Thursday, January 16, 2014

Desperately Seeking an Alpha with Graig Case from Drawn Together (PG RATED EXCERPT)

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I thought I'd feature my hero from Drawn Together for my portion of the hop. A hero who takes charge is really hot and Graig is a hottie.

Here's my favorite moment from Drawn Together:

Graig, dressed in jogging pants and a tight T-shirt, stood in the doorway and grinned. “Dropped my gear in the hallway. Darned balls like to roll all over.” His shoulders slumped. “You know what? I’m not going to dance around this. I’m tired of games.” He crossed the room in five large strides. “Tessa, I love you. You might not care about me, but I’m crazy in love with you.” He cupped her face in both hands. “I’m the bastard son of a married man and his secretary. He lied to her, told her he’d marry her then stopped seeing her altogether when I was six. She married another guy who tried to be my dad. I knew better and knowing I didn’t belong to Gerald really fucked with my head. I didn’t know where I belonged. I decided I wasn’t going to put myself in her position. I’d get a good job and have a stable life with a wife and kids I loved. Except I’ve realized my mom followed her heart. She loved me the way she knew how. I’m not perfect but I love you in the only way I know how. My heart belongs to you and I can’t walk away.”

Want to know more about Drawn Together? Here you go!

Drawn Together by Wendi Zwaduk

Graig Case wants to teach history and coach baseball. Plain and simple. But nothing in his life has been simple. He’s also got a secret. He loves to watch the sexy woman across the courtyard dance. He’d love for his fantasy girl to be his best friend, but fantasy and reality don’t always mix.

Tessa Martin has given up on love. She’s played second fiddle most of her life. Guys like hanging out with her. But being one of the guys doesn’t keep her warm at night. Still, she indulges in her one treat—dancing naked at night for Graig. No emotions involved means no one gets hurt.

Except when they end up working in the same school, in the same hallway. Then all bets are off.

Inside Scoop: This lucky hero gets to take control when his new girl encourages him to spank her.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

M/F, Spanking, Light BDSM

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