Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hump Day Humps from Drawn Together

I thought for the Hump Day Hump, I'd share a particularly hot spot from my latest release, Drawn Together. Enjoy!

Drawn Together by Wendi Zwaduk 
Ellora’s Cave
M/F, Spanking, Light BDSM

Graig Case wants to teach history and coach baseball. Plain and simple. But nothing in his life has been simple. He’s also got a secret. He loves to watch the sexy woman across the courtyard dance. He’d love for his fantasy girl to be his best friend, but fantasy and reality don’t always mix.

Tessa Martin has given up on love. She’s played second fiddle most of her life. Guys like hanging out with her. But being one of the guys doesn’t keep her warm at night. Still, she indulges in her one treat—dancing naked at night for Graig. No emotions involved means no one gets hurt.

Except when they end up working in the same school, in the same hallway. Then all bets are off.

Inside Scoop: This lucky hero gets to take control when his new girl encourages him to spank her.

And now for that HUMP!

Graig whipped his shirt up over his head, then tossed the garment out of sight. He eased her legs apart and licked his way down her leg to her inner thigh. He stopped short of her pussy, then switched to her other leg.

Beneath him, Tessa writhed. She threaded her fingers through his hair. “Make love to me.”

“You bet,” he replied, then eased her panties to the side, exposing her glittering cunt lips. “Nice and wet for me. So sexy.” He spread her pussy with one hand, giving himself better access to her sweetness. She arched her back and rocked into his mouth. He’d never get enough of her. Her groans turned his senses inside out. He moved her shirt up out of the way and palmed her breast.

Graig slipped one finger into her cunt and pumped, meeting her thrust for thrust. When she tugged his hair, he delved his tongue farther into her. He added another finger and spread her open.

“God.” She whimpered and rocked her body. A fine sheen of perspiration glittered on her skin. Her nipples beaded beneath her bra. He tweaked her nipple, pinching and caressing her heated flesh. At the same time, he sucked hard on her clit.

Tessa groaned and trembled. She clamped down on his fingers in her pussy and panted. Her juices slickened his way and coated his hand. When she cried out his name, she pushed him out of her body. More cream slid from her cunt.

A squirter? “Hot damn,” he murmured. “That is so sexy. Every time?”

“Most of the time.” She nodded. “Can be messy.”

He loved seeing her come apart on his hand. Loved when she embraced her uniqueness. Besides, she tasted like sin and he wanted another helping of her.

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