combination in the back…”
Ah, now you’re talking my language…toys!

And now the quotes you can’t miss!

“…Sees the hole, gets one on one and cuts back…”
He did what with the hole?

“…absorbs a lot of punishment…”
BDSM! Cool!

“…almost didn’t get it off…”
Yes, that’s a problem, not getting it off.

And now the Doozy of the Week:

“…Fortunate to get it off – has to get him on the line and did in opposition…”
Snicker. Yes, getting it off is important. I’m glad he made it to the line, too. Group participation is good.

Those were the quotes of the week. I’ll have more tomorrow because well, I’ve got to make up for lost time! Thanks for reading and here’s to a great 2014-2015 Bengals season. 

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