Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback WEEK FIVE

I have no idea how we did it, but my Bengals managed to pull off the win versus the Patriots. I'm thrilled. I'm also thrilled to bring you these quotes.  

But first, let me mention the Honorable Mentions...those quotes that were not quite right for last week... or came on Monday night.

"That tight end is just about perfect."
Yes, yes it is and I'm enjoying the view. 

"Gonna chuck it down late."
Forceful. Nice.

Le sigh.

And now for those quotes this week. Some real zingers in this bunch.

"Didn't let him come up for air."

"Pile up for three."
A menage. Yes!

"Two balls right where he had to put it."
Always good to be all in.

"Good position."
I give it a 9.7 for form and 9.8 for style.

"Going deep across."
Must be trying out the positions in the Kama Sutra. 

"Got his left hand on it."
South paws are sexy.

And now for that Doozy of the Week:

"Got it out there in a hurry."
Hey, he's prepared. Credit is due.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully your team won and if they didn't, well, there's always next week. 
Stay tuned for my picks from Week Six!

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